Legal actions regarding Scientology

Scientology has been sued often for nonpayment of bills

governnmental offenses relating to Scientology or it's founder, L. Ron Hubbard.

Lawsuit seeking $67,000 refund

John Barrow suit seeking about $97,000 refund.

Andreas Heldal's excellent page on Scientology court cases.

US v. Mary Sue Hubbard Stipulation of Evidence! And here's PART 2! And here's PART 3! of the three parts! This is a document that both the prosecution and the defense stipulated to regarding the crime that put L. Ron Hubbard's wife in prison (about 420k total). Here's a pdf of the part that mentions Kendrick Moxon providing false evidence to the FBI. Although Scientology claims to have kicked out all the people involved in this case, Moxon is a major current attorney for Scientology.

The saga of my CD ROMs when I was deposed by Scientology attorney Kendrick Moxon in October 1995 (they stole from me!).

Lawsuits that Scientology has been involved in (from the IRS 1023 forms).

Scientology's explanation and list of court cases.

Arnie Lerma's home was raided and he was sued by Scientology.

Eugene Martin Ingram has a warrant for his arrest in Hillsborough County Florida for impersonating a police officer. I understand, however, that they are not willing to extradite him at this time. Eugene is the main private investigator used by the Church of Scientology.

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