Los Angeles March 13 1999 Picket

The Church of Scientology fears picketers. The 10 foot high tarp shown here at their main building in Los Angeles was put up to keep its members from seeing us picketers. They also got a movie permit for L. Ron Hubbard Way so they could close the sidewalks as well on that street. Despite this, the police let us walk the street between "shoots."

a bogus filming project on the west side of the Celebrity Center. Their movie permit prevented us from picketing that side.

this guy was cleaning the sidewalk with a power washer. We basically ignored him and he finally gave up.

a few guys were cutting and trimming plants along the sidewalk, and even had barriers up. We ignored them too and they went away.

Kendrick Moxon (center) and other Scientologists at L. Ron Hubbard Way. They are the ones who fear us so much.

the guy on the left is the one who stole my flyers from passersby after I handed them out. the other is the Scientologist security guy who stayed on the north side of LRH Way.

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