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We love Heber. Heber is the spokesperson and president of the Church of Scientology International. Heber has been a Scientologist for a long time and claims it healed him from radiation he got in Utah. Heber was arrested in 1988 and is supposed to be on trial in Spain on fraud charges, but apparently Heber decided not to show up. Does that mean Scientology loses the $1/2 million bond they put up? Apparently the US government is not interested in sending Heber to Spain either, despite having an extradition treaty with Spain.

Heber is so popular that there is another fan club page!

Heber has given us some wonderful interviews to cherish...

Heber on TheFifth Estate, 1985 (with L. Ron Hubbard Jr.)

Heber on the Ed Bush radio show from 1987 (kinda mild for Heber, but still fun)

Heber on Geraldo, 1991 (with Steve Hassan)

Heber on KFI, Los Angeles, 1991 (a Classic! where the host shuts off Heber's mic!)

Heber on the Larry King show, 1991 (transcript)

Heber on NPR, 1997 (transcript)

Heber on Bryant Gumbel show, 1998 (another Classic Heber!)

Heber on The Spiritual Seeker, 2000 (a snippet)

A few samples of Heber-talk:

JENTZSCH: Judge Breckinridge is not the first one to say that. A man by the name of Paul Dickhoff disseminated it first, SS number 337259, an SS officer in the Nazi Intelligence systems, who was the head of the Bundeskriminaloff [??], the German federal police in 1970, and the head of Interpol, as a matter of fact. (raising his voice) I do not support a Nazi’s supposed right to disseminate that kind of thing— [Panorama TV, 1987]

* * * *

JENTZSCH: The last--the last time when she [Lisa McPherson] was--she started to deteriorate, it was very rapid. They took her to a hospital. but those--those--you're saying it should be a psychiatrist. I'm saying that if they went to a psychiatrist, she would have been destroyed by them--

GUMBEL: I never mentioned the word "psychiatrist", sir--

JENTZSCH (raising voice more): I know, but you and I talked earlier today and I did mention it and you know that that's part of this case and you know that was part of the--the problem with this, okay? Psychiatrists destroy people's lives. They have the highest incidents of rape and so forth. She didn’t want to go there. It’s very clear--

GUMBEL: They have the highest incidents of rape?

JENTZSCH (raising voice more): Of any profession. There's 2,500 indictments against psychiatrists in this country last year alone. Why would you go to a bunch of people like that who use electric shock? And that causes brain damage. That destroys people lives. She didn't want to go there. She had a right not to go there with a psychiatrist--

GUMBEL: Heber Jentzsch--

JENTZSCH: This lady was taken care of. You know, Mr. Gumbel--

GUMBEL: Heber Jentzsch-- [Bryant Gumbel show, 1998]

* * * *

The Church of Scientology, stung by a five-part series in the Boston Herald that raised questions about its practices, has hired a private investigator to delve into the Herald reporter's private life.

The Rev. Heber Jentzsch, president of the Church of Scientology International, confirmed that the church's Los Angeles law firm hired the private investigative firm to look into the personal life of reporter Joseph Mallia, who wrote the series.

"This investigation will have to look at what's driving this" coverage, said Jentzsch.

Herald Editor Andrew F. Costello Jr. said, "What's driving this coverage is simply the public interest. Nothing more, nothing less." [Boston Globe, March 19, 1998]

* * * *

From the beginning, L. Ron Hubbard was convinced that a global conspiracy of psychiatrists, newspapers, and government agencies was out to destroy Scientology. Though Hubbard died in 1986, what observers call a "siege mentality" still permeates the church.

Consider how Reverend Heber Jentzsch, the church's chief spokesman, responds to a question about their confidential higher teachings.

JENTZSCH: I understand what your purpose is, which is to destroy Scientology. I understand you want to destroy religion. I understand you want to create chaos among the people who - who believe it. I know that that's your purpose. I understand that. I disagree with it. [NPR, March 12, 1997]


* * * *

And of course Heber has appeared in court...

Graham Berry attempts to get Heber to answer some reasonable questions, 1993

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