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By Arnie Lerma


The following screed will attempt to outline how Hubbard's collection of ideas create the state of mind called Scientology, amplifying and building upon the work from the original Art of Deception of October 1999.

The First Lie

The first Hubbard lie is when you read the word Scientology. Scientology looks as though it is a science, which is as intended. We are talking white robed, scientific methodology here. That is a false implication! People reading the word think SCIENCE, exactly as Hubbard intended. However, there is no science in Scientology, nothing other than testimony of those folks under the influence of the dream weaver himself, L Ron Hubbard. It is but an illusion, part of the plan. I wonder sometimes just how many people I'd have to hypnotize and lie to, who would then say that I held the secrets to the universe, before the IRS could be forced by my lawyers and private investigators to state Arniology was a religion? Would it take ten? One hundred? Perhaps a thousand? I guess I will never know.

The Great Promise

L. Ron Hubbard's "dissemination" drill(1) states that you find a person's ruin and then tell them directly that 'Scientology could help them with ______'> { that }. It doesn't matter what the problem is, if it's what's bothering the person, you promise Scientology can handle it.

The first step to become a Scientologist is when you believe the very first lie.

In the 50's and 60's Hubbard used to promise that one could survive nuclear radiation if one took Dianazene, a mix of calcium and niacin named after his daughter Diana, and used Dianetics to run out one's "engrams" (periods of pain and unconsciousness), using an E- Meter. With so many people worried about the possibility of nuclear war, the "duck and cover" routine being taught in schools at that time, Hubbard seized on this as it was a promise that no one would ever test - that by using Scientology and Dianetics one could survive a nuclear war.

Hubbard published this routine as the "The Dissemination Drill" which basically says promise them anything they want. It is practiced and drilled and if you take one of those OCA (28) "personality tests" you will hear them use it on you.

Staff members could of course promise anything because Scientology was a bridge to total freedom and ability. To be "total cause over matter energy space and time". A 1967 edition of the Gradation Chart actually states that the end ability gained for Scientology is total cause over matter energy space and time. This state was called OT8 for those who had finished their once secret Operating Thetan section 8. Wow, think of it! Everything you grew up wishing for while watching super-hero-kids-shows could be you! If only I had the money to go Clear and reach that lofty state of OT!

This is the Scientology mind set. It is also why Scientology must never be trusted even when supplying affidavits under penalty of perjury, because if a group thinks they alone have the ultimate solution, history has shown things rapidly get out of hand.

In his book, Introduction to Scientology Ethics ,(2) Hubbard lists on page 56 as a high crime "The disintegration of persons or belongings" - if this doesn't IMPLY incredible mental super power.. I don't know what does. I mean imagine having to control that much ability, imagine being able to kill with a thought!

The promise of incredible gains in Scientology is a contrived apparency that is only true while inside of the world of Scientology. While living amongst the field of fellow dreamers.

Federal Judges have held that Scientology's claims are a fraud.

"An individual processed with the aid of the E-meter was said to reach the intended goal of "clear" and was led to believe there was reliable scientific proof that once cleared many, indeed most illnesses would automatically be cured. Auditing was guaranteed to be successful. All this was and is false -- in short, a fraud." Federal District Judge Gesell 333 F. Supp. 357; 1971 U.S. Dist.

The Gesell decision came from an action brought by the US Food and Drug Agency against the device that Scientology uses called the "e-meter", as an effort to stem the deceptive practice of Scientology's false medical claims.

So what really are we dealing with here?

Carnival Roots

At the very start of one's indoctrination in Scientology, the first course one pays for, is often one that contains what are called TR's or Training routines. These consist of various exercises where one is told they help one to confront other people. There is, however, an amazing similarity to drama school, which in retrospect is extraordinarily similar to Scientology training. The motions and actions are the same but the real reason you do them is hidden.

Basic stage techniques consist of "how to sit on a chair or put on a coat gracefully so as not to distract from the dialogue; how to breathe from the diaphragm so the voice would carry; how to ask questions of a script and understand motives of a character."(17) It is this training in acting that makes Scientologists appear to be confident and poised, so he appears to have benefits from Hubbard's brilliance.

I've written before on my own web site (6) that "Scientology is like a 19th century seedy carnival side show, whenever someone in the audience would yell out how the trick was done, he would be dragged outside by a couple of toughs stationed there for this purpose, and beaten up. Scientology's demeanor is identical to this, only in the 'civil' 20th century they use lawyers. And the entire sordid affair is cloaked in bogus religiosity." This is not the end of the analogous similarity.

In some old time carnival magic shows, after the knives were placed through the box containing the lovely lady assistant, the performer would reach into the box and pull what appeared to be her clothes off, and then offer the folks in the audience a chance to look into the box themselves - for an additional 25 cents.

Audience members would conclude that for 'only' 25 additional cents they might get see the naked lady, but there was a 2nd set of clothes - this 2nd set of clothes is what the magicians call a pre-set.

This is the pattern of Scientology's once secret upper levels.

One believes the next secret step is going to be the one where all is revealed.

In August 1995 I posted the text of a copy of an unsealed public court record to the Internet. This was just another in a series of unsealed public court records posted to the net, nothing extreme, nothing different. Scientology claims to have spent one million seven hundred thousand dollars pursuing trade secret and copyright claims in that case. The following is a quote from the memorandum opinion, that Scientology lawyers sought to have sealed and could be described as a 2 million dollar sentence:

"Scientologists believe that most human problems can be traced to lingering spirits of an extraterrestrial people massacred by their ruler, Xenu, over 75 million years ago. These spirits attach themselves by "clusters" to individuals in the contemporary world, causing spiritual harm and negatively influencing the lives of their hosts ". USDJ Leonie Brinkema 4 Oct 96 Memorandum Opinion, RTC vs. Lerma

You see now that Scientology sells the idea of having a "reactive mind" and then long after investing years pursing the pseudoscience, you find out there are a multitude of these pesky things to get rid of. And only Scientology can do this for you - at great expense.

