I am picketed by Scientology

This happened September 11, 1998 in Scottsdale Arizona. I DJ at singles dances on Friday nights, at different hotels each week. This night around 7pm as I was setting up a hotel employee asked what the deal was with Scientologists coming to picket. I explained it to her, and then to another hotel employee.

This sign has a photo of me below the "Jeff"

At about 7:15pm I went out to look for picketers but saw none. At about 7:30pm I went back with my camera, and there were about 9 picketers on the dark sidewalk next to the street, so I took these photos.

This sign points to my photo at the top and says Recognize the Face of Religious Bigotry! The woman on the right is an OT 8.

As I was taking the photos I couldn't help but complain to the picketers that they had only one-sided signs, and they would get twice the results with 2-sided signs. When I had finished taking the photo below here the woman in white asked who I was. I said "I'm J.J., and there's my picture on the sign!". She said "You got your hair cut!"

At about 8pm my sister came and took a few photos. At 8:30pm she looked again and the picketers were gone.

The strange thing is that they picketed in a very dark sidewalk where few people even noticed them, they were there only an hour, and they didn't seem to have any handouts. Their signs made no sense to anyone at the hotel but me. So my guess is that this picket of my employer was to try to hurt the relationship between my employer and the hotel.

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