Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 08 Oct 2002 00:51:53 -0400
From: "M. Krotz" <>

Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Fire bomb in Palm Springs, FL mission

On March 9, 2002 someone threw what was described as a "fire bomb"
through the front door of the Scientology mission in Palm Springs,
Florida. Palm Springs is near West Palm Beach, on the East coast of the
state. Evidently the fire extinguished itself before the fire
department or police arrived.

When interviewed by police after this incident and asked who might "have
a problem" with them, I was told that Scientologists gave the police
three names: Frank Oliver, Patricia Greenway, and Mike Krotz.

I ended up being interviewed by a detective from Palm Springs, and had
to inform him that I don't believe that I have ever even been to his
fair city, let alone thrown firebombs at a mission I had no clue
existed. In fact, at the time it had been about 3 years since I had
even been to that part of the state. I did outline my "activism," such
that it is, and told him how I knew Patricia and Frank. I kinda got the
feeling from what he said that he had been told Frank Oliver and I were
Patricia Greenway's "henchmen" or something.

I have since spoken with the chief of police of Palm Springs, and he
assured me that I am not a suspect in this case, and I assume from what
he said that neither are Frank Oliver or Patricia Greenway. The police
say they are still pursuing other leads. When they asked my thoughts
as to possible supsects, I suggested either a disgruntled ex member, or
just a nut. It would be hard to determine, but to me as an
investigator, one logical place to start would be a list of recently
departed or disgruntled members of that mission. Ray Emmons also
suggested such an approach to the detective when he spoke with him.
However, as soon as that list was requested by police, the
Scientologists refused to cooperate with the police by providing such a
list, and from what I understand have not cooperated in any significant
manner since.

It is also worth noting that their local radio station 103.1 FM "The
Buzz" was said to have had a talk show about Scientology shortly prior
to this incident, and that was believed by police to have had "an
effect" on the firebombing.

Best that I can tell, not much more will come of this. It is useful and
instructive if nothing else to demonstrate to the uninitiated (and to
remind everyone else who already knows...) just how far Scientologists
will go to "defend" their "religion." Someone throws a molotov cocktail
through your window, just give the police the names of three nearby
critics, after all... they must be guilty, they criticize Scientology...

I can hear them now, telling the detective... "you must expose their
crimes!!! What are their crimes?!?!?!?!"

My "crime," and Frank Oliver's, and Patricia Greenway's, is working to
expose Scientology's abuses.