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1st Person Accounts

Stories of abuse, deception and fraud in Scientology


photo of Tory Bezazian
Tory, August 2000



"Out after Thirty years and Speaking Freely!"

In July of 2000, while working with Scientology's Office of Special Affairs on projects geared toward stopping Scientology's critics from speaking freely about Scientology, this thirty-year member from Burbank, California discovered the truth about her "church" then set herself free.

Tory first became involved in Scientology in 1969. Before leaving in the autumn of 2000 she spent seven years at the top of Scientology's bridge auditing on their secret OT level VII and had also trained in Scientology's new "Golden Age of Tech" auditor training.

During her last ten years in Scientology, although she'd become increasingly disheartened with the sect, especially with what she felt was corrupted Scientology "technology" implemented by the organization's new management headed by David Miscaviage, Tory offered her services to Scientology's Office of Special Affairs (OSA) where she worked on top secret projects geared toward stopping the spread of critical information about Scientology on the Internet and in the media. Shortly before her decision to leave, Tory had even become the Executive Director of the "Scientology Parishioners League" - an organization set up by the Office of Special Affairs for the purpose of handling and eliminating negative information about Scientology making its way into the press.

While gearing up to work with OSA on one of those projects which required her to locate then alert Scientology's management to the existence of the sect's secret scriptures (confidential "OT material") on the Internet, Tory made an alarming discovery: Before she could start the  project, OSA had to come to her home to remove a censoring program that had mysteriously been installed on her computer!

She learned that the censoring program had been distributed by Scientology via a software program provided to Scientologists under the guise of being a tool they could use to create pro-Scientology web pages detailing individual successes that would then be posted on a website created by Scientology for PR and dissemination purposes. All Scientologists with Internet access were requested to make these web pages but they weren't told that the program, in addition to creating the pages, was designed to prevent them from accessing critical or anti-Scientology information on the Internet. When OSA uninstalled it from her computer, Tory was free to access that information and her journey toward leaving the sect began.

After leaving Scientology (and even while attempting to leave) Tory experienced the full force of Scientology's abusive and controlling tactics, which she discusses in her videos, declarations and posts to the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology. Scientology has recently declared Tory to be an enemy of Scientology and she is currently a target of their fair game practices. Included her list of bizarre experiences with the organization since leaving Scientology was an attempt made to criminally charge her for sitting in one of their Santa Chairs which had been located on a public sidewalk during the 2000 holiday season. She was acquitted of those charges which you can read about in the court transcripts and media related to the LMT "Clearwater 13" injunction case. Tory now speaks out against Scientology's abusive practices, especially those concerning Scientology's mis-treatment of families, medical malpractice, fraud, and fair game tactics the organization covertly engages in.

In addition to working with OSA for twenty years, Tory worked with WISE, The Way to Happiness Foundation, Narconon, and other Scientology-based front groups. She enjoys helping families involved in Scientology and welcomes calls from kids, parents, adults, schools and businesses about the sect and its front groups.

Please feel free to contact the LMT at 727-XXXX for Tory's phone number or write to her at

Tory Bezazian is a star! We know you'll enjoy knowing her as much as we have.

Learn More About Tory:

 Tory Bezazian is a Star!!! Read why in an August, 2000 Internet post by Bob Minton written shortly after she left Scientology

 Tory tells her story of leaving Scientology in her video interview, "Speaking Freely"* made shortly after she got out.

Watch LMT's video of Tory "Magoo, Dancing in Boston"

 Tory got together with several other "OT VII's" to discuss "Moving up the Bridge to Total Freedom". Watch the OTVII panel video here.*

  Leaving Scientology after thirty years wasn't easy for Tory but one person who cared helped make the decision possible. In Tory's case, that person was Andreas Heldal Lund, a critic of Scientology who lives in Norway who runs the very informative website Andreas has an extensive collection of stories and documentation about Tory on his site that you can read at

  Read the official order *declaring Tory to be an enemy of the "Church" of Scientology and causing her to be excommincated from all Scientologists.

 Tory tells us how she's doing eight months after leaving Scientology in her April 2001 Internet post, "Out for 8 months!"* 

Legal Documents:

 Tory has a medical condition. In Scientology, this meant that she was a potential trouble source (commonly referred to as "PTS"). In other words, they considered her illness was nothing more than a manifestation of lack of personal ethics and she was treated as a liabilty to the organization. Scientologists repeatedly tried to shame her for having this medical condition. She discusses this in two affidavits, the first written in March of 2001 which gives an overiew and a second, more detailed description in an affidavit written in April of 2001 which is in pdf. format. 

  While picketing in Cleawater in January 2001, Tory witnessed off duty police officers working for Scientology harrassing Bob Minton. Read her police affidavit in (pdf format).

  Scientlogy attempted to get Tory criminally convicted for picketing and sitting in their Santa's Chair on a public sidewalk. Read the trial transcripts and media related to the "Cleawater 13" Injunction case.

   After the trial, Mark Bunker (of LMT Media fame) made a post to the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology explaining how the outcome "Clearwater 13" Injunction trial affected Tory and Bob Minton.

OSA 101:

Through a series of six Internet postings*, written in March and April of 2001 Tory tells what she knows about how Scientology's Office of Special Affairs works:

Part I --  How the OSA trap really works.

Part II -- Who's who in OSA

OSA 101 part 3 Part III -- Will the real Mike Smith please stand up?

OSA 101 part 4 Part IV -- Black PR tactics

OSA 101 part 5 Part V -- They made it with Spam!

OSA 101 part 6 Part VI --Secret Internet accounts

*Contains Scientology terminology which  may make it difficult for  those unfamiliar with Scientology to understand. Please refer to Martin Hunt's unofficial glossary of terms at