Okay. All right.
But I -- you know, if -- so what I did was, I went
back in to the doctors, to Dr. Lovett and to Mr. Price, and
Mr. Price kept saying, I’m writing up a report, she’s not —-
‘cause Dr. Lovett was still browbeating him, just screaming
at him, he wanted her in there. And they were having a
—- and I —— I mean, it was almost comical to me. And I
didn’t dare laugh, but it was
—- I had never seen this man
be so childish about a situation.

So I went to them and said, Okay, you know, what
tests have you run? Have you done —- you know, what —— what
are her symptoms? He told me.
I said, Have you done the
-- you know,’ ‘the x-rays? Yeah. Have you drawn the
blood? Yeah. Have you found anything? No.'

I said, Okay, what if she —- she wants to leave.
Is there any, reason
-- I didn’t have access to the chart to
know what tests or what
-- what -- what they did or what,
except that there’s a board in the emergency room with a
person’s name and the bed number they’re in and what’

tests -- they put a little dot, a magnetic marker, red
meaning it hasn’t been done, green meaning it’s been done,
and then it’s a progress board as to what tests and

Well, I took a look and saw what —- what they had
done. And so I knew where
-- where they were going. So I