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We are daily working on the Trust site. Our goal is to put up useful information not yet available on the worldwide web and to have it in an easy to access manner.

Come to this page for what we have most recently been working on. Newest items will be at the top.

6/07/01: We remodeled our articles archives! In case you haven't noticed, our team has recently added many news articles to the site that we think you'll enjoy reading. We also put together a more user-friendly articles index which (we hope) will make locating the articles you are searching for easier. Enjoy!

6/04/01: Announcement by LMT president, Stacy Brooks, regarding new French law.

6/01/01: Article: "France arms itself with legal weapon to fight sects Law to shield the vulnerable worries main churches." Gaurdian News; June 1, 2001

5/30/01: Article: Forbes Magazine, Mysterious Ways - re. Scientology and IRS tax agreement September 4, 2000

5/30/01: Article: Building Scientopolis, Sept. 8, 2000. Chrisitianity Today.

5/29/01: Article: Translation of Jesus Magazine's May 2001 article entitled Scientology: Faith or Fraud?

5/29/01: Article: German visitor takes on Scientology-- St. Pete Times 7-26-00 regarding Ursula Caberta Church leaders say the German official is a "fascist demagogue'' who has stoked a hate campaign.

5/29/01: Article: Look Magazine, December 1950 Dianetics: Science or Hoax? Half a million laymen have swallowed this poor man's psychiatry. Now they're set to try it on others...

5/29/01: German translation of May 26, 2001 St. Petersburg Times editorial Verhalten einer Kirche? regarding Jesse Prince

5/26/01: "Meet Jesse Prince" page updated with link to LMT Media's video snippet from 1986 of David Miscaviage introducing "Commander Jesse Prince" -- when he was a high ranking officer in Scientology's Sea Organization plus a link to the "About the Jesse Prince trial" pages.

5/26/01: New page "About the Jesse Prince Trial" added. The page lists all the documents we have at regarding the Jesse Prince criminal trial.

5/26/01: Editorial: St. Pete Times, St. May 26, 2001 Church behavior? ... Scientology set out to destroy Jesse Prince...

5/26/01: Article: St. Pete Times, May 26, 2001 -- Scientology critic won't face retrial; Prosecutors decide to drop marijuana charge

5/26/01: Article: Tampa Tribune, May 26, 2001 -- Hung jury induces prosecutors to drop their pot-growing case

5/26/01: Article: St. Pete Times, May 24, 2001 -- Scientology is a key player in marijuana case

5/26/01: Article: Tampa Tribune, May 25, 2001 -- Scientology critic's jury hung

5/26/01: Article: Tampa Tribune, May 23, 2001 -- 'Testimony: Church of Scientology spurred critic's arrest'

5/26/01: Article: St. Pete Times, May 19, 2001 -- Church critic trailed, arrested

5/26/01: Article: St. Pete Times, Aug 12, 2000 -- Scientology critic faces drug cultivation charge

5/26/01: Prince criminal case. Deposition of Jim Patterson May 15, 2001 -- a private investigator hired by the defense, along with Ray Emmons, to locate Scientology PI's for this trial.

5/26/01: Prince criminal case. Deposition of Ray Emmons May 15, 2001 --, a private investigator hired by the defense, along with Jim Patterson, to locate Scientology PI's for this trial. 5/26/01: Prince criminal case.

5/26/01: Deposition of Brain Raftery, May 15, 2001 -- Private Detective hired by Scientology to surveil Jesse Prince. (Also, on this record is Scientology Attorney, Helan Kobrin, attempting to attend the deposition without identifying that she represents Scientology.)

5/26/01: Prince criminal case. Deposition of Howard Crosby May 15, 2001 -- Sergeant, Largo Police.

5/26/01: Article: St. Petersburg Times, September 14, 1999Battles continue in lawsuit against Scientology (re. Lisa McPherson case)

5/26/01: Article: St. Petersburg Times, February 6, 2000 How much oddity can one town take?

5/21/01: Article: The Register; May 11, 2001 [UK] "Cisco exec backs Hubbardist courses" A senior Cisco official has lent her name to an article which praises training methods based on the teachings of Scientology founder L Ron Hubbard.

5/21/01: Article: Time; July 24, 1950 Of Two Minds --A new cult is moldering through the U.S. underbrush. Its name: dianetics.

