violence would continue, what would happen to her?

There was no change of viewpoint at that
particular point in time.

Okay. So Paul Kellerhals and you never
discussed what happens if she becomes crazy, really
hurts people, what we were going to do wIth security,
because the caretakers would fall back on security for
the assistance? I think they did in several cases.

That -- well, hell, that was a concern I had
up here (indicating.) I didnít particularly I donít
remember particularly talking to anybody about that
aspect of it. If she went completely crazy, smashing
windows, well, I think itís very likely that the people
involved would actually help calm her down so she
wouldnít cut her hands of f or whatever, you see.

I bring that up, because in talking to
Alfonso Barcenas, he says he was called in the room to
strip it completely out, which means he took the
telephone out and the TV out and the lamps down and all
of those things. Were you aware of that as far as the
security chief?

I was aware of the room being inspected for
anything which could be utilized if she went nuts,
like -- letís say there was a knife or a -- something
that was glass that could be broken that she could