Magicians are also known as illusionists. An illusionist entertains the crowd by playing tricks on them. The crowd knows the fellow is a magician, is expecting to be entertained by cunning deceptions and then wonder how the trick was done.

Charlatans work a crowd for their money by playing tricks on them. But in the case of the charlatan, the crowd is told the performer is a great wise man of immense knowledge and integrity. The manufacturing of personal altitude by manufacturing credentials - "war hero", blood brother to the Blackfoot, is a way to silence doubts about the original false claim - that what they are seeing is REAL. Again the public is entertained by and then they wonder how the trick was done.

In the case of Scientology, it is expected that it might be revealed after they next secret expensive level, for an additional quarter.

When one of this charlatan's tricks does not appear to work, one is told that it is your fault for not watching the show in the correct fashion. One is told to duplicate the exact view point from which to watch the trick as described by the show's director, L Ron Hubbard.

You might sometime be told that it will not work for you, because you are connected to someone who 'antagonistic'. (Antagonistic means that one still has functioning critical thinking skills and is not looking at the trick from that exactly described view) An 'antagonistic' person is one who knows that the super claims of this carnival showman could not possibly be true, because if they were true, you would not be reading this line.

Misdirection and preset

Magic shows all include misdirection - the art of directing your attention away from the hand that does the trick. The pretty girl, the talking patter, the puff of smoke, all do this. In three card Monte, if a card is made to appear to be moved that wasn't, the 'mark' will pick the wrong card and lose his money. Street magicians will deftly remove a spectators watch with one hand, while directing their attention to their other hand so the person never notices.

Hubbard constantly directs members attention to his own false claims of being able to create the exalted states of clear and OT, with intent, thumping his own chest about his greatness so loudly that none might hear anyone question him.

Hubbard directs in written policy that busts of himself be placed in hallways and pictures in every room. All there to imply greatness that cannot be questioned. When I was at the very top of my physics class in high school, I was fooled by this technique, to not question his claims of greatness, as he was claiming at that time to be a nuclear physicist.(20) What high school kid in 1968 would argue with a nuclear physicist?

The E-meter

In Penn & Teller's book on magic called How to Play in Traffic, they say that one of the most important principles of fooling an audience is "Don't tell them what to believe. Show them something that lets them observe and come to their own wrong conclusion."

What better place to hide the cleverest pre-set of all, than right under your nose! This device and its characteristics are covered extensively in the prior edition of Art of Deception.

L Ron Hubbard's E-meter provides a small does of electricity that is in a range that is below the level of sensation to the human body, but enough to cause physiological changes. The current is in a range that has been documented to induce the human body to release its own natural pain killers, like opiates, called endorphins. (7) This is the big secret, the pre-set. The stage contrivance that nobody looks at. All magic tricks include presets - the secretly placed props, that are done before the show. In Scientology, a stage pre-set is the "e-meter".

The induced release of endorphins create in the subject, a predisposition to elation and euphoria. The many repetitive claims and promises in his books and materials, create an almost hypnotic expectation of a certain result, add to this the elation of induced endorphins and Scientology appears to work because Hubbard is so wise.

However, instead of one knowing that one is getting a small jolt of electricity that might have some adverse effects including future cancer and autoimmune dysfunction - one is never told about this pre-set.

Nor is one told that endorphins bind at the same receptors in the brain as morphine and heroin. Nor is one told that one might end up addicted to these induced endorphins and long for the 'release' of more of L. Ron Hubbard's side show carnival technology after one has had a taste.

This 'secret' must remain hidden. Because by keeping it secret, the recipient can only conclude that what he has experienced is due to L. Ron Hubbard's greatness, re-enforced by lies about his history and the statues in the hallway, and the pictures in every room.

Law enforcement would be well advised to treat Scientologists as junkies who have been tricked into taking a magic snake oil that contains morphine. In this case after the snake oil salesman got enough junkies to finance enough lawyers and private investigators he managed to get it called a religion to prevent further investigation, and to keep the scam fully cloaked.

When one tries to explain this to their current junkies they shout: "hate crime."

There is also no fanatic as motivated to, as Hubbard would say, "MAKE IT GO RIGHT" (15) as when he is in need of another fix.

The Cookie Monster

The problem with lying, is that after one tells a lie, one is forced to tell more lies to cover up discovery of the first lie. Much as a little kid starts telling more and more elaborate stories, ending up with the "cookie monster did it" to cover up that fact that is was that child's hand that actually entered the cookie jar, Hubbard goes on from his first whoppers to weave stories of ever broadening complexity.

First - all your problems are due to something called the reactive mind, and with lots of money, study, and time, one can get rid of this unwanted thing. Then you are told that you are infested with thousands upon thousands of space cooties each with their own reactive mind. And now the new "ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY" can get rid of even those. To weed through the piles and piles of rantings would take a lifetime, but it is supposed to take more than a lifetime.

The myriad of rundowns, actions, processes, lists, check sheets, policies, bulletins, drills, and books are just there to direct your attention elsewhere, anywhere, but question the core claims an attainable "clear" and "OT" state, at the end of Ron's bridge to total freedom.

Hubbard states repeatedly in Scientology that he'd "rather have you dead than unable" (21)

Better to have you dead than able to sue for fraud?

What a plan!

Complexity as a means to hide the lies

Go into any of Scientology's indoctrination centers. You will find a room filled to the rafters with published works of the great charlatan himself. This is just part of the show. It creates the apparency that there must be something there.

It also makes it quite evident at a glance that one does not know how Scientology works until one has studied all of these tomes.

And any sensible person knows that you cannot criticize what you don't understand. And Hubbard knew this, and used it to his advantage, by creating the reactive mind and then tools for resolving this creation that take years to learn, all the while hiding the real secret from you.

