Jeff's Clearwater '99 Weekend
(all photos copyright 1999 Jeff Jacobsen)

cw99-1.jpg (30445 bytes)

Santa/Grady and Rod at the front of the Co$ bank building on Cleveland St.

cw99-2.jpg (18765 bytes)

Scientology's Santa yelled at me "you do not have my permission to take my photo"

cw99-3.jpg (7530 bytes) This tunnel covered the sidewalk on the east side of Ft. Harrison Ave. across from the Ft. Harrison hotel
While decorating the hotel for Christmas, Co$ simultanseously scaffolds and draped the first 2 floors, preventing any pedestrian traffic on that sidewalk. cw99-4.jpg (10001 bytes)
cw99-5.jpg (7756 bytes) directly in front of the Ft. Harrison hotel these guys were jackhammering perilously close to traffic.
the Entheta Truck surrounded by Co$ U-haul trucks.  It was only quick thinking that allowed the red truck to be parked there in front of the Sandcastle hotel entrance. cw99-6.jpg (6278 bytes)
cw99-7.jpg (9470 bytes) The Entheta Truck as seen from the Sandcastle hotel entrance.
Are these Xenu's children?  They were spotted near the Ft. Harrison hotel. cw99-8.jpg (122880 bytes)

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