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Subject: Re: Suspicious Co$ fires, please report! From: Roland <RolandRB@NOSPAM_netcomuk.co.uk> Date: Wed, 18 Jun 1997 10:58:38 +0100

cultxpt@globalcrossing.net wrote:

> Anyway, I'd like people to followup on this post with any

> suspicious fires they know about involving Church of Scientology

> buildings - especially fires that happened while they were planning a > move. Thank you.

Funny you should say that. There was one in East Grinstead here in the UK about 5 years back. It seems they wanted to make modifications to a building housing Sea Org staff but they were not allowed to because it was a listed building. They were interested in purchasing another building that they would be allowed to convert but they didn't have enough money. Guess what happened? The listed building BURNT DOWN!!! They collected on the insurance and then they had enough money for the other building. Wow! What luck!



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