[NOTE: most of these plates come back to the same rental car agency, thus showing a connection. Often the same car would follow me at different times, again showing a connection. When I called the police they reported to me that it was indeed a private investigator, Christopher Nelson, following me. Brian Raftery stated in court that he was working for Scientology attorneys to keep an eye on certain Scientology critics. I've cut out the narrative just to make this shorter.]

5/20/00 (only this day's was posted to alt.religion.scientology) If I disappear, just know that a green car, Florida plates TO5 FNR has been following me around today and tonight. He had birdshit in an unusual pattern on his car hood so it was easy for me to spot him here and there during my driving. So now we refer to him as the Bird Shit man.


gold Buick FBO-4GI.


silver Buick FPO- 03G.


gold recent model buick FB0 AGI.


gold Buick, FB0-46I.


silver Buick FPO-03G


silver Pymouth XMY 34U


white 4-door possible Ford, D31 EXR.


T35 FIS.


silver 4-door Buick


silver 4-door HF3 75F, Christopher E. Nelson Florida PI license C2000116, Security Officer Lic.
D9713441, works for Advanced Security, Palm Beach FL










silver 4-door new model HF3 75F

October 1, 2000

HF3 75F



HF3 75 F



October 13, 2000

gold Cadilla DeVille T75 FNM



Tonight at 6:45pm I was leaving the Trust heading north on Watterson Street. I noticed a silver car in the Checker's parking lot in a place where Scientology private investigators have previously watched us. So I went into the Checkers lot to see if it might be a private investigator and wound up behind the silver Bonneville. He was right at the west parking lot exit waiting to pull out but there was a lot of traffic. I stopped about 5 feet behind the car, plate #T36 FKH. Brian Raftery (I recognized him from seeing him in court) jumped out of the car, came up to within about 4 feet of my window, and, red-faced, began yelling profanities at me. He said something like "stop following me you fucking asshole!" I became afraid and made sure my door was locked and my window all the way up. I noticed several people at the Checker's watching Raftery's outburst. I asked Raftery "are you going to move your car?" He stared at me for a second and then got in his car and drove north on Ft. Harrison. I parked in the Checker's lot and wrote down his plate number and a brief account of the event.


gold van T51 FXB

12/28/01 [note: I'm back in Phoenix now]

At 7:45pm as I was driving west from my home to do the paper route on the west side of town. Before turning toward the airport, I noticed a car behind me that seemed to be following me. It went through the airport, took all the exits I did, and stayed behind me up to an accident on the freeway just before the tunnel downtown. I decided I wanted to get his license plate number, so I switched lanes in front of a semi-truck and slowed down so there was no room for anyone to be behind me but the truck. My stalker slowed down also still in his lane, and we both slowed down so much that we were blocking traffic. Finally, my stalker went forward, and I got behind him as he went by and wrote his plate # down, 635 FDR. It was a Honda with a strange color, kinda pinkish and tan. I believe this could have been the car that followed me as I was heading to Los Angeles a few weeks ago to picket Scientology. I had then lost the guy in Goodyear but didn't see the plate #.
After we passed the accident, I took off and the stalker again got behind me. I turned off onto 43rd Avenue as did my stalker. He was still behind me when I passed Thomas Rd., so I quickly turned into a neighborhood and lost him. I did not see the guy because of the tinted windows, but he had glasses.


This morning I decided to see if the stalker was waiting for me. Sure enough, about 10:30, I headed east on my street, and his car was just a few houses down facing west toward my house. It looked empty but he must have been scrouched down in the car. I turned right onto Miller Rd, then made a quick right again and did a u-turn. Just as I finished the u-turn, here went by the stalker! So I got behind him and videotaped the car and took 2 photos. I then followed him briefly and turned the opposite direction from him.
About 1:15pm I left my house again to go eat lunch. As I was driving north on 70th St. about a mile from my house, there was my stalker behind me again. When he saw that I noticed him, he turned off into a church parking lot, and left the way he came. I watched him until he was out of sight and went and ate elsewhere than my usual spot. After I got home I looked around for him but haven't seen him.