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I. About the Trust
   A. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
   B. The Staff

II. Lisa McPherson
   A. Clearwater police investigation into Lisa's death
   B. Photo Gallery
   C. Link to lisamcpherson.org, independent site on Lisa

III. Clearwater
   A. Scientology's security cameras
   B. Emmons index of articles, police and city reports
   C. summary of Scientology property in Clearwater
   D. A Scientologist's view of Clearwater

IV. Multi-media
   A. Lisa related
   B. LMT created videos
   C. U.S. broadcasts
   D. International broadcasts
   E. Hearings & Depositions
   F. General Interest

V. Articles
   A. recent articles
   B. archived articles
      2. 1990
      3. 1991
      4. 1992
      5. 1993
      6. 1994
      7. 1995
      8. 1996
      9. 1997
    10. 1998
    11. 1999
    12. 2000

   C. staff-written articles
      1. Stacy Brooks
      2. Jesse Prince
      3. Jeff Jacobsen

VI. Newsletter

VII. Legal

VIII. Links

VIII. Other
   A. A mother's experience with the new CAN (link to trancenet.org)
   B. Does Scientology have a unique agreement with the IRS? (link)
   C. The writings of Vaughn Young

[note: this site is critical of Scientology and is not related
to the "Church" of Scientology]