Inside Scientology they are fond of saying "What is true for you is true for you" The axiom's of Scientology define REALITY as Agreement. Well, this, when accepted less than critically makes everything else possible. There is AGREEMENT from the folks currently under the notion that Hubbard has a bridge to total freedom that Scientology works. So in fact, by Scientology's own definition of reality, inside Scientology it does certainly appear to be true. But outside of Scientology it is no more than an apparency.

Imagine if you entered a carnival crazy house of mirrors, in it you were told "what is true for you is true for you" and you were not allowed to speak to anyone that had found the door?

The only people you could talk to were also wandering around inside... clutching check sheets, routing forms, and course packs...all designed to send you to the next mirror, in a controlled and orderly fashion...while stressing repeatedly that the guy that built the maze was to be "duplicated exactly', and everywhere you looked you saw his picture....

Your attention is directed to myriads of details, thousands of them.

There is also a prohibition against "discussing one's case" - this also effectively keeps people from comparing notes, and keeps their attention focused in turn.

All these actions, promoted as safeguards for "Keeping Scientology Working", are merely ways to control your attention and make very sure folks don't start comparing notes.

The complexity holds your attention so you don't see the pattern of Scientology, a technology for extraction of money from deluded adherents at the highest possible speed before they figure out what the hell is really going on.

"Oh what a twisted web we weave when intent is to deceive" Shakespeare

Appeal to authority

This is one of the classic logical fallacies. Logical fallacies are methods used to win argument based upon faulty logic, and is a method used by Hubbard to make his converts. The first step to become a Scientologist is to believe just one of their lies.

The one and only "Authority" in Scientology is L. Ron Hubbard so L. Ron Hubbard must be crafted into an authority of sufficient magnitude that no mere human would have the temerity to question him. There is no God in Scientology, and if there were, he would have to report to Hubbard.

I was just sixteen years old when I was first exposed to L Ron Hubbard the nuclear physicist - or so the dust jacket of "All About Radiation" stated in 1967. Twenty five years later I find out that Hubbard never graduated from George Washington University and in fact got an F in the one physics course he took about nuclear engineering.

Scientology to this date still lies about Hubbard, claiming on their current web site that Hubbard was a blood brother of the Blackfoot Indians. Well, seems the Blackfoot do not have blood brothers, period.

But these are essential lies, because Hubbard has to maintained as an "Authority" that you will not question.

L. Ron Hubbard's invocation, "What is true for you is true for you" is bandied by Scientologists in a most glib fashion. It follows L. Ron Hubbard's definition of reality which he defined as: "Agreement". This is the sort of definition that truly makes anything possible, including Hubbard's claim to have "almost been hit by a freight train on Venus".

L. Ron Hubbard's Gilded Coach

Page xi of the preface to Dianetics states "It is suggested that you read straight on through. By the time you get to the appendix, you should have an excellent command of the subject. The book is arranged that way. Every fact related to Dianetic therapy is stated in several ways and is introduced again and again."

Might this not be taken as an admission of the use of repetitive commands?

One example of this is on pages 14 and 15, where Hubbard describes that "Some past observers [implies people not even so involved in the mind as you and I the real participants] called this "imagery".

Then he goes on to describe the state of "clear" repeating 4 times that "clears" have "full color-visio, kinesthetic, thermal and organic imagination" and memory of course in the course of a two pages.

"Asked to envision himself riding a gilded coach and four, he "sees" the equipage, moving in full color, he "hears" all the noises that should be present, he "smells" the smells he thinks should be there, and he "feels" the upholstery, the motion, and the presence in the coach of himself".

Reflect for a moment, reader.

Is this not how the state of clear is imaged by Scientologists themselves?

What is at work here?

We know Scientologists "envision" themselves as Clear and OT.

We also know for a fact There are NO OTs or Clears there as described above.

Are these things just another example of "What's true for you is true for you"?

People want this state, they will effortlessly agree to accept that it is true and exists, and by accepting at this point that they can create and mock up anything they desire, they are sort of tricked into creating and mocking up the reactive mind and the need for L. Ron Hubbard's Dianetics and Scientology to get rid of it.

They want to ride in L. Ron Hubbard's gilded coach.

But just because they imagine they are Clear does not mean they are, it just means they imagine it, the physical evidence and tests show it's not there as the miserable failure of the first stage demonstration back in 1950 demonstrated.

That is why when anyone asks for proof, or questions efficacy they are promptly removed from the carnival tent, lest they wake up others who are "imagining" they are Clear and OT.

The Bridge to nowhere

Another reason that the length of the bridge to super powers in Scientology is so long and arduous is because Hubbard did not want any one getting across it and finding out that the Emperor in fact is wearing no clothes.

The history of Dianetics and Scientology consists of a pattern, of constant revision of exactly how much has to done, how much money has to spent, to achieve the goals stated in Dianetics and Scientology. Every few years Hubbard would come out with a new expensive routine or rundown. Always keeping the final goal of "Operating Thetan" - true immense spiritual power out of reach. This was a constant creation of new alibis, reasons for not achieving what was promised and had the added benefit of enabling the fully sold to have more they now needed to buy.

This makes perfect sense if the entire purpose was to make money.

Keeping up the Group Trance

In order to keep up a group trance, all subjects have to stay under the influence, - any ones that awaken, who might try to wake the others have to be escorted out quickly, before they ruin the show. Scientology has a number of policies that help accomplish this.

The voluminous nomenclature serves to isolate Scientologists from people around them. You might not see a wall around them, but it is certainly there, just as tough and tenacious as the fellow that created it. The esoteric words that Hubbard wove in ever widening complexities make it impossible for Scientologists to discuss Scientology beyond the on ramp routines of try it you'll like it, read a book, etc.

This makes it difficult for someone who has not been through the Scientology's mind numbing routines to be able to even discuss the topic much less reason with a Scientologist. It is also why Scientology seems to dislike the ex-members who have awakened from the trance more than those who haven't been there.