5/21/01: Article: Philadelphia Inquirer; December 17, 1952 U.S. Marshals Beaten While Serving Warrant

5/21/01: Advertisment: Wichita Eagle, January 11, 1952 Hubbard wants volunteers with arthritis, polio or blindness for Dianetics therapy

5/21/01: Article: Los Angeles Times; June 13, 1951 Dianetics Head Wins Emergency Divorce Decree

5/21/01: Article: Elizabeth Daily Journal; April 3, 1952 Hubbard Clinic's Assets Are Sold

5/18/01: Jeff Jacobsen spoke before Clearwater City Commission on May 17, 2001 - transcript was linked to from the "Meet Jeff Jacobsen" page

5/18/01: Article The New Republic Review; August 14, 1950 Dianetics book review

5/18/01: Article Newsweek; August 21, 1950 Dianetics book review; Best Seller

5/18/01: Article Newsweek; October 16, 1950 [Dianetics] Poor Man's Psychoanalysis

5/18/01: Article St. Louis Dispatch; October 29, 1950 Dianetics book review -- "Dianetics, the New Science of Psychological Health"

5/18/01: Article Elizabeth Daily Journal; January 29, 1951 C. Parker Morgan, secretary and general counsel of the Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundation, today announced his resignation from the organization

5/18/01: Article Mirror News; February 26, 1951 Wife "Kidnap" by Dianetics Chief Solved

5/18/01: Article The Los Angeles Examiner; February 26, 1951 Dianetics Head Gives Police Busy Day Over Wife, Baby

5/18/01: Article New York Times; March 3, 1951 The practice of "dianetics," a theory for the treatment of psychosomatic and other ills, was attacked as "dangerous" last night by Dr. Gregory Zilboorg

5/18/01: Article Better Homes and Gardens; April 1951 Dianetics book review: Peace of Mind in Dianetics?

5/18/01: Article Harpers; March, 1951 After Hours Dianeticians

5/18/01: Article Elizabeth Daily Journal; March 28, 1951 Dianetics Charges To Be Amplified-

5/18/01: Article Elizabeth Daily Journal; April 3, 1951 Dianetics Group to Quit City Because "We're Not Wanted"

5/18/01: Article LA Times; April 11, 1951Hiding of Baby charged to Dianetics Author

5/18/01: Article The Los Angeles Examiner; April 11, 1951 Dianetics Founder Hubbard Accused of Plot to Kidnap Wife

5/18/01: Article The Daily News Los Angeles; April 15, 1951 Dianetics leader found in Wichita

5/18/01: Article Mirror News; April 15, 1951 Dianetics Man Reports He's in Cuban Hospital

5/18/01: Article Daily News Los Angeles; April 17, 1951 Hubbard's daughter with him in New Jersey

5/18/01: ArticleLA Times; April 17, 1951 Dianetics Man's Baby Reported in New Jersey

5/18/01: Article Mirror News; April 23, 1951 Dianetics Author Crazy, Wife Charges

5/18/01: Article Herald; April 23, 1951 Wife of Dianetics Founder Asks Divorce on Cruelty Grounds

5/18/01: Article LA Times; April 24, 1951 Dianetics Inventor Sued For Divorce; Wife's Complaint Charges He Subjected Her to "Scientific Torture Experiments"

5/18/01: Article San Francisco Chronicle; April 24, 1951 Ron Hubbard Insane, Says His Wife

5/18/01: Article New York Times; 1951 April 24, 1951 Dianetics Founder's Wife Sues

5/18/01: Article Times Herald; April 25, 1951 Wife Accuses 'Mental Expert' Of Torturing Her

5/18/01: Article LA Times; April 25, 1951 JUDGE WEIGHS STORY; Dianetics Chief`s Conduct Lashed

5/18/01: Article The Daily News Los Angeles; May 1, 1951 Letter indicates Dianetics founder, baby fled to Cuba

5/18/01: Article New York Times; May 14, 1951 Dianetic Funds Attached (Bankruptcy)

5/18/01: Article Time; June 25, 1951 Hubbards divorce

5/18/01: Article Mercury; August 1951 Boiled Engrams; An Elegy to Dianetics

5/18/01: Article Consumer Reports; August 1951 Dianetics: A critical appraisal of a best-selling book that originated in the realm of science-fiction and became the basis for a new cult

5/18/01: Article Time; September 3, 1951-- Departure in Dianetics The cult of dianetics, which was going strong a year ago, has some of the features of a new religion. Its founder, Science-Fictioneer L. Ron Hubbard, claimed that his "science of the mind" could cure all mental and most bodily ills, make supermen of truly devoted converts.

