Below are actual convictions of some governmental offense by L. Ron Hubbard or the Church of Scientology or someone acting in their capacity as a member of the Church of Scientology. Also below are currently outstanding criminal cases not yet completed, such as someone out on bail pending trial or a warrant for their arrest.

*NOTE* this is a work in progress and will be filled in as verified information is received.

1943 Hubbard found guilty of violating Navy rules when he fires his ship's guns toward Mexican territory. Relieved of command. [source: Hubbard's Naval records]

1948, Aug. 17 Hubbard pleads guilty to petty theft. [source: photocopy of government records]

197? US FDA settles with the church, requiring that the e-meter be clearly labelled that it cannot be used for physical healing as the church had been claiming.

1978 Hubbard found guilty in absentia of fraud in France. [source: Catholic Sentinal, March 17, 1978]

1978 March. Arthur Maren, Church spokesperson, released from prison after 8 months for refusing to cooperate with an FBI investigation about the church. [source: Los Angeles Times March 31, 1978]

1980 Mary Sue Hubbard and 11 other Scientologists convicted of breaking and entering, and stealing US government documents. [source: Washington Post, January 8, 1983]

1988 Heber Jentzsch arrested in Spain along with many other Scientologists for fraud. Heber still out on $1 million bail put up by the church. [source: Arizona Republic, September 22, 1988]

1994 May 24. RTC attorney Helena Kobrin and the law firm of Bowles and Moxon fined $17,775 for filing a frivolous lawsuit. [source: RTC v. Frank Gerbode (current transfer binder) RICO Bus. Disp. Guide (CCH) par. 8595 (C.D. Cal. May 2, 1994) US District Court Central District of California case # 93-2226 AWT, Judge A. Wallace Tashima

1994 a warrant is issued forthe arrest of Eugene Ingram, Scientology private investigator, for impersonating a police officer. The warrant is still valid and Ingram has chosen not to go back to Florida to straighten this out. [source: copy of warrant]

1996, November. the former head of the Lyon France church convicted of manslaughter for pushing a Scientologist toward suicide. 14 others convicted of fraud and other charges. [source:

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