All right. Who was the -- how did they break down
the hierarchy within that office? Once those people were
added to the MLO Office, who was in charge, who was

Okay. Emma became a different -- she handled
Public, basically, instead of Staff. When Emma and I were
there we just handled whoever came in, it wasn’t designated
Staff NLO, Public MLO. Then they put Suzanne —— I had
originally been holding
—— I was assigned the
Office Manager, but holding the Medical Liaison Office from
above. And then they put Suzanne in as the Office Manager,
Janice in as the main
—— as Staff MLO, Laura and myself as
Deputy MLOs. Laura was for health and hygiene, and I became
the Deputy for the Hacienda.

And my duties then became —— I would cover for
Janice on her days of f and when she was studying. And I
would cover Emma’s, because Janice and Emma sometimes were
on study at the same time. So I had to hold both, and maybe
Laura might help if she was around.

Then my.post was, I would take people to doctors’
appointments, to hospitals, get reports for them, check on
the people who were not on post.

Say you —— you were a junior to some —— to her,
and she would call and say, My junior didn’t show up for