L. Ron Hubbard's Military Service Records

Scientology claims Hubbard had 21 service medals, while Leisa Goodman, official spokesperson for Scientology, states in her site:

With the outbreak of World War II, Mr. Hubbard was commissioned a lieutenant (junior grade) in the United States Navy. He saw service in the South Pacific and Atlantic. By 1945, he had received 29 medals and palms, and had seen action in five theatres. [http://www.theta.com/goodman/lrh.htm]

The article Goodman reprints is from the official Scientology booklet "The Church of Scientology 40th Anniversary" with the above quote on page 50

Hubbard himself claimed 27 medals. [Flag Operations Liaison Memo of May 28, 1974] though I haven't personally seen this memo.

Thus, Scientology itself can't keep straight the number of medals claimed, whether 21, 27, or 29.

However, military records show 4 service medals

FOIA release of Hubbard's record, showing 4 medals

page 1
page 2
page 3 also here

Letter from 1979 from Navy records showing 4 medals

And here's another document from Hubbard's Naval records

Hubbard's Military record is here

Chris Owen's report on Hubbard's military service is here

Chris Owens hears from the Navy about Hubbard's records

The Los Angeles Times reported:

During his purportedly illustrious military career, Hubbard claimed
to have been awarded at least 21 medals and decorations. But
records state that he actually earned four during his Naval service:
the American Defense Service Medal, the American Campaign Medal,
The Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal and the World War II Victory
Medal, which was given to all wartime servicemen. [THE SCIENTOLOGY
STORY: A SPECIAL REPORT, 24 part series, June 24-29, 1990, By
Robert W. Welkos and Joel Sappell]

Hubbard is listed on a website of phony war heroes.

There is a bill before Congress to make such phony claims illegal.

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