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The Mirror Los Angeles

February 26, 1951

Wife "Kidnap" by Dianetics Chief Solved

Ron Hubbard, Dianetics head who gets paid for advising other people how to stay married, was reconciled with his wife yesterday, but only after involving two police departments in his marital affairs.

Los Angeles police received a report that Mrs. Hubbard- estranged from Hubbard for several months-had been kidnapped by her husband.

Phone Call Solves Case

The "kidnapping" was solved when Mrs. Hubbard telephoned police from Yuma that she was with her husband, and had gone willingly.

But she complained that her husband wouldn't tell her where her 9-month-old daughter Alexis was. Police told her the child was at a nursing home in Westwood.

Beverly Hills police were brought into the Hubbard mix-up by the LAPD.

Local officers asked Beverly Hills detectives to check on Frank B. Dessler, an official of Hubbard's Dianetics Research Foundation.

Hubbards Make Up

A car registered to Dessler was found parked near the Hubbard apartment at 1251 S Westmoreland Ave.

Dessler told Beverly Hills police that Mrs. Hubbard had agreed to go to Tampa, Florida, with Hubbard. He said he is a good friend of the family.