Scientologists like to say, "Well you won't know until you try"

While pointed to some famous deluded adherent like John Travolta who is, I'm sure, quite thoroughly convinced, that he is on cloud nine without the use of drugs any longer.

And one doesn't need to try heroin to know it is not good for you.

Esoteric nomenclature builds the wall separating Scientologists from society. To get through that wall one has to learn enough of the lingo to at least understand why they hate so much to be reminded that THERE ARE NO OTs IN SCIENTOLOGY.(12)

Because if there were just one OT you would not be reading this line.

All the lawyers, dirty tricksters (13), propaganda writers, and dumpster divers are all there to intimidate into silence anyone who, having awakened from the trance, tries to tell you how the trick is done.

Here are some of the ways they isolate those who awaken:

1) The organizational structure has many different, isolated, top to bottom command channels, thus, there is only a small band of hard core Scientologists, that actually has the big picture. These are the directors for the Scientology show, the rest are all isolated by the compartmentalized organization structure. They basically don't have a clue what is going on, but are used and manipulated with half truth and fabrications to play their parts well.

2) Staff that 'don't get it' any longer get sent to gulags to be rehabilitated under concentration camp style conditions, if you don't 'get it' there you get sent to the gulag's gulag where conditions are even harsher. Amongst the Soboboa a tribe that holds the land behind the Scientology facility in Hemet. There are wild tales of escapees running through the casino asking to be hidden from "Scientology".

3) Public that 'have a problem' or staff that refuse to go to the gulag get labeled with Scientology's version of a yellow star of David used to mark Jews. Notices get officially, posted to the public notice board and sent to all indoctrination training facilities, declarations that they are "troublesome sources" or "suppressive persons". In his book Science of Survival Hubbard states that people this low on the tone scale to be suppressive and that "The only answers would seem to be the permanent quarantine of such persons from society to avoid contagion of their insanities and the general turbulence which they bring to any order"(5) . This tends to clamp down very hard upon anyone who awakens inside and tries to warn the others.

4) Physical detention and isolation - as in the death of Lisa McPherson, where Hubbard demonstrates a literal interpretation of his words "I'd rather have you dead than unable" by unable, he means, unable or unwilling to pay him any more money.

5) If you do escape and begin speaking out they will try to use litigation against you, seeking to follow L. Ron Hubbard's instructions to use it not to win but to "destroy utterly". Meanwhile they attack your job, sources of income, reputation, friends, supporters, until some folks are scared of being around you for fear the cult will hassle them in order to isolate you, all so there is no one there to listen to you, and hoping you will take 'the gag' and the envelope in exchange for peace. We are discredited and associated will every manner of evil, so that those that do hear them, won't believe them. Their last resort is to try to 'simulate felonies' in order to make critics into people they can call criminals. They seek to label every effort to expose their fraud as a "hate crime". They generate elaborately crafted piles of paper chock full of bogus details and allegations, they try to get law enforcement to do what they failed to do so far.. Silence anyone who speaks out or helps those who do.

6) Disconnection - an official policy that they say has been canceled, but is still used, (22) that breaks up families, usually when one spouse is getting into or out of Scientology, sons don't call or write their mothers and when they do it, it is often with a Scientologist standing by coaching them, manipulating them.

Group Re-enforcement

It is quite pleasant to have membership in a group, and for some with no group and few friends it's quite seductive to find a whole slew of people why all THINK they are doing good things for mankind, even if all they are doing is creating more people who THINK they are doing good things for mankind.

The source book for L. Ron Hubbard's operating policies for crowd manipulation appear to be based upon the work of the 19th century French psychologist, Gustave Le Bon. Specifically from his book The Crowd, about the psychology of crowds and their manipulation.

The transformation of a hack science fiction writer with a failed Naval career into cult guru is accomplished by following Le Bon's recommendations.

It is also where much of the pattern of the organization is copied.

The busts of Hubbard in the hallway, the pictures of him on every wall are part of the formula for creation a cult following as described by Le Bon as is the fanciful military uniforms and campaign ribbons, and group adulation ceremonies.

The fact of secret esoteric levels is also described as technique by Le Bon that only the worthy are allowed access to. It isn't the silly data on these levels that is of significance, it is the fact of a secret.

The fact of a secret allows each participant to imagine something so horrific, so terrible, of such immense significance, that it makes Scientology's constant, painful, extraction of money appear worth being endured.

It was not the data in the secret Scientology levels that is important, it is the fact of the secret that is important. The fact of the secret allows the member to create something big enough and massive enough in his mind to pay through the nose to be spoon fed electricity long enough while swallowing a sufficient quantity of L. Ron Hubbard's yarns to reach a state that he is willing to believe anything.

Scientology maliciously abuses copyright law, but they have no choice. To explain fully to the public how the scam works one must see the big picture, in order to see the over all pattern. This makes the exposure of Scientology's materials essential. Until they are revealed they will continue to be able to tell their members that the pretty girl in the box has finally been disrobed and they can see the real secret, for another quarter.

It is also important to discuss Xenu because it makes the sham and mind controlling ability painfully apparent, with added icing that, as the New York Times said, that though Hubbard claimed these materials could kill by inducing pneumonia from premature exposure to them, " No epidemic has been reported."

Now with the Internet, Scientology, has no secrets, except perhaps the full list of criminal acts and fabrications of a felony that they have tried to foist upon those who can see through them and dare still try to inform the public at large.

What passes for ethics

When one questions the work ability of Scientology one is essentially disciplined by tedious word definition exercises called "word-clearing", if these actions do not result in compliance one is assigned ethical conditions that waste additional time.

Those that the ethics routines fail on - and get this, the ethics routines are booby trapped because they are all predicated upon the assumption that "Scientology works" . Which is the point isn't it? How can one follow their own ethics formulae on this basis?

