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Church of Scientology Sent to Trial in France

April 2, 2001

Church of Scientology Sent to Trial in France

PARIS (Reuters) - A French magistrate has ordered the Paris division of the Church of Scientology to stand trial on charges of attempted extortion and invasion of privacy, judicial sources said on Tuesday.

Investigating magistrate Renaud Van Ruymbeke also notified Marc Walter, a leader of Scientology in the Paris region, that he would face trial on the same charges, in addition to false advertising.

However, Van Ruymbeke dropped charges against Martine Brochard, another Scientologist.

The suit was filed by three former Scientologists who accused the church of using their names and addresses on its listings after they had left the movement.


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[QUOTE]Originally posted by Chebu:
[B]Ja, hij komt eraan,vandaag Bonaire,morgen en overmorgen Curacao .

"Quote" La Prensa -maandag 2 april

Milieudienst a ha�a keho di asbest

WILLEMSTAD - Milieudienst di K�rsou i Haven Veiligheids Inspectie i Scheepsvaartinspectie di Antia Ulandes ta investigando un keho serio ku un siudadano Ulandes a entrega luna pasa na sekretario di estado Gijs de Vries i minister plenipotensiario na Den Haag, Carel de Haseth.

Den e keho ofisial Gerard de Rooij ta atvert� pa peliger a bordo di Freewinds ku regularmente sa bishita nos isla. De Rooij ta refer� na un investigashon di un eksperto merikano Lawrence Woodcraft ku durante un bishita a detekt� "blauwe asbest" a bordo di e barku ku ta pertenens� na Majestic Cruise Lines di The Church of Scientology.

Blauwe asbest ta segun eks pertonan peligroso na momentu ku hasi reparashon na e material. E ta segun ekspertonan kanseroso i ta forma peliger pa salubridat p�bliko.

Quirino Richardson di Milieudienst Cura�ao, un sekshon di GGD, ta na altura di e keho ku via di kanalnan gubernamental a yega na su ofisina. "Nos ta investigando e keho i tin atenshon pa e problema. nos ta wardando riba e prome yegada atrobe di freewinds pa nos hai nos investigashon pa mira si tin peliger b�rdat pa salubridat p�bliko".

Di parti di Scheepsvaartinspectie nan ta mira problema pa atende Freewinds spesifikamente. Ta trata di un barku trah� na a�a 1986. Tur edifisio i barku prome ku 1970 ta trah� ku asbest. Tur plachi eternit riba dak di kas ta traha ku asbest peligroso.

Ta trata, segun un funshonario di Scheepsvaartinspectie, di un material di isolashon (isolatiemateriaal) ku ta proteh� bon kontra kandela. "Kon ta kuminsa ku ninga entrada di Freewinds si nos sa ku tur barku prome ku 1970 ta trah� ku e material aki. Ta mayoria barku nos tin ku ninga entrada e ora ei", di akuerdo ku e deklarashon.

Richardson ta enfatis� ku "blauwe asbest" no ta peligroso tanten ku no mishi ku e material. "Nos tin entend� ku e asbest a bordo ta duru i no ta den un estado di polvo. Nos di nos parti tin atenshon pa e situashon i ta analisando e keho. Pr�ksimamente nos lo bishita Freewinds pa hasi nos inspekshon. nos lo hasi esaki konhuntamente ku Scheepsvaartinspectie i Haven Veiligheidsinspectie komo nan ta e outoridat maritimo den e kaso aki", di akuerdo ku deklarashon di Richardson pa LA PRENSA.


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