5/18/01: Article Arizona Republic; September 4, 1951 Phoenix Man Jailed On Medicine Charge

5/18/01: ArticleElizabeth Journal; December 12, 1951 Dianetics Founder Challenges Psychiatry to Mental Duel

5/18/01: Article Time December 22, 1951 Remember Venus? When Hubbard gave dianetics to a wondering world, it looked as though he had claimed everything in sight, and more. "The hidden source of all psychosomatic ills and human aberration has been discovered," he wrote then, "and skills have been developed for their invariable cure."

5/18/01: Article American Journal; 1951 Dianetics book review: Because a considerable mass of non-medical people have been puzzled by this book, and some of them seek the opinion of physicians with respect to its value, it might be an advantage if the physician could have it appraised without being forced to read it.

5/18/01: Article Dianetics 1953 Court Bars 2 Dianetics Practitioners

5/18/01: Article Arizona Republic; May 17, 1955 House Owner Sues Church

5/18/01: Article Arizona Republic; June 26, 1955 $9,000 Suit Settled Here

5/18/01: Article Mirror News October 23, 1957 Re. Sequoia University, where Hubbard "received his PhD"-- �Diploma� Witness Won�t Talk' -- Joseph Hough, president of Fremont College and of Sequoia University on Melrose Ave., refused today to tell Assembly "diploma mill" investigators anything about his activities.

5/18/01: Article St. Petersburg Times; December 1979 CLEARWATER � Clearwater city commissioners set out Thursday to show alarmed citizens that government � not the Church of Scientology � is running the city.

5/15/01: The 1980 Pulitzer Prize Winning series of 14 articles in St. Petersburg Times about Scientology has been added to the site

5/15/01: Added Apologetics Index and Scientology Living War Memorial to our links page.

5/15/01: Article: FRANCE "The USA and Scientology. In the Name of Freedom" WASHINGTON -- A dispute over religious freedom is poisoning diplomatic relations between Washington and Europe... Translation of Le Monde Diplomatique article of May 11, 2001 provided to the LMT by Joe Cisar.

5/14/01: IRS page. Lists what we've got on about the IRS agreement providing Scientology with tax exempt status in the US.

5/14/01: Article: REUTERS, "Church of Scientology Sent to Trial in France" April 2, 2001.

5/14/01: WHAT THE SCIENTOLOGISTS DON'T TELL YOU a leaflet written, produced and paid for by families and friends of members of the sect and ex-Scientologists (UK, Bonnie Woods.)

5/14/01: Letter: Ed and Tera Hattaway wrote a letter to someone who has been a good friend of theirs for many years. The friend is a Scientologist who had written to the Hattaways to find out why they are now publicly speaking critically about Scientology. The Hattaways have given their permission to post the text of the letter on our website.

5/14/01: Post/essay: Towards A New Model Of "Cult Control" -- February 2000 by Robert Vaughn Young; updated Young's page with a link to the essay.

5/14/01: Article: SPAIN Translation of April 29, 2000 El Mundo Periodico article entitled "Trial of 17 members of the Church of Scientology postponed" was provided to the LMT by Heather Bennett.

5/14/01: Snow White sentencings in pdf format.

5/14/01: Some anonymous talent sent pdf files, complete with artwork, that she or he created of the year 2,000 Literati Contest top two winning essays: Chris Owen's The Control Agenda and Warrior's Soul Hackers (These can also be read by going to the Year 2,000 Literati Contest Winners page.)

5/14/01: Transcript of Q & A session with Ursula Caberta during press conference at the LMT in July of 2000 was provided to us by Perry Scott. The transcrpts are also linked from Ursula's press conference page.

5/14/01 Article: Scientology, "Scientology church gives county spending records" St. Petersburg Times, April 27, 1978

5/12/01 Article: Calgary Herald, May 1974. The former head of the Church of Scientology in Calgary said Thursday she has been used by the organization to talk Calgarians out of more than $200,000 - perhaps as much as $350,000.

5/12/01 Transcript excerpt: Stacy Brook's testimony at "Clearwater 13" injunction trial February 2001. Updated Stacy's page with link to transcript.

5/12/01 Updated Scientology's Clearwater area "security" cameras page with photos of three new cameras.

5/12/01 Article: March 31, 2001 "HIDDEN REASONS BEHIND THE CRUISE-KIDMAN SPLIT? IS IT MORE THAN JUST FAN FODDER?" An insightful article on how a parent's tough decision to leave Scientology can impact a family- by Russ Baker

5/12/01 Charlene Kushner Fassa Refund request letters - 1983 Former staff member documents problems receiving a refund of monies on account with Scientology. (In text format.)

