From!cultxpt Tue Sep 3 21:13:02 1996 Path:!cultxpt From: Jeff Jacobsen <> Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology Subject: NOW! NOTs for Tots(tm) Action Play Kit! Date: 3 Sep 1996 20:48:09 -0700 Organization: Primenet (602)416-7000 Lines: 58 Message-ID: <50iu5p$> X-Posted-By: cultxpt@ (cultxpt) Xref: alt.religion.scientology:263134 ARSCC is proud to announce the introduction (in time for Christmas!) of NOTs for Tots(tm), the new game for kids that helps prepare them for their future upper level courses! NOTs for Tots(tm) includes the following: The MARK-L e-meter (cans not included) The MARK-L toy e-meter has wonderful features, including giving the little tyke a mild shock when he/she misreads it. By the time your child is 12 or so, he/she will either be a class XII auditor, or able to withstand a taser gun or cattle prod. A Glowing Thetan Hand This plastic representation of the Thetan Hand used to physically remove BTs is like a Magic Wand your child will use to learn how to get rid of those more "massy" BTs. The Chainlocker Timeout Box Your child can emulate L. Ron Hubbard himself! When your child, acting as an auditor, sees the pre-OT child making too many mistakes, it's off to the Chainlocker!! Velcro BT Balls These glow-in-the-dark balls represent BTs that blow. Zoom- there goes one now! Oops! It stuck to the auditor's leg! Ha ha! Xenu costume Now dad can scare the living Bajeezus out of the kids with this true-to-life costume! The Bogeyman of the Universe will make your kids think twice about skipping school! The Kids' NOTs checklist your kids can audit each other, or a neighbor, or a doll, and practice blowing BTs! Contains cute rundowns for the Murderous Cluster, the Christian Scientist Quack BT, the Demon Exorcism, and other ACTUAL CASES for your kids to try out. The Spy-on-your-Parents Kit Some parents get concerned about this, but of course they must have something to hide, right? Includes instructions on the Secret SP Whistleblower's phone number for Kids Only, and a secret Code Manual for kids to use when discussing their parents' withholds on the phone. Sea Org Uniform Your kids will probably look just like DM in this spiffy outfit. How much would you expect to pay for this? $4000? $5000? Not so! ARSCC has worked diligently to keep the price so all Scientology families can purchase this required kit! For all IAS members, the NOTs for Tots(tm) is ONLY $2995!! Available in 3 easy installments. Call 1-866-LUV-XENU now! RPF'ers are standing by 24 hours a day! -- Next International Picket of Scientology Sept. 7 and/or 8, 1996: see Remember Richard Collins and Noah Lottick Jeff Jacobsen PO Box 3541 Scottsdale AZ 85271 USA