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WISE tries to claim that they have successfully split off just the
admin tech from Hubbard's teachings and have created a secular
business teaching. However, the quote below from Hubbard himself
seems to say that you CANNOT have the admin tech without the rest of
the tech! And in that case, WISE, to really follow Hubbard, must also
follow this quote and simply be another Scientology mission or org.
Or am I missing something?

"We in this organization actually are a management organization. We
charter ships, we train people. We have many diverse interests
actually. We have full technology of administration. Today if
anybody were to know administration he would have to know the most
advanced mental technology there was just to know administration what
human reaction would be. It would be absolutely necessary. Well
you've got a choice, you've got a choice between Pavlovian Russian
Psychiatry or you have a choice between that or aah Dianetics and
Scientology. There is no other choice because there aren't any other
subjects. Anybody in his right mind isn't going to take management
technology from Russia which is busy going broke. That's silly. So it
leaves you just one choice, so you say anybody who really knew his
business in the field of management would have to know the most modern
Western mental technology. Well regardless of all of that we are a
management corporation." [LRH Aides Conference, 2 November 69 -
"Covert Operations"]

http://www.xenu.net/archive/go/aidescon/ac02fram.html page 15