5/12/01 Post: Tory Christman Bezazian: "Out for eight months!" Added to the Tory pages

5/12/01 Article: GERMANY, Hamburg, October 24, 2000 "Im Scientology-KZ Gefangen" -- Morgan Post story on Scientology featuring Stacy Brooks. (German, in pdf format.)

5/12/01 GERMANY, Berliner Dialogue, 2001 The original newlsetter. (German in pdf format.)

5/12/01 Article: GERMANY, Hamburg, October 27, 1999 "Man kann sich werhen" Scientology protestors and Ursula Caberta. (German, in pdf format.)

5/12/01 Article: GERMANY, Hamburg, April 4, 2000 "Neun Monate in der Sektenholle" -- Morgan Post story on Scientology featuring Bob Minton and Stacy Brooks. (German, in pdf format.)

5/12/01 Article: SWEDEN -- Scientology granted tax exempt status. Watchman Expositor, 1999< (English, in pdf format)

5/12/01 Declarations written by Zoe Woodcraft and Astra Woodcraft were translated into Swedish by Catarina Pamnell and are available in text format. (You can also read these documents on her website at and

5/12/01 Article Scientology Foe Digs in for Fight (pdf format)
December 05, 1999 St. Petersburg Times: "CLEARWATER -- A trust formed by millionaire Bob Minton will set up offices near the church in Clearwater." Also linked article from the "Meet Bob Minton" media page.

5/12/01 PDF version of St. Petersburg Times article of February 22, 2001 entitled JUDGE TAKES SCIENTOLOGY, CRITICS, POLICE TO TASK

5/12/01 Editorial: Read this excellent Letter to the Editor of St. Petersburg Times from our attorney, John Merrett entitled "Scientology should be treated differently". (This is a follow-up to the letters to the editor written by Wallace Pope (Scientology attorney) and Sid Klien (Clearwater Chief of police) shortly after the conclusion of the "Clearwater 13" injunction trial.)

5/11/01 Article: "Scientology: A Banker brings his financial means to bear against the sect." A translation by Joe Cisar of an article in Germany's Rheinischer Merkur magazine, 4-23-98. Also linked article to the "Meet Bob Minton" media page.

5/11/01 Article: Scientology's Revenge [on the Cult Awareness Network] New LA Times 9-19-99

5/11/01 Article: Been there, done that: Scientology - London Times 2-12-01 re. Nicole Kidman and children in cults.

5/11/01 Article: Court Bars Two Dianetics Practitioners, Detroit Press, April 1953

5/11/01 Article: Omaha's Church of Scientology has severed all ties to the mother church - Omaha World-Herald, February 5, 1983

5/11/01 Article: Scientology is slammed in court as 'evil cult' - East Grinstead Observer - June 13, 1968

5/11/01 Editorial: Clearwater Sun "If good men do nothing" dated Noevember 28, 1979

5/11/01 Article: New York Times "Psychologists act against Dianetics", 9-9-50

5/11/01 Article: St. Petersburg Times, 1-27-76 entitled "A shouting match with the mayor sheds little light on United Churches"

5/11/01 Updated 53 files in our news archives files with new site design, new navigation bar and searchable metatags.

5/11/01 Updated Robert Vaughn Young's page with a link to the essay he wrote entitled Scientology vs. Orwell's 1984.

5/10/01 St. Petersburg Times article of 4-20-01. A secret committee of the Citizens for a Better Clearwater responsible for beautifying an alley next to a Scientology owned property rejected the McPherson brick along with two other bricks ordered by members of a Scientology watchdog group called the Lisa McPherson Trust.

5/10/01 A March 6, 2001 article from Italy's Il Terreno magazine - written in Italian and in pdf format - about Maria Pia Gardini was added to the site. Maria's page was updated with a link to the article.

5/10/01 We've put up a page introducing Teresa Summers, Vice President of the LMT and also recently updated the look of all the staff pages with new navigation bars and photos.

5/10/01 Order in Wollersheim v. Church of Scientology of California case dated May 4, 2001.

5/10/01 Added two new affidavits by Tory Christman Bezazian to the Tory pages. The 1st is from January, 2001 regarding police harassment of Bob Minton and the second is an detailed affidavit regarding how Scientology dealt with a medical condition she had. (Both files are in pdf. format.)

5/09/01 A new section has been added to the site summarizing then linking to 1st Person Accounts of twelve individuals . More stories and affidavits will be added as people continue to come into the trust wishing to make their stories public.

