The ARSCC (WDNE) announces the first annual Extreme Auditing
Exhibition, March 13, 2004 in beautiful Tilden Nebraska
[]. This year we will have a Very Special
Guest. We can't say who it is, but bring your copy of Dianetics for a
free signing!
The Extreme Auditing Exhibition is designed to showcase the
remarkable skills of both auditors and auditees (PC's). Competitions
will include:

EXTREME VOLTAGE- see which auditee can take the most voltage while
holding the cans. Does higher voltage improve the speed and quality
of auditing? I guess we'll find out.

GANG-BANG AUDITING - some people have the ability to multi-task. How
many auditors could an auditee handle simultaneously? Can you audit
out seperate engrams and BT's at once? We'll see if anyone can beat
Tom Cruise's record.

CASE CRACKING - There are just some BTs that won't blow. Our Extreme
Auditors will deal with the Murderous Cluster and others just as

LE MANS 24-HOUR AUDITING SESSIONS - Can an auditor audit someone from
wog to OT 8 in 24 hours? It's never been done... yet.

FREEZONE VS. FLAG - Which method, Freezone or Flag, will produce the
best results? We've found identical twins with identical cases. The
best auditor from the Freezone will face off with the best auditor
from Flag (invited but no response yet) in this 4-hour grueling

CASE CRACKING QUANDARIES: We'll test our auditors with incredible
case-cracking problems to see what they come up with. We'll have the
limbless PC, the dyslexic movie star, The Man Made of BTs, and several
other seemingly impossible cases!

These and more contests and exhibitions will showcase the best
auditors and auditees in the world!
Cost: $360,000 at the gate, or $300,000 with early ticket purchase.
10% off if you drop off a BT in the BT Bin at the gate. Free
entrance to those who sign the Sea Org billion-year contract.

web site and contact information will follow