a.r.s. post 6/20/01


Church of Scientology members continually post on
alt.religion.scientology with biting, cruel posts against critics of
Scientology. These posts are quite similar in their tone and venom,
and it reminds me of an event at one picket here in Clearwater.
I was carrying my big Panasonic S-VHS camera on my shoulder during
the picket. Scientologists were there harassing us, calling us names,
and just being creepy toward us. One thin woman followed behind me
jabbering at me for quite a while. She started saying "that camera
must be heavy. It's hurting your shoulder. You're getting very tired
carrying that heavy thing." She went on like this for a few moments,
whereupon I told her "you're running reverse processes on me!" She
shut up and seemed sort of stunned, maybe just because she was
surprised I knew what reverse processing is, or more hopefully, she
thought that perhaps that was just what she was doing.
This Scientologist woman was talking to me in a way that was
designed to hurt me. She was using her Scientology training to make
me feel pain. This is reverse processing, where you use Scientology
to hurt or bring down a person instead of to help. It's also called
Black Dianetics (which, now that I think about it, I used that phrase
to that woman as well).
So here you have a group (Scientology) that claims to be religious,
that claims to have a technology of the mind and soul that will help
people, yet here on a.r.s. they are using their Scientology training
to HURT people. Their Scientology training has them posting things
like "No more checks from Minton. I'd worry too if I were her. Her
family hates her and everone else is dumping her. Another total loser
like Henson." [lmt_watch@my-deja.com on 5/17/01] The
Scientologists' posts are designed to degrade, debase, embarass,
humiliate, and simply hurt whichever critic is being talked about.
The GOAL is to HURT the person, using the "religious" training these
Scientologists have. It's to bring down the critic's tone level, to
shudder them into silence, to lessen ARC, to make their life
miserable. This is Scientology at work!
Scientology claims to help people, and perhaps they do help some
people. But Scientology ALSO, BY POLICY, is designed to hurt people.
If you don't believe it, read the posts here on a.r.s. by
Scientologists. Is this the kind of religion you want to support?
By contrast, I'd just like to mention a different religious
leader's advice on this subject: "bless those who curse you, pray for
those who mistreat you. If someone strikes you on one cheek, turn to
him the other also." [Luke 6:28-29] But then, Scientology president
Heber Jentzsch said "we're not a turn-the-other-cheek religion."