For example, their own doubt formula states: ( from page 42 of Introduction to Scientology Ethics 1985:(23)

"1. Inform oneself honestly of the actual intentions and activities of that group, project or organization, brushing aside all bias and rumor"

Well this is all fine and dandy, but last I heard, Scientologists are being told "it is all lies" about the data on the various anti-Scientology web sites.

Scientology lies constantly about membership numbers, about number of organizations and to this date has been claiming expansion every year. In Scientology's own world, they say things are rosy except for a 'small handful of critics'.

True and accurate information does not exist in Scientology, it's as if members when they are in doubt are called upon to go to the Ministry of Truth in Orwell's 1984 for their data.

When a member asks about the 1982 US vs. Mary Sue Hubbard et al. criminal conviction, (with jail time served) case, he is told that Scientology was convicted of stealing copy paper. The actual admissions show that this 'copy paper' consisted of documents from inside locked IRS Chief Counsel, US Assistant Attorney General and US Attorney offices. The 400 page stipulation is available in full on my web site. Now, when current members ask about this massive conviction, it is dismissed as "we stole some copy paper !"

This makes step 2 of this formula impossible

"Examine the statistics of the individual, group, project or organization"

If a Scientologists were to ask for my own "statistics" my income would look pretty sorry, but then from the 'statistic' alone they would not know that my largest single client, All-Star Music on Wilson Boulevard in Arlington Virginia was purchased "by two guys from Florida" from a fellow for who music was his whole life but he had to say yes because they offered so much money he could not refuse. They included in the sales agreement a non-compete so that my friend would stay out of the business. This would sound like a normal business deal, except this store closed down and stood empty for 6 months and then turned into an ice cream store?

But this is just part of their show.

Step 3 of Hubbard's "doubt formula" is just more deception.

"3. Decide on the basis of "The greatest good for the greatest number of Dynamics" (Dynamics: The urge, thrust and purpose of life - SURVIVE! - in its eight manifestations.(24) whether or not it should be attacked, harmed or suppressed or helped.

These are all predicated upon the assumption that 'Scientology works.' In a group of people who all imagine that "If it's true for you it is true for you" how can anyone objectively analyze this? On it's face the doubt formula is one of Scientology's self evident style truths but within the contrived information structure of Scientology, it is just another way to control a person's attention who has doubts about whether there are any OTs in Scientology at all.

If one is doing the 'doubt' formula it might be because one has doubt that Scientology works, but this is no problem, because one is called upon to decide based on the stated goals and purposes of Scientology, which, themselves are a lie, as Scientology has no real goal or purpose other than to push as many bodies through the brainwashing shop as possible while fleecing them to keep the lawyers and private investigators well motivated to torment those who try to explain this.

Handling those who see through the game

If you do manage to realize that all is not as it is claimed to be in Scientology, and try to step back and size up the situation in the forest, there is a whole new world awaiting you, of PI's and lawyers, whose job is to intimidate into silence those who manage to escape.

When litigation is impossible or has failed to achieve silence then dirty tricks and character assassination begins, to make sure that nobody will listen to you. Using a tactic of "Turn a scratch into a broken arm",(25) for example, if you bump into some fellow on the street you will now be described as a known associate of said type of fellow. This is no exaggeration.

During a picket of Scientology in Washington DC a fellow walked up to me on the street, who was walking by, said he had been picketing up at the Hilton and thought Scientologists were weird and asked if I had another picket sign. I did, the fellow picketed for a few hours that afternoon.

Now I find I am described on one of Scientology's own web sites as being an associate of "The Anarchist Workers Party", which I've been told consisted of just this one guy, who became famous on the net for sending out thousands of e-mails and postings making various outrageous claims.

All this based upon the handing of a picket sign to a stranger on a public street.

In Scientology's big lawsuit against me for posting the story of Xenu and the Body Thetans to the Internet, in 1995, in 6 inches of ex-parte filings they managed to turn a copy of an unsealed public court record, the Fishman Affidavit, into "Stolen property" and were described as having 'unclean hands' in open court for this deception.

Scientology will also seek by dirty tricks to interfere with ones livelihood. A homeless critic doesn't have much credibility, this is the other side of the same coin of generating expensive litigation and defense work due to a combination of direct litigation, fabricated stories sent to law enforcement officials and covertly interfering in custody and domestic disputes.

Any questions? Hubbard states that the supreme test of a thetan [Thetan is what he calls the spirit, the person himself ] is the "ability to make things go right".

This all sure sounds to me to be like the showbiz phrase:

The show must go on, at any cost it seems.

I know your secrets

The most insidious technique used by Hubbard is the collection of persons secrets in a detailed, documented, and indexed fashion. Ex-Executive and "Pacific Fleet Captain" in Scientology's "Sea Organization", Scott Mayer testifies that it was routine to cull through a person's files to document all these secrets. From peccadilloes to actual criminal acts, all are collected, and at times are used to threaten those who manage to extricate themselves from the trance and then try to warn others. Scott Mayer states in his testimony to the 1982 Clearwater Commission hearings: (8)

MR. MAYER: while I'm on the subject, I myself have used data in a person's confessional folder against him, all right? One of the missions that I did - it was a Flag originated Mission; Flag was not in Clearwater at the time - there was a staff member there who had been doing some stuff with some animals. And the woman that was sent -- she was in the country illegally, by the way; she was sent with me. We brought the guy into the office and just laid it out in front of him and said, you know, "You either get on the stick or you're going to be expelled, and that's your spiritual future." I've done it myself.

And Lori Taverna testifies in a similar manner:

MRS. GARVEY: "Did you ever tell anyone that your auditing was confidential?

MS. TAVERNA: That their auditing was confidential?

MRS. GARVEY: Were you ever told auditing is confidential, the information that you

MS. TAVERNA: Oh, positively. Every -- I mean, that is -- it's printed and you read it., you know. I don't even know where specifically. But that is very common knowledge. It's printed in a lot of places. Anything you say-will, you know, be kept in confidence. It's assumed and it's also printed.

