Drugs and toxic chemicals are halting the lives of many. Many programs including
psychiatry have been tried and failed to cure this problem. But there has
been one method that has proven to deal with this scourge.
Through his understanding of mankind and his flawless credentials, Jesus
Christ has created the Dunk Rundown [tm], a scientificially valid secular
procedure to halt mankind's slide into hell.
Chemical residues are stored in the body and there is only one method
to remove them, the Dunk Rundown [tm]. Using the knowledge of humanitarian
Jesus Christ, Christanetics [tm] offers anyone with enough cash a chance
at life freed from harmful drug residues.
The Dunk Rundown is a carefully researched program that involves cleansing
water treatment and properly worded procedure performed by qualified Christanetics
[tm] administrators.


Christanetics [tm] was founded by Jesus Christ, Son of God. Poet, educator,
humanitarian, master carpenter, religious leader; few have the background
that would qualify them to develop the Dunk Rundown [tm]. Christanetics
[tm] is the secular teachings of Jesus and has no connection fo the Religion
of Christianity.


Before doing the Dunk Rundown [tm] I was smoking marijuana, shooting heroin,
snorting coke, and eating Big Macs. The program shot all that stuff out
of my system in one big gooey mass that made the water boil in a greenish
glowing haze! My IQ went up, my energy level soared, and my confidence has
increased. I have gained an interest in the non-secular Christianity as



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