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   On the left is the toy-like predecessor of the Church of Scientology's e-meter (click here to see another predecessor).   It is essentially the same thing used by the church to repair mental and spiritual problems.   Maybe you didn't know what the history of the e-meter was?   Well, maybe there's a lot about Scientology you don't know.  In the middle is the cover from the first published writing on dianetics by L. Ron Hubbard.  On the right is just some fun that reminds me of Scientology's secret upper levels, where you have to rid yourself of dead space aliens. Click on one to see full size.

The history of alt.religion.scientology

CCHR - Attack of the "human rights" group

Hubbard audits a Tomato                  A Tomato audits Hubbard
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                                                               [artwork by Lianna]

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