Twin Peaks, CA Church of Spiritual Technology's vault site

the north side of the property

On August 2, 1999 my imaginary friend Skippy and I went up to the Crestline California area above San Bernadino, looking for one of the 3 vaults the Church of Spiritual Technology (aka Scientology) manages to preserve L. Ron Hubbard's teachings in case of some planetary calamity. We didn't have an exact address, so it took us a while to find the 34 acre property, appraised at approximately $15 million.

Finally, we found it at 25406 State Highway 189, Twin Peaks, CA 92391, at the intersection of highways 189 and 18. It is surrounded by a high metal fence, and we saw 3 cameras looking over the property border. We spent about 15 minutes taking still and video pictures, and FINALLY just as I was walking back to my car I saw someone on the property getting onto a 4-wheel buggy, but I was already leaving so didn't wait for a conversation.

Also, the main parcel # is 0340-251-02-0-000

View from above

closeup of the northern camera

the western camera, looking out over a drivein

the entrance to the property

the guard house (no one was there)

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