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Subject: Clearwater: Pushing Buttons

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March 12, 1997

[from Prignillius]

WARNING: This post contains offensive language! (At least, it offended me! ;)

[I couldn't fit this anecdote into the chronology of any of the other posts, so I decided to start this post out with it.]

I was taking a break late in the afternoon at the picket. I was sitting on the steps of the public building when Rod Keller came up. This was at a time when there were a lot of kids picketing. For some reason, the mean age of the counter-picketers seemed to decrease continuously as the day wore on.

I asked him how it was going.

"Rough," he said.

"I know what you mean," I said.

"I don't think you do. I just had a five-year-old kid come up to me and ask me what my sign was about. I told him, `It's about a girl who died in this building.'"

Rod looked at me with wide eyes. I could tell his heart was in pain.

"What do you tell a five-year-old?" he said in an anguished voice. "That his parents are bad people?"

"They're not bad people," I said. "They're just... trained. But I hear ya. What do you tell 'em?"

I think both of us were on the verge of tears at that point.

Boy, us suppressives are sure a hard-hearted bunch of criminal meanies, aren't we?

[Rod: I know I told this story badly. I welcome you telling us how it really happened. ;]

The rest of this post is basically just a list of some of the harassing comments I received. As can be seen, they tried any and every button they could think of.

At the picket:

The Scieno girl:

"Did you know Lisa? I knew Lisa. Did you? Did you even know her? You didn't even know her. She would hate what you're doing right now. Why did you come here? Why are you here?"

"Do you think you're doing TRs? Were you ever in Scientology? Were you ever a member?"

"You come from some other city, some other place, onto *our* property -- this *is* our property, you know..." [pointing at the *sidewalk*, for gods' sake. And we were in front of the public building next door, not even in front of the Ft. Harrison. It's lucky this was before I'd been "handled," or I probably wouldn't have been able to resist cracking a smile.]

My personal handler:

"So what's you're name, man?"

"What's your name?"

"What's your name, man?"

"So what's you're name, man?"

[If it didn't work the first time, why would it work now?]

"So where are you from?"

"Where are you from, man?"

"What exactly is your problem with Scientology?"

"What exactly is your beef?"

"What's your beef with Scientology?"

"You must be a good person. You *are* a good person. You must think you're doing something good here. Why are you doing this? Come on, man, you can tell me."

"Were you a member? Did you used to be a member? Were you ever a member?"

"DId they do something to you? Did they hurt you? Come on, man, you can tell me. Did they hurt you? What did they do to you?"

[After a brush with Xenu:] "What do you know about Scientology. You must know something. You must know something about it. You said `enturbulate.' You used the word `enturbulate.' That's a Scientology word. How do you know that word? What do you know about Scientology?"

"We might have kids growing up and not be on drugs.

Wouldn't that be terrible? We might have a society with no crime. Wouldn't that be a bad thing?"

"Oh, that Scientology, that's *bad* stuff. That Scientology is really a problem. There's crime, now, that's no problem, there's drugs, that's no problem, but Scientology. Now *that's* a problem."

"Are you being paid to do this? Who's paying you?"

(This reminds me of what Dean Benjamin told me: when they asked him a third time if he was being paid, he said, "Yes, I'm getting $25 for each time I get insulted." ;)

"Oh, I get it. You're a druggie. That's it, isn't it? You're a druggie. You like drugs, that it?"

"I can make you react. All I have to do is hold my sign in front of yours and you'll yell "Scientologists [note he couldn't say "fascist"] hate free speech" or whatever. That's a reaction." [No, I thought, it's one-pointed dedication to my purpose of being here.]

"You say you want free speech, but you won't speak. Come on, man, you can talk to me. It's OK. [What did he think, I was afraid of him or something? <snicker>] It's OK. You can talk to me. It's all right. Tell me why you're doing this. Tell me what you don't like about Scientology."

I think some other time he said something like, "It's OK, man, you can talk to me. It's OK. Nobody has to know,"

although my memory is vaguer here than in the rest of the posts.

[A car drove by and honked. I waved.] "That was my sister. That was my sister in that car. Do you know my sister? How do you know my sister? [tone increasing in hostility] What were you doing with my sister? What the fuck you doing with my sister?"

[To which my only response (interally of course) was "Brother!"]

"What kind of beer do you drink? Do you like Foster's?

Ever try Foster's? That's some fucking good beer. That Foster's is fucking good beer. Come on, man, let's go have a beer. Let's go have a drink. We'll go have a drink and you can tell me all about what you don't like about Scientology."

[I don't understand why these geeks act like I would want to tell them anything. WTF are they? Nobody OSA stooges. They obviously have no control over what the Church of Scientology does.]

"Do you like Harleys? I bet you like Harleys. Do you like Harleys?"

An hour and twenty minutes of this crap, folx.

