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Mirror News

October 23, 1957

Diploma’ Witness Won’t Talk

Webmaster's note: "I was a Ph.D., Sequoia's University and therefore a perfectly valid doctor under the laws of the State of California." [HCOPL 14 Feb. 1966"Doctor Title Abolished"] -- L. Ron Hubbard
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Joseph Hough, president of Fremont College and of Sequoia University on Melrose Ave., refused today to tell Assembly "diploma mill" investigators anything about his activities.

Hough stood on the Fifth Amendment 22 times today and the First Amendment once as he refused to answer questions by Jim Loebl, counsel for the subcommittee.

He also refused to tell if he had purchased a medical degree from the Free University of Mexico (Universidad de Mexicana) in 1938.

Another witness told of buying a medical degree from the same Mexican institution for $1100 through the mails and was granted a license to practice medicine and surgery in one Mexican state.

William B. Buchanan followed Hough to the witness stand in the State Bldg. After Hough refused to tell if he bought a degree from Adolph Osterveen, president of the Mexico University.

Buchanan of McFarland, Cal., said he bought his medical degree from Osterveen, and also a D.C. from the same man for $300 in 1952.

The witness said he also bought a Ph.D. degree from the Sierra School of Los Angeles and another degree from Golden State University for $200.

"I paid around $2000 for various degrees merely by sending for them in the mail," Buchanan said.

He said he formerly was a herbologist and naturopah and got the degree to "influence my work."


Mirror News

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