Is this a Hubbard note?

I found this note amongst some other Scientology related stuff and am wondering whether it is really a true Hubbard document. This is the last portion of the note, which is dated "Oct. 30" and addressed to "Anybody." The note essentially states that whoever causes bad publicity for a church entity through "narcotics charges, drunk driving, or other unsavory data" will receive the fate as stated above. If this note is really Hubbard note, it has significance in the Strawn case, I believe. If the church members who knew that Strawn had molested 2 children, and also knew that Hubbard had such a policy as above, they would no doubt be reluctant to hand Strawn over to the police because they may get their teeth knocked out.

This word

comes from "Keeping Scientology Working" in Hubbard's handwriting. Compare it to

this word which comes from the note in question. Also this sample

comes from a 1968 letter written by Hubbard. The handwriting between the 3 documents looks quite similar to me, although I am not an expert.

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