Scientology Reality TV shows

"Gang-bang sec. check" - 6 contestants are assigned a complicated
group task to complete. If they succeed in the alotted time, the
group gets a $100,000 bonus. HOWEVER, each contestant is given a
secret mission that would thwart the completion of the task. The
contestant whose secret mission thwarts the task gets a $200,000
bonus. HOWEVER, each contestant is gang-bang sec. checked by the
other 5 to force him or her to divulge their secret mission. The show
was wildly popular, but in the 3rd episode one female contestant
cracked under the sec. check and divulged more than she needed. She
was having an affair with the producer who had tilted the show in her
favor. Cancelled.

"Mission Holder Squirrel" - 6 Scientologists open a mission, but one
of them is actually a squirrel. Can you spot the squirrel in time to
save the mission?

"Wall of Fire" - 6 OT II contestants vie to complete OT III before the
other. Cancelled after two contestants in pilot were found to have
been not even clear and died of pneumonia.

"Hidden Gold" - 3 couples roam the world for clues to find the secret

"Fair Game" - an SP has been causing too much trouble, so 10
Scientologists are assigned to "trick, sue, lie to or destroy" the SP.
Whoever succeeds first wins $100,000. If the SP is not silenced in
the alotted time, all 10 get a free "vacation" in the RPF.

"A Billion Years" - 6 Sea Org applicants are given complicated tasks
until all but one are eliminated. The "winner" gets room and board
and $45 per week for the next billion years. Produced and directed by

"Candid Picket" - A wog pickets Scientology wearing a hidden camera.
See the wacky reactions from Scientologists!

"OT Powerz Week on Fox" - We place OT Scientologists in dangerous
situations, and watch them use their superior abilities to win
through! (Warning: Contains blood, gore and coarse language.)
Produced and directed by cwood.