Lisa McPherson




Court Documents





Gabe Cazares, former mayor

Brief History of Clearwater/Scientology, 1975-1995

Scientology cameras watch Clearwater, 2000

Project Normandy text, 12/5/75

United Churches letter to Cazares, 1/12/76

Cazares letter of concern, 1/21/76

Snodgrass letter to downtown dev. board, 1/30/76

Scientology lectures start, 3/18/76

Scientology sues Clearwater Sun, 3/26/76

Scientology writes to CIA re: Bob Snyder, 4/14/76

Scientology letter to Comissioner Martin, 6/5/76

Hanover, MA letter to Cazares, 6/15/76

Scientology invites city commissioner, 7/26/76

Cazares letter warns Clearwater, 1977

Cazares timeline of events, 6/11/79

Josephus Havenith death, 2/24/80

Unsupervised child report CWPD, 9/14/87

Gary Maxwwell seeks CWPD help, 2/27/88

Juvenile wants to leave Scientology per CWPD, 3/31/91

Scientology FOIA request re: Clearwater police, 5/24/95

Carrie Slaughterbeck suicide, 3/27/97

Roberto letter to Miscavige, 12/19/98

Source Magazine on Scientology City, 1999

Buyinng a brick for Lisa, 2000

Daniela's Kitchen discriminates, 2000

Scientology cameras around Clearwater, 2000

Emmons report index, part 1, 2000

part 2

part 3

German asylum in Clearwater, /6/29/00

Bob Minton speaks to city commission, 7/00

Clearwater properties owned by Scientology, 7/13/00

Jeff Jacobsen speaks to city commission, 8/17/00

Jeff Jacobsen speaks to city commission, 3/1/01

Jeff Jacobsen speaks to city commission, 5/17/01

Jeff Jacobsen re: injunction bad, 7/3/01

Occupied Cleearwater, by Jacobsen, 11/10/01

Cazares letter re: Scientology, 2/04

Flag corporate report, 2009

Police logs of Scientology properties