MRS. GARVEY: Would you have continued as an auditor if you, in fact, knew that this was not going to be kept confidential?

MS. TAVERNA: Never. One of the things that upset me and actually brought me to tears -- that I did see some information from a preclear folder that was used by the Guardian's Office. I saw the person's name and I saw all their sexual withholds, and I just -- I cried because that was something sacred to me as an auditor, that a person could tell me anything. And to me, it was the same as a priest. And I feel that all the people that had auditing, I subjected them to harassment. And it shocked me that -- it disturbed me very much.

MRS. GARVEY: You actually did see then an audit had been used?


So amongst those that do awaken, a terrible price must be paid - and that is to be willing to bare one's soul not just to an organization based on the false prophet and charlatan L. Ron Hubbard's plan for world domination, but to friends family and loved ones and the media.

Waking up from the dream

We all want to believe in something, and it is quite wonderful to think one has access to the secrets of the universe. Being convinced one has the ultimate solution makes a person feel like anything is possible, especially if one doesn't get caught.

In some ways I wish that when I was first involved in Scientology that someone would have snatched me off the street and tied me to a chair and made me read my friend Paulette Cooper's 1971 book the Scandal of Scientology.(12) That is, if she had been successful in publishing it without being litigated 19 times into the ground, and if someone had the guts to force me to read it in the brainwashed state I was in.

In cases of the brainwashing of Korean prisoners of war, it takes interventions that generate enough shock and immediate external threat and stress, to shock the person out of the induced mind set. John G. Clark Jr. M.D.(16) in testimony introduced into the United States Congressional record by Congressman Leo J Ryan after being brought to his attention by Ms. Ida Camburn in November of 1977 described deprogramming as the only effective means in dealing with the brainwashed, depersonalized, individual.

Scientology rails about deprogramming and deprogammers in general.

If Scientology were not programming to begin with, why should they consider de-programming to be a threat?

Why I Decided to Leave Scientology

I was once a true believer.

I was convinced that Hubbard had all the answers.

Then I met his daughter, Suzette Hubbard, she changed everything and for this I'll be forever grateful.

I was stationed in New York City at a facility called FOLO EUS, which means Flag Operations Liaison Office United States. Flag is the name of the management body in Scientology. That Stephen King called his satanic personality in his TV miniseries and book THE STAND the given name of "Flagg" was no coincidence I think.

When, for instance, filet mignons would be shipped to "the old man", that is what we used to call Hubbard, not even we would know where he was, we would pack the steaks in dry ice in Styrofoam coolers and deliver them to a secret location called RONY, while our local staff were eating rice and beans. RONY was an acronym for Relay Office New York, it was I believe in the Bronx or in Brooklyn.

Seems Suzette Hubbard had been transferred there.

This was in 1976 or so close to the end of my career in Scientology.

One day, one of the fellows that delivered materials for forwarding returned from RONY and mentioned to me that Suzette Hubbard wanted to meet me.

Seems, some months previously I had sent a letter to 'the old man". At the time, the person running the letters unit was Suzette Hubbard. In this letter I described a technical idea that I thought might have great merit if we had the money to finance it. Suzette was forwarded this letter as no one understood what I was talking about. Seems neither did Suzette, and this is what she wanted to ask me about. I agreed to meet with her.

Well, needless to say, I was impressed with the lively, intelligent, green eyed offspring of the old man himself. In some ways I felt when talking with her that I was talking to a kindred spirit, for which we each found so many commonalities.

In short, we both would look at each other and hear violins start playing.

We began secretly meeting and 'dating'.

Some time later she was transferred from the secret facility in New York and back to "flag" headquarters in Clearwater Florida. Around this time the food at FOLO EUS got really bad, - we were served rice and beans often. I would save up my ten dollars per week pay, and would go out occasionally and eat a steak. On one occasion this steak was large, and very tasty. However I got very ill, and ended up hospitalized after the intestinal pain became so great that I lost control of my bladder while lying in my bunk. The pain didn't scare me, that scared me.

I ended up taking a leave to get my health back and resolve the situation, finding out from a doctor that my body had lost its ability to digest food. When presented with a large serving of meat, I could not digest it. If one doesn't digest ones food, it will rot on its way through and poison you. I still take digestive enzymes to this day when eating a big meat meal.

Anyhow, I had some time off from being a sea org member, and made a little money selling metal sculpture mobiles in the village, in order to pay off my medical bills and get my health back.

After Suzette was transferred back to Flag we corresponded, and planned to elope. I took some of the money from selling metal sculpture in front of the San Marco cafe on Bleeker Street, caddy corner from the Village Vanguard. One of the people that stopped by admiring my work was Calder's daughter. But that is for another story.

I remember it was the first slushy snow in New York city that winter, and the snow had just started to turn dark from the city grim.

I caught a flight to Tampa and was picked up by one of those white vans that Scientology uses to ferry people around to this day.

As a visiting Executive Sea Org member on leave, I was allowed to stay at the Fort Harrison building. Suzette and I sneaked off to the Clearwater court house around the corner and got a marriage license, we also visited a local doctor for the required blood tests. The law in Florida states that one must wait 48 hours after getting a marriage license before performing and consummating the marriage and registering it as legal.

Suzette was getting daily auditing. One of the questions at the beginning of every one of these sessions is the 'secret getting question' "Has anyone almost found out something about you"

Well... Suzette gave it up. She spilled the beans during her 'confidential' auditing session.

I found myself with 5 sea org members holding me in the room I had been staying in. A short time later I was brought to a room with a chair and a light bulb, nothing else, it was like a Nazi interrogation scene. Two fellows came into the room and the door was locked. I was then questioned for a considerable length of time. I do not recall the details of what was discussed. I was under considerable emotional duress at this time. I do recall the conclusion, the offer if you will. It was an offer of "safe passage out of the state of Florida with all body parts still attached" if I told Suzette that the wedding was off.

