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Elizabeth Daily Journal

January 29, 1951

C.P. Morgan Quits Dianetics Post

C. Parker Morgan, of 36 Monmouth road, secretary and general counsel of the Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundation, 275 Morris avenue, today announced his resignation from the organization. He will resume law practice with his father, former Judge Charles L. Morgan.

Mr. Morgan said the decision was a difficult one, because he is a founder member of the federation for life and one of only four persons holding the "Fellow of Dianetics" degree.

But he said that in line with the foundation's recent reorganization, he felt he had accomplished his purpose and had placed its administration in competent hands.

"I strongly believe in dianetics," said Mr. Morgan. "I know it will overcome all its obstacles and go steadily forward for the benefit of humanity."

The attorney was awarded the fellowship for his method of inducing "reverie" through return to pleasure moments, a practice which now is standard at the beginning and end of each auditing session.

Dianetics is a controversial theory of mental health treatment, hailed by its followers as an important new science and denounced by its detractors as a professed panacea capable of permanent harm.