from Henrietta Crampton

On Aug. 26 two Scientologists visited us in our home in an effort,
they said, to resolve our differences. They asked me to tell parents
who are dissatisfied because their children are in Scientology to
contact them directly so they can resolve the problem. They
particularly wanted to know if we planned to protest at the
conference. We were told about various law suits Scientology had won
in cases against people who had told lies about them. We got their
message! After about 5 hours of discourse and several requests by us
that they leave, they finally departed.

On Aug. 28 about 10 A.M. I received a call from a woman who said she
was Joan Baker of KTTV, Channel 11 (On Target News has assisted our
efforts before) She siad she had heard through the L.A. Times that we
would protest Scientology and asked for the time so they could cover
it. I said 11 A.M. and she requested us to postpone until 3 P.M. I
said I would try to contact our people. But Bob C[] had already left
and I realized others must have also so I called KTTV to say we could
not postpone. No one from KTTV had called me! No Joan Baker works
for KTTV! A word to the wise. Know who you are talking to!

After hanging up the phone, I saw the two Scientologists getting out
of their car in our driveway. I was not very polite. In fact I told
them to leave before I called the police.

On Aug 27 about midnight two different Scientologists were waiting for
Bob C[] near his home. They knew his name and that he had recently
been in Indonesia. They had even called him on his unlisted number.
They learn a few things about us and then attempt to make us fear that
they have us under surveillance. This method is used to intimidate

We were given special attention at the convention center. They told
us whoever had the best sign would receive a free course in
Scientology as a prize. We had Scientology buddies to walk by us.
Actually it made us look stronger. One Scientologist, dresses as a
duck, represented the psychiatrists they consider all quacks. Mental
illness is a metaphor to Scientologists. According to the ones we
talked to, Scientology cures mental illness. They hastily put a few
signs together (is that why they wanted us to wait until 3 P.M.?)
Their signs condemned Ted Patrick, Volunteer Parents and psychiatrists
or said "Parents for Scientology" They brought out a procession of
children but our sign "Save Children from Cult Slavery" carried our
message. We carried signs with such slogans as "Scientology: Religion
or Racket?" "Does Scientology Cure of Procure?" "Don't Criticize
Scientology. They May Sue" "Ted Patrick Saved Our Children"

One of the protestors is handicapped by poor eyesight. Her
Scientology 'buddy' kept trying to seperate her from her daughter. At
one point she was crowded off the sidewalk and she bumped into a fire
plug. She was mocked by "What is the matter, are you blind?" It is
difficult not to react to that kind of harassment.

William Willoughby was seen chatting with the Scientologists. He
still presents the cult viewpoint. He does not believe, for example,
that parents are denied the right to visit their children at the Alamo
Foundation. Please, Alamo parents, write to him and tell your
experiences when you attempted to visit your children. I told him I
could provide the names of parents, but it would be better if you each
wrote to him yourself. Send a copy of your letter to his editor as
well, if you want to be more effective. William Willoughby,
Washington Star, 225 Virginia Ave. S.E. Washington, D.C. 20061. James
G. Bellows is the editor. Don't be afraid to express yourself!

Several people asked us "Who is behind you?" They just cannot
understand how parents have been able to unite to expose cults. By
instinct, parents protect they young at all costs. That is what we
are trying to do. By openly showing these cult leaders that we do not
fear them, we have taken the offense and that is the best defense.

Richard Alatorre was scheduled to speak, so write to express your
opinion to him also. 48th Assembly District, State of California,
5916 Figueroa North, Los Angeles, CA 90042.

We feel, especially with the help Scientology gave us, that our protest
was effective.

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