Suggestions for Making Picket Signs

Use 2 pieces of foam board. You can get this at an office supply store or an art supply store. These are light and stiff. 26 inches wide by 20 inches high is pretty good. Any bigger and the wind can whip you around, and remember that being too wide makes it hard to pass other picketers on the sidewalk.

A 36 inch round dowel about 5/8 inch in diameter makes a great stick. I get these at Home Depot.

Lettering is almost the most important point. 4 inch high, thick letters or even bigger are good. Remember that people in cars going by only get to glance at you, so 6 words should be max. Make it a catchy slogan or phrase. All signs should be 2-sided, so you can be carrying two messages.

Once you've lettered your signs, you can use foam tape to put them together. Foam tape is also called mounting tape because it's used to mount posters and such. This stuff is light, double-sided sticky, and essentially permanent. You can get this at office supply or art supply stores. It comes in rolls. Put one sign on the floor face down. Put foam tape on one side of the stick that will be inside the sign. Leave at least 14 inches of the stick sticking out below the signs (14 to 18 inches is good). Put the taped side of the stick onto the center of the face down sign. Now put tape along the outside edge of the face down sign, and on the up side of the inside part of the stick. Put the other sign face up onto the stick and face down sign, carefully aligning the 2 signs. Press the sign down onto the tape. Voila!

Take foam tape with you to the picket for any needed repairs.

*NEW!* If you want to change the message on your foam board sign, just make a new message on poster board, then rubber cement the poster board over your foam board sign. The rubber cement holds well, but it doesn't hurt the sign underneath, so you can just take the posterboard sign off later and go back to your old sign.

Critique of other picket signs