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The Arizona Republic

May 17, 1955

House Owner Sues Church

A $9,000 damage suit was brought yesterday in superior court here against L. Ron Hubbard, the Church of Scientology, and others.

Mrs. Estrid Anderson Humphrey, formerly of Paradise Valley and now of Abilene, Tex. brought the suit through her attorney, George Botsford of Scottsdale.

The suit contends that Mrs. Humphrey's Paradise Valley house was extensively damaged by "persons" the suit charged "with seriously deranged minds" who were placed there for care and treatment.

It charges these deranged persons broke windows, tore out entire window casements, pulled loose electircal fixtures, tore and broke great holes in the walls and ceilings, tore and broke off doors, screen doors, and cabinets, and did other serious damage.

Named as defendants with Hubbard are several persons connected with the Church of Scientology at 806 N. Third St., the church, and other coporations headed by Hubbard.

The suit says that on Nov. 10, 1954, Leigh Tucker and Johnny Franklin leased the property as agents for Hubbard and the corporations.

Asked about the allegations in the suit, Hubbard said he had no official connection with the operation of the home.

Mrs. Humphrey asks $4,500 actual damages and $4,500 punitive damages.