Scientology and Jeff

I've been a critic of Scientology since about 1987. Scientology, by policy, must attack public critics. Here are some things they've done to me:

Put up a web page smearing me

had private investigators outside my home and going through my garbage

had Eugene Ingram investigate me and visit me twice, taking photos of me

picketed my home

picketed my employer (3 times)

had private investigators follow me (even to church and a movie!)

subpoenad me in cases I had nothing to do with and their attorney stole from me

put flyers at every house in a 3 block area around my home

In about 1995 a Scientology private investigator called me pretending to be the brother of a Hare Krishna member. He said he wanted to get his brother deprogrammed right away. I explained that he should first study up on what a cult is and on what Hare Krishna is, then make an informed decision about what to do. The next day I discovered this concerned brother was actually a church PI because of the sloppy manner in which JJ Gaw pulled this scam. I think the point was to prove that I was referring people to deprogrammers.
In February '95 some of my posts asking questions about portions of the OT material were cancelled by the Cancelpoodle. About that time huheyniaman, an OTVIII, began posting strange posts about me. In March he emailed me;

"I look constantly for your postings Jeffie, and I read every one of them, because you're breakfast for me, boy, you're my late-night snack. I would love nothing so much as to reply to you directly, sans anon remailer. I'd love nothing so much as to stand in front of you and laugh, or spit in your face. I'd love to eat you alive."

After I posted that I knew who huheyniaman was, he disappeared (he later made a half-hearted attempt at an apology when we met in person)..

After the March 13, 1995 picket of the church here, Eugene Ingram showed up at my place of business and snapped some pictures of me. I asked him if he had a warrant for his arrest in Tampa and he lied "not anymore" then disappeared (I was working so I couldn't follow him). The next day he showed up at my sister's asking how much money I make. After that he hung out in my neighborhood but never tried to talk to me that I know of.
Some days after Ingram had been around, my neighbor called me saying there had been 2 suspicious men in a car near my home for the past 2 hours. I went out to talk with them and asked if they were private investigators. They said no, although they later showed their PI licenses to a policeman. They had a cooler in the back seat, indicating they planned to stay for a while, but they left after the second policeman stopped and talked to them. One
of these guys showed up at our next picket to videotape us.

The Phoenix New Times did an article in 1999 about Scientology's attacks on me.

In June of 2000, not long after I moved to Florida, Scientology private investigators went to the neighbors of my house in Scottsdale Arizona. The investigator was described as looking just like Eugene Ingram, but he had an ID card that said Keith Fowler. He had another man in his 50's perhaps with blondish disappearing hair with him. "Keith" asked my neighbor why I moved to Florida and said he was investigating Bob Minton (though I don't think he named Bob). He asked if I was now making about $40-60k per year. Did I marry my former girlfriend named Olson? When did I move? Who helped me? Did I ever have women over? What did they look like? He showed a photo of my sister. He asked about my father. Then he visited the renters at my home in Scottsdale.

Here's my experiences in Clearwater Florida, where Scientology followed me and did a lot of strange things.

And then there are things I suspect but can't prove they've done. Someone tried to get into my phone account, but I had a password on it that thwarted them. Some paperwork dealing with Scientology was stolen.

But hey, this is just a sweet tax-exempt religious group, right?

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