It was during the realization of just how far this organization would go that I made the decision to get the hell out at first safe opportunity. So I played along, I told Suzette it was not going to happen and watched as she cried. I could do nothing considering the circumstances.

I shortly returned to New York and got together enough money to get my old Volkswagen van running that was parked at now ex-Scientologist David Culver's house in New Jersey and I called my mother and told her I was coming home to think about life for a while.

The point of all this, is that in a way I was lucky.

Suzette used to ask me, "Aren't you afraid of my father" - and I would think "why would I fear the most ethical man on the planet?"

This was the external SHOCK necessary to break me out of the trance induced by L. Ron Hubbard's elaborate showmanship.

At times I feel those ten years were a complete waste. However, had I not invested that time chasing L. Ron Hubbard's lies through the convoluted maze called Scientology, I would not know today how to explain to you just how that maze was built. Maybe I can make it up to Suzette Hubbard, who was disgusted by the waste and wanted "to get away from all of this", waving her arm out at the Scientology buildings in Clearwater. I hope she made it.

But all the litigation and harassment is just part of the show.

And the show WILL go on, unless you are willing to help expose it.

Front Groups

The only thing Scientology really creates is more Scientologists. People who think there is a state called clear and OT and think there is bridge to these states and think that Hubbard found the way to do ore than just empty their pockets and bankrupt their lives.

Some of Scientology's efforts do have a ring of charity in them. These targets are all picked out under L. Ron Hubbard's public relations maxim - Find things that Society doesn't like and attack those, while finding things that people do like and support them. It's is all done as part of L. Ron Hubbard's make it go right rephrasing of "The show must go on" The various front groups also provide the opportunity to indoctrinate those individuals who already have developed an awareness of what and how Scientology works - that is they have developed the mental antibodies to resist Scientology's hawkers. The front groups allows Scientology to expand into areas where people have no idea that CCHR - Citizens Commission on Human Rights, Narconon and Criminon and the whole slew of others, are listed as entities in Scientology's closing agreement with the Internal Revenue Service.

The largest of all the front groups is W.I.S.E. for World Institute of Scientology Enterprises. A W.I.S.E member company sends 10% of its income to W.I.S.E. Typically these are chiropractor, dental, veterinarian or medical insurance claims processing offices. The package includes Hubbard's management by statistics alone style rewritten to disguise the Scientology source documents. Front companies selling this material are Sterling Management, and Landmark among others. Ask your health care practitioner is they use Hubbard's work, or if they manage by statistics, ask about W.I.S.E (pronounced wise), Sterling Management and ask who does their billings. Don't let your healthcare dollar support Scientology.

The Onion of Deception

Imagine if you will, an onion, with an outer layer of token activities whose publicly stated intent is to do some good. Here are the front groups, all with seductively deceptive names, like Applied Scholastics, Narconon, World Literacy Crusade. Who would oppose a program that states that kids should learn to read? Well, the bogus techniques used are Hubbard's. And once the targets are conditioned to accept "Hubbard" as a source of insight, in any guise, the activity becomes nothing more than one of many on ramps to funnel unsuspecting members of the public into the Scientology money extraction process. All of the front groups have been used for this.

The continuing public education by the Internet forced the list of front groups to permutate, so that in spite of the various efforts to inoculate the public that will still be a steady flow into the carnival tent at all times. This is much like pressing one's thumb upon a small pool of mercury, which then beads out in every direction as a collection of smaller drops.

When dealing with a group that appears to want to do good, do some homework, make sure you are not getting involved with one of the tentacles of the Scientology octopus. It is far easier today to avoid them that it is to disentangle oneself and one's business from them.

The next layer of this onion, is the "religious cloaking" layer. Which was invoked with intent back in the late 1960's. I watched as "PC Folder administration" transformed itself into "confessional formulary" and a cross was dragged through the door, we were also told to wear ministerial collars. This change and its reasons are documented by Hubbard. In his 12 February 1969 Policy Letter, on page 119 of the 1969 version of Volume 6 of the Organization Executive Course "All Orgs are now Churches" and "Stationary is to reflect fact than orgs are churches" and "All public literature must state that Scn is religious" It also states "This may or may not be publicly acceptable. This is NOT the point. It is a requisite defense."

The invocation of religious cloaking was done in 1969 to protect the use of the E-meter from the United States Food and Drug Administration.(27) All though the religious corporations had been in existence since 1954, they existed only on paper and the organizations were strictly secular, with Scientology being promoted as an "Applied Philosophy" up until this strategic change.

The next layer of the onion of deception is that of a cult, for crowd control as described elsewhere.

The next layer of deception uses magic show techniques to trick the public into thinking they are getting more than just "A piece of blue sky"(19)

The core is one of fraud.

What to do about the Scientology problem

Get the word out.

Protect potential witnesses from Scientology's campaigns to destroy them.

In legal actions, Attorneys and Prosecutors must challenge every Scientology lie. State bar associations should be swift to suspend or terminate licenses of those lawyers that abuse the legal process, the spirit of the law, or lie. In spite of Bill Clinton's conduct making perjury difficult to enforce, existing laws regarding perjury must be strictly enforced. They should also retain an expert that knows all the patterns of deception Scientology uses until they have learned enough about it to see they use them at every turn.

It also should be noted that it doesn't matter how many witnesses Scientology might line up, they can all be shown by careful questioning to be running the same program.

One of my rules for dealing with Scientology effectively, is to "turn everything they do to advantage" They are the one's following a pattern. All their members, and their attorneys are all in on the deal, some knowingly some are just dupes. This means that their conduct will have a pattern.

