ATTACHMENT A (updated 12/24/04)


Below are companies that felt they needed the assistance of our legal system to help get Scientology to pay its bills. This route is expensive and time-consuming in itself, so I'm sure these companies sued only as a last resort.


[note: all the below come up from a search of a Scientology related corporation name, but sometimes the computer does not show such a corporation in the printout or on screen, indicating to me multiple defendants]

Case # Date Plaintiff

BC 063069 8/28/92 Academy Mechanical Inc. vs. Joseph Inc Guy, CSI

BC 066256 10/13/92 Royal Plywood vs. Building Management Services

92K00529 1/6/92 Todd Pipe & Supply Inc., Sepulveda vs. Van Pelt, Tim (1/30/92 dismissed)(a Tim Van Pelt is listed in Impact issue 33, 1990 as a Scientologist and plumbing contractor)

92K29239 6/23/92 Metro Concrete Pumping Inc. v. Kerr, Charles (dismissed 1/27/93)

92K29241 6/23/92 Advantage Concrete Pumping vs. Kerr, Charles

92K35330 7/31/92 Acme Rent Inc. vs. Ackerman, Dale (dismissed 8/18/92)

92K40056 8/27/92 Atwood Sales, Inc. vs. Sheely, Everett (dismissed 1/27/93)

92K42130 9/15/92 Tobi Transport Inc. vs. Porrazzo, William Michael (dismissed 10-13-92)

92K45331 9/30/92 Tobi Transport Inc. vs. Sipro (dismissed 12/10/92)

92K48126 10/21/92 California Portland Cement Co. vs. BMS (dismissed 12/3/92)

92K55127 12/10/92 Southdown Inc. vs. Aero-crete Lightweight Concrete (dismissed 9/22/93)

93K24481 8/27/93 Armstrong Garden Centers Inc. vs. BMS (dismissed 12/16/93)

98K04207 3/4/98 Tokai Financial Services Inc. vs. CSI (breach of lease agreement on a copier. Contract signed by Catherine Gwynne for CSI)


Case # Date Plaintiff

R00208646 12/29/90 Western Sales & Rentals vs. CoS

Scott Machinery Co.

KRG Inc.

Inland Tractor

Scott Rentals Inc.

Pacific Machinery

R00209359 10/9/91 Doris Taylor Jett Co. vs. CoS

R00205649 6/14/90 RJ Noble Co.

R00208708 12/3/90 Pro-Cast Products Inc. vs. CoS

R00209963 2/14/91 Kirby Gardens vs. CoS (Kirby Gardens is an apartment complex in Hemet used by Sea Org)

R00239891 ? Payne Air Conditioning vs. CoS (dismissed 3/25/94)

R00287270 ? BHP Steel Building Products vs. CoS (dismissed 1/6/98)

217237 ? Western Landscape Construction vs. CoS (dismissed 10/14/92)

288551 ? Brown-Strauss Steel vs. CoS (dismissed 5/27/97)

285126 ? Rental Equipment Inc. vs. CoS (dismissed 2/6/98)

285942 9/9/96 Verco Manufacturing Co. vs. CoS (dismissed 12/29/97)

208646 ? KRG Equipment Rentals vs. Golden Era Productions, BMS (judgment abstract 5/8/91)

961602 ? Brodhead Steel Products vs. BMS (dismissed 6/27/97)

971316 ? Nelson Equipment vs. BMS (dismissed 1/12/98)

RIC 352255 Rancho Ready Mix, Inc. vs. Taseco Corportation, Johanna V. Beizer, CSI, Golden Era Productions - Breach of Contract (filed 12/18/00)

NEE 005745 Walnut Investment Corp. vs. CSI, Golden Era Productions, Gladys Hemphill - breach of contract (filed 10/5/99)

RIC 392393 Hospitality Construction and Development, Inc. vs. Golden Era Productions, CSI, BMS - breach of contract (filed 4/25/03)

329152 The Cit Group vs. CoS of California, Golden Era Productions, - breach of lease agreement (filed 6/17/99)

MVS 157137 Commuter Bus Line vs. CSI, Golden Era Productions, small claims, (filed 7/2/02)


St. Petersburg Times, January 1, 1991

- Five local companies sue the Church of Scientology for more than $127,000, claiming that the organization has failed to pay its bills for work and construction equipment. Besides these lawsuits, the Scientologists have settled five others in the previous two years from companies that claimed they were owed more than $39,000 for items ranging from travel services to construction materials.

Companies involved in suit:

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