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The Raid on Dennis Erlich 
February 13, 1995

Dennis was a long time member of Scientology whose life was disrupted when he left the church and spoke out against the fraud he saw committed by Hubbard's cult.


Dennis Erlich (middle)


While he was in Scientology, he was a high ranking Cramming Officer.  It was his duty to make Scientology work.  He needed to know the ins and outs of every Hubbard policy. 

His extensive knowledge was shared with the Wog World when he started posting to alt.religion.scientology.

The church claimed he posted copyrighted material and they convinced a judge to issue a warrant to raid Dennis' home.

On February 13th, 1995...they did just that. 

This footage was shot by the local Fox affiliate after they were notified of the raid by Priscilla Coates of the old Cult Awareness Network.

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