The critics and ex members all fight to get full disclosure and all the facts known. Scientology will take individual sentences out of context, string these together to imply conduct that was not what the speaker intended at all, but might cost a great deal of money to defend against if they fool the enthusiastic prosecutor or judge by their false claims of veracity.(9)

Remember, these are folks whose president is under indictment in Spain (10) for among other things, "Simulation of a Felony." A picket sign becomes a cruise missile, an unsealed public court record becomes stolen property, a postcard with a judge's quote becomes hate mail, expressed revulsion at deception becomes bigotry, and a millionaire humanitarian becomes an enemy of mankind.

The very fact of litigation and fabricated frame up is proof there is no one in Scientology that has achieved the super mental powers all these Scientologists stay loyal, waiting and longing for, convinced that they will achieve it one day.

Use their own policy

There exists an "admin scale", "admin" means administration.(3)

ideal scenes
stats [statistics]
valuable final products

For the secret Hubbardian goal of "make money" and own the world, there is the public shore story "To clear the planet". The hidden effort in Scientology boils down to silencing those that understand both how the trick is done and the enormity of the fraud being perpetrated on the public.

There are written plans to make evidence disappear,(4) or to interfere with the ability, as in Gerry Armstrong's injunction, or unwillingness testify due to broad based harassment.

Every individual 'set-up' or contrived happening or litigation is going to have a written valuable final product, and a written statistic that is reported up lines to international management headquarters in Scientology, for every operation. In the Lerma litigation of 1995-6 (26), there was likely an actual "ideal scene" written down, which stated something like 'silenced and discredited fully handled Lerma', there were written orders, on how to ruin my life which were made in order to complete individual targets on projects which were written in turn to complete individual written programs - these written programs would have included the one to purchase my best source of income. How about the written project for the August 5th raid on my home, prefaced by the filing of that motion for accelerated video deposition the following Wednesday? (29)

This project would have been one item of an over all written PLAN to handle the critics and ex members who know how the trick is done, which is all based on L. Ron Hubbard's Guardian Office which is the same as and now called OSA Office of Special Affairs' - written policies - all applied to achieve the purpose, and goal of Scientology, - a world where everyone is a Scientologist or under Scientology's control.

Being intimidated into silence is being under Scientology's control.

Compartmentalized Command

The internal organization is one of compartmentalized command lines running from the very top. The regular Scientology staff think the internal organization runs from left to right producing products moving toward a "cleared planet", where we will all be Scientologists, and all will have had our "reactive mind" removed.

The use of top to bottom isolated from one another compartmentalized command lines, consisting of a slew of networks with alphabet soup names, like FBO, FSC, Flag Rep, LRH Comm, and most of all OSA ensure that no one involved sees the overall the picture that all Scientology makes is more people deceived into believing there is something there.

The organization structure would also be ideal if one was trying to conceal one's true motives from the people who were engaged in the activity themselves by complexity and deception.

Was it really only about extracting money?

Ex-members who have been trained in this pattern should re-evaluate the purpose you were told against the far simpler conclusion based on this screed.

Attorneys must ask for all these documents in discovery. Use L. Ron Hubbard's own management structure - it describes the documents that exist. And like little kids that tell too many lies, Scientology keeps meticulous track of everything so they don't get tripped up, but they don't want you to know this, it is all there written down, as the 1977 FBI / IRS raid (11) showed when Operation Freak out and the related documents that are now public became known to people who were not part of the inner circle, the directors of the Scientology carnival show.

For example, I'd sure like to see the plan for the Lerma litigation and all the orders, the projects, and the statistics, but I failed to consider these things during that litigation and force the attorneys to demand any and all "policy, plans, programs, projects orders and statistics" that mention Lerma, however, there is the other point that Scientology would not divulge this information willingly.

What the Citizen can do

Here again, you can turn L. Ron Hubbard's writings to your advantage. Hubbard described all the things that would end the carnival show in his book "Introduction to Scientology Ethics" (2) where he listed "suppressive acts". These are the worst things one can do, they are considered beyond mere crimes like theft and mayhem, they are HIGH CRIMES. In this case, I think all we need to do is, as the Scientologists like to say, "duplicate source". Here is what Hubbard says to do:

The following are paraphrased to escape frivolous copyright litigation. >From page 56 of Introduction to Scientology Ethics.

1) Exit Scientologists from the dream and get them to publicly state that it was a complete fraud, and that there are no OTs There, as OT7 Tory Bezazian, and OT7 Peter Alexander, and OT8 Michael Pattinson and many others have done.

2) Tell your stories of what is was like when you were under the influence. Get these stories onto the web. The public and eventually even congress will see the pattern.

3) Support legislation that would make prosecution of Scientology easier. Make sure governments do not grant Scientology charity status like Gregg Hagglund did in Canada. Support those that accomplish these things so they will not be silenced due to financial and emotional drain that Scientology creates for the purpose of achieving silence, and ensuring the show goes on.

4) Always be willing to testify against Scientology. Encourage public inquiry. Demand congressional hearings where they don't just listen to Travolta's blathers.

5) Report every Scientology transgression to appropriate agencies including but not limited to State Attorney General's office, Consumer Protection Agencies, Better Business Bureau. Local and regional police, local, State and National elected officials, US Department of Labor EEOC, etc.

6) Bring civil suit only when the legal terrain is favorable and the attorneys will pursue it with vigor, with due consideration for the nature of the opponent.

7) Encourage ex-members to get their money back.

8) Write letters describing Scientology's sordid conduct to the media.

9) Support the efforts of those groups and individuals that have chosen to expose Scientology.

All these are paraphrased from 'source' himself, and I bet Hubbard knew best how to keep the scam going, because it is still here 50 years after he started it.

Perhaps all we have to do is do exactly what he said must be never happen .

Let's get rid of Scientology Ron's way.

Imagine the fun telling someone who is convinced that all he has to do to be a superman is 'duplicate source' and that all you are doing also, is just 'duplicating source'.

Arnaldo Lerma

Appendix - companion illustration

A: Initiating the Fraud

B: Extending the time the fraud is discovered

C: Silencing those who discover the Fraud

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