5/08/01 Put up a page outlining the stories of doctors Bill and Barbara Zizic with documentation.

5/05/01 Completed the Tory Bezazian pages, a collection of twelve documents and links to several videos detailing her story of abuse, deception and fraud in Scientology.

5/03/01 Updated Robert Vaughn Young's page

5/01/01 Completed the Greg and Debra Barnes' pages, a collection of thirteen documents and several video links detailing their 1st person accounts of abuse, fraud and deceit in Scientology.

4/23/01 The Woodcraft family page was updated with an introduction to 16-year-old Zoe Woodcraft who detailed in affidavits and videos what it was like growing up in Scientology's Sea Organization and how she finally managed to escape. Transcripts of LMT Media's interview with Zoe were also added.

4/22/01 Created a page (can be linked to from the homepage where it is also listed) on the court's recent decision in the Minton vs. Church of Scientology libel suit in Germany.

4/21/01 Updated directory of German legal documents we have at the site

4/21/01Declaration written by Lawrence Woodcraft about his experience in Scientology.

4/20/01 A new section was added containing everything the site has on the recent "Clearwater 13" injunction trial. The complete set of trial transcripts, links to videos, news articles and posts to the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology were put on the Injunction Trial main menu page.

4/18/01 A section was built containing everything the site has on the Mark Bunker Chicago trial including the complete set of trial transcripts, the videos he was working on during his Chicago trip to interview Dr's Bill and Barbara Zizic.

4/15/01 Tory Bezazian forwarded several documents and posts she's made to the newsgroup, alt.religion.scientology about her experiences with Scientology's Office of Special Affairs. A new page is being built introducing Tory's story which also includes affidavits she's written about her experience with Scientology's treatment of people with serious medical conditions as well as what she knows about Scientology's Office of Special Affairs.

4/13/01 The "Meet Mark Bunker" page was updated and links were put in on his page to the news article and a video about Mark's recent appearance at a Clearwater City Council meeting.

4/12/01 Letters to St. Petersburg Times editor written by Scientology attorney Wallace Pope and Chief of Police Sid Klein regarding the 3-22-01 article on police force working for Scientology

4/12/01 A new page is being built introducing the Barnes' story. Greg Barnes recently forwarded several internal reports reflecting what was happening directly before he and his wife Debra were declared to be Suppressive Persons. These reports were added to the Greg and Debra Barnes pages.

4/12/01 Joe Cisar was kind enough to translate Vol 2 of the newsletter, The Berliner Diaologue, which is published by Rev. Thomas Gandow in Germany. The newsletter contains several articles mentioning Bob Minton, Ursula Caberta, Stacy Brooks and in general, what is happeneing with Scientology in Germany.

4/12/01 Article: 3/30/01 ITALY: Free church or cult? Scientology investigated. Eight people investigated for criminal association and personal damages

4/08/01 Translation of Italy's Oggi magazine article about Maria Pia Gardni added to site and linked to from Maria's main page.

4/07/01 Brief introduction on home page about Dr. Lazarnick and his wife who got into Scientology via the wise group, Singer Consultants, and link to the video he sent to the LMT

4/07/01 Jesse Prince's declarations in FACTnet case added and linked to from the updated "Meet Jesse Prince" page

4/07/01 Take a virtual tour of Clearwater. See the buildings and the streets where it all happens. 4/04/01 Translation of article from France's Paris Match magazine about Scientology

4/04/01 Translation of article in Italian magazine La Republica about Maria Pia Gardini and linked to from Maria pages.

4/02/01 Letter written by Dr. Ed Hattaway for refund of fees paid to Scientology

3/29/01 An introduction to Astra Woodcraft was added to the Meet the Woodcrafts pages. Included are her first-hand account of abuse and deception in Scientology with links to LMT Media's video "The Story of Kate" and Astra's declaration regarding her childhood in Scientology's Sea Organization, and how executive Sea Org members tried to force the 19 year-old girl to have an abortion so that she could continue her Sea Org career.

3/27/01 Affidavits of Astra and Zoe Woodcraft added

3/26/01 St. Petersburg Times article of 3-22-01 regarding police force working for Scientology in html and pdf format

3/23/01 Stacy Brooks' declaration in Fishman case in both text and pgp were added. They can be found on her recently updated page.

3/22/01 Links to Maria Pia Gardini's documents, translated into Italian added to her updated page.

3/21/01 SAT TV 1 transcripts of German the 1998 television interview with Bob Minton added to the "Bob Minton Media page".

