OT III comes before NOTs. It is, however, discussed in NOTs.

In HCOB 15 September, 1978, "NED for OTs RD, Theory of" Hubbard (or Mayo) says "the EP of OT III give only an
apparency that all BTs and clusters are gone... actually, the end of OT III is when those BTs and clusters that are
easily put into communication are gone." When you attest to completing OT III, do you know this?

I believe not. I believe that when one completes OT III, the understanding is that all your BTs are gone now.
Also, there are such things as "clusters messed up on OT III" [HCOB of 11 December 1978, "Handling BT's Messed Up on
OT III"]. So in fact, part of OT III can actually screw things up for you! Despite this, while on NOTs, "Sometimes
you will need to use OT III techniques, especially when you run into a cluster." [HCOB of 1 December, 1980
"Acknowledging the 'Me' Answer"].

Worst of all, however, is the blatant admission that sometimes people are passed from OT III even though they
have not reached the end phenonmenon! "...at the first slackening or abandonment or EP or if he is just going on
and on into 'endless OT III', look for a nice win and tell him that's it and shunt him over to Audited NOTs." [HCOB of
10 November 1981 "OT III and OT III Attest"]. OT III, by the way, is paid for in a lump payment. NOTs is paid by the

So how many of you who have completed OT III ACTUALLY completed OT III? When LRH himself says to graduate people
from OT III even if they didn't complete it, how do you know whether that happened to you or not? The only way to know
for sure would be to look at your PC folder. If it was me, I'd demand to see my PC folders to find out if I was just
passed up to the next level so I'd be spending more money. And what if this early passing from OT III screwed up
your next level, and the next? Do you have to pay for the repairs even though it's THEIR fault? Isn't this an admission that OT III is incomplete, since they blatantly say they're going to be graduating people that they know have not reached the EP (end phenomenon) and apparently don't know how to get them to completion? What about the other levels? Do they tell people they've gone clear even though they haven't, just to get them on the next paying level?