My juvenile handler:

"Excuse me, but can you just tell me one thing? How is it you can justify religious persecution? How can you justify hating a religion?" [My internal response: What the hell is there on my T-shirt or my sign that says anything about hating Scientology? My T-shirt says "stop hurting people." My sign says, "stop human rights abuses" and "stop abusing former members." So unless it's a holy tenet of your religion to hurt people, abuse their human rights, and harass former members, how am I demonstrating any hatred of your religion at all? ;]

Random brainwashed fools:

"Hey, it's the red-white-and-blue man!"

"I think he speaks exactly every fifteen minutes." This was from an old man, late sixties at the youngest. He seemed to take a real disliking to me. At another point he said, "His shirt says, `Hey, Scientology!' That's good!"

[a kid] "If we're the bad guys, how come we have signs like `Keep Kids Off Drugs'?"

[This one witnessed by Tashback (I think), not by me: two $cieno girls, one of them looking at the front of Steve Fishman's T-shirt, which contained a copy of the first page of OT III]

"What does it say?"

"Don't read it! It's copyrighted!"

The bitch:

"Did you know Lisa? I knew Lisa. She helped me stay in Scientology. [I was very tempted to say, "Oh, so you had doubts? You almost blew?"] Lisa loved Scientology. And she would hate what you're doing right now. Why are you doing this? Do you even know why you're doing this? He doesn't even know why he's doing this."

At the vigil:

[To imagine this part as it was for me, you have to constantly remember while you're reading it that you're paying respects to someone these people have killed. These people who claim so loudly to be her friends. You're mourning, feeling and expressing grief for a beautiful life that was extinguished, and trying to do so in a dignified manner. Against this background.]

Random geeks:

"We meet again."

[two late-teen Scieno girls] "Why do they compare us to the Jews?"

"It's not them. We say we're like the Jews. From what I've read, we're like the Jews because we're being persecuted. Only the Jews were victims. We're not victims."

"There's a guy over there, one of *them*, who's a Jew [referring to Ron Newman]. And he's a Nazi."

"Why are you carrying that candle? Do you even know why?

Do you know why you're here? He doesn't even know why he's here!"

"Are you being paid? Are you being paid to do this? Who's paying you to do this?"

"I saw this guy at the demonstration in Chicago. This guy is a professional picketer." [This was the first time I've ever picketed the Church of Scientology.]

"That one needs to lose some weight."

[Two scienos talking to each other] "Hi. How's it going?

I haven't seen you in a long time. Yeah. Seems like everybody

turned out tonight. Yeah. Isn't this fun? Hee-hee-hee."

"What's the matter, guy? You don't look too happy. Am I bothering you? Am I getting on your nerves?" [This was either my youth handler or the kid who asked why he shouldn't block my sign and found out.]

BTW, I lied about only having my candle blown out once. I had it blown out near the beginning of the vigil by the girl, and about halfway through by a man in his twenties who just walked quickly toward me, blew my candle out, and walked quickly on. He threw some insult at me, but I can't remember what it was. I was already so sad by that time that it didn't even really come as much of a surprise.

My personal handler:

"What you're doing is not all right. It's not all right. You come here, some girl dies and you come here a year and a half later. Someone dies and you come to her funeral a year and a half later. You're a hypocrite. I say you're a hypocrite. You don't care about her. You don't care about her at all. You're just using this to make yourself look big. You're just using this to build yourself up. You're just doing this to push people's... [I could tell he wanted to say, "buttons," but he bit his tongue] to push people about death. Has anyone close to you died? Has your father died? Has your mother died? What if I went to your mother's funeral. Would that be all right? What if I went to your mother's funeral and told everybody that you didn't care about her. Would that be all right? But that's just what you're doing here. You're just trying to push people's-people about death. A girl dies and you come to her funeral a year and a half later. I say you're a hypocrite. You don't care about her. You don't care about her at all. You're just trying to push people about death. You're just trying to scare women and children about death. You're just trying to intimidate women and children. You're just tring to intimidate women and chilren about death. You're just trying to push women and children about death. You're just pushing people about death. You don't care about her. You didn't even know her. You're a hypocrite."

"Actually you're doing us a favor, here. I haven't seen this many people out in a long time. You're making us look good."

"I offer myself, here. I offer myself to talk about Scientology, I offer to talk to you man-to-man. To talk to you man-to-man about what you don't like about Scientology. But you won't talk. I say you're a hypocrite. I say you're a chickenshit. I offer to talk to you man-to-man, but you won't. You're a chicken-shit. You're a chicken-shit. You don't care about Lisa. You just came here to push peoples buttons [at last!] about death. You're a chicken-shit."

for about 25 solid minutes. Like I said, the guy should have been a DJ.

Leisa Goodman on TV:

"These people came from who knows where, they just crawled out from under rocks somewhere, and they know absolutely *nothing* about Scientology. They are the rejects of society."

After going through all this, I believe that Operation FootBullet is both on-tech and on-policy.


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Oh, boy! Now I get to go look at web pages and read posts!

I haven't looked at anything about Clearwater, because I didn't

want any "false memory implants!"


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