3/12/01 Dr. Ed Hattaway story with link to his video, letters and declarations

3/09/01 1st Maria Pia Gardini video is up on the site. We added a link from Maria's main page.

3/08/01 Repaired problem of the Links page not being accessible by Netscape users

3/07/01 Added letters written by Jeff Jacobsen to Clearwater City Commission about denial of memorial bricks for Lisa McPherson

3/06/01 Dr's Barbara and Bill Zizic testimony in Mark Bunker's Chicago trial

3/04/01 the Maria Pia Gardini pages, a first-hand account of manipulation and abuse of an Italian woman who was bilked out of her inheritance - including several declarations, an introduction and a glossary of terms

3/03/01 Jeff Jacobsen spoke at the Clearwater City Council meeting. A link was added to the updated "Meet Jeff Jacobsen" page.

3/02/01 Part one of injunction ("Clearwater 13") trial transcripts.

3/01/01 Lawrence Woodcraft's asbestos declaration and introduction by Bob Minton.

2/28/01 A new section to our site, the "Meet Bob Minton" series, documenting the fascinating story of how retired investment banker and free-speech advocate, Robert Minton, became involved in this crusade to reform Scientology's abusive and destructive practices is being created. We've added a link to these pages from ourhome page and will continue to add documents and links to this series.

2/27/01 Several Newspaper articles featuring Bob Minton added to the new Meet Bob Minton Press page.

2/26/01 Chicago pre-trial hearing transcripts in the Mark Bunker case and several pages on the site were re-designed.

2/24/01 The St. Pete Times article of 2-22-01 on the injunction case, Judge takes Scientology, critics, police to task.

2/23/01 Videos of the proceedings and transcripts of Judge Penick's remarks and ruling on the Clearwater Injunction case.

2/20/01 LONDON DAILY MAIL ARTICLE of February 17, 2001, "Nicole's Nightmare" featuring Ex-Sea Org member, Astra Woodcraft and the LMT's Teresa Summers on raising Scientology's children.

2/12/01 New York Post article on the Cruise/Kidman breakup quoting LMT staff member, Theresa Summers.

2/11/01 Began adding the San Francisco Chronicle series on alternative religions to the site. The series goes from 2-11-01 to 2-14-01

2/07/01 Updates were made to the About the LMT page Officers and Directors lists. The Meet Bob Minton Menu page was updated and his speech and Q & A session before the March, 2000 annual Leo J. Ryan conference were added.

2/01/01 The "Meet Bob Minton" page , was updated and a link to a new page was added for Further reading about Bob . We've started building this new page with transcripts of Dateline NBC's June 1998 interview of our favorite crusader and of speeches Bob gave at CultInfo Services 1998 and 1999 annual conferences. More documents will be added regularly.

1/26/01 Xenu and the Space Aliens: The lies and deception behind the Scientology space opera by Robert Minton.

1/02/01 Lisa McPherson Trust Accomplishments in 2000 by Chairman, Robert Minton.

12/20/00 This year's Winning Literati Contest entries .

11/15/00 An article by Stacy Brooks, Scientology's Rejection of Family exploring Hubbard's views on families, family separation, and his disconnection polices.

10/11/00 Update on how many members Scientology claims - 750,000 or 8 million?
9/27/00 Two more security cameras in the alley near the Coachman Building to the Eyes of Scientology page .

9/26/00 Jesse Prince affidavit from Dennis Erlich case. (in PDF format)

9/20/00 Clearwater Sun article 12/28/79 "Chamber of Commerce denounces cult"

9/20/00 A photo showing downtown Clearwater , and the Trust's location.

9/15/00 1986 article on Hacienda Gardens , staff berthing complex.

9/14/00 Amicus Curiae Brief by Scientology in Lisa McPherson criminal case.

9/14/00 Danar Hoverson affidavit , a Scientologist complaining about how the publicity of the Lisa McPherson case has hurt Scientology/Clearwater relations.

9/13/00 German court case results , translated into English.

9/13/00 pdf of Lisa McPherson's expenses in Scientology from 1995.

9/13/00 pdf of Scientology press release dated 12/16/96 concerning Lisa McPherson's death

9/13/00 - Michael Rinder's affidavit in Lisa McPherson criminal case wherein he complains of the damage the criminal charges are doing to Scientology.

9/12/00 - Links to many pdf files on our server, both at the legal page and the Lisa page.

9/12/00 - Paul Kellerhal's affidavit in the Lisa McPherson criminal case.

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