Scientology's Hacienda Gardens, Clearwater Florida, 5/13/00

Photos of Scientology's security cameras and motion sensors; why the need for so much security?  Is this to keep people out, or keep people in?

hac1.jpg (24164 bytes)
camera on wall, to right in the dark is motion detectors on the
fence itself (#5)

hac3.jpg (24228 bytes)
this turret ball camera is practically right over the
public sidewalk! Is that legal? (#4)

hac5.jpg (16887 bytes)
Here you can see the back to back black motion
detectors on top of the fence, plus another ball
camera, once again almost over the public sidewalk. (#1)

hac2.jpg (40136 bytes)
this camera seems to be to look at passing cars.
It is about knee high (#3)


hac4.jpg (29893 bytes)
this camera might also be to look at cars.  It is also
knee high and faces about where a car would be
when stopped at the stop sign. (#2)

hac6.jpg (38296 bytes)
There are 2 cameras on the outside wall of this building,
plus you see the motion detectors on the fence. (#'s 5&6)


hac7.jpg (30452 bytes)
Another view of the 2 cameras on the outside wall of this building. (#'s 5 & 6)

[5/30/00: the cameras pointing at cars shown here as #2 and #3 have been removed, as has another similar camera pointing at cars stopped at the southwest corner stop sign]

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