You know, each one, I’d get either a phone call or
come up around the conference table, hey, Lynn, more
documents. Okay, where? So I tried as best I could to
backtrack it through there’. And I found so many points of,
I’ll be frank with you, sloppy recordkeeping that I kind of
despaired I’d ever find them.

Lacy got rid of several at the beginning before
she knew they were supposed to be kept. Alain isn’t sure if
he kept everything, and his office looked like a pig sty, as
far as I was concerned. Annie and Lacy didn’t get
everything when they —— got everything they could find that
was there that night. Brian didn’t keep everything, we know
he shredded some.

You know, the only thing I know, from the moment 1
laid hands on those boxes of folders in December, when.I
went to pull everything out -- actually from May, because I
was pretty, satisfied nobody touched them
-- all the pieces
of paper that I had my hands on went to the lawyers,and then
the responsive stuff went to you. But before that there was
just so much sloppy recordkeeping that I knew I wasn’t going
to find everything.

Oh, and ‘there was one —- later on
Alice Vangrondelle testified she had written a

Knowledge Report complaining she had been woken up’at two
o’clock in the morning, to deal with this, and that report