Clearwater and Scientology


Golden Era Productions, Hemet California - this was taped in 2001. Now Scientology has planted so many trees along the road that it's hard to see anything.


The Mad Picket - 2000, in Clearwater

CST meeting

Sound Wars, Clearwater 2000. Arnie and Randy are using paper megaphones while protesting. The banter so upset the Scientologists that they did everything they could think of to drown out the protesters.

Mesa Arizona 1995 protest - this was I think our 2nd protest in Mesa.

March 1996 Clearwater protest - our first picket in Clearwater, before we ever heard about Lisa McPherson. Our main gripe was Scientology's attacks on free speech on the internet. This is mostly news coverage.

March 1996 press conference, Q&A session - Scientology bigwigs tried to crash our press conference for the press and protesters only, but we had hired security. But Sylvia Stanard and Mary Story had shown press credentials so we let them in. You can decide if they were there as reporters or agitators.

March 1997 Clearwater picket, TV coverage - Scientologists tried to overwhelm us with protesters of their own, with signs like "Fight drugs, not religion" and "Jeff Jacobsen, Porno King."

December 1997 Clearwater Picket

Picketing Banter, 1997 - this Scientologist followed me around almost all day, yammering away about how crazy I am and how I don't know anything. Hours of that gets pretty tiring.

Los Angeles Picket, March 1998 - we were planning to picket L. Ron Hubbard's birthday celebration on L. Ron Hubbard Way. But when we got there, the people setting out tables on the closed street scattered, and we were left to ourselves on the street.

Entheta Truck, 1999 - one of the most fun actions by critics during any of the protests. The Scientologists planned to block the view of protesters by parking U-haul trucks along the sidewalk. But critics beat them to the punch (sound quality not so good).

Candlelight Vigil, 1999, Clearwater - this started at the Presbyterian church next to the Ft. Harrison Hotel, then we went to the back of the Ft. Harrison where Lisa was held the last days of her life.


Peter Alexander - ex-Scientologist speaks on his experiences, December 1999.

Brian Anderson - I ask him if he makes it a practice to go to Scientologists' funerals and ask that the body be cremated. He did that in Lisa McPherson's case. Brian's answer to me, "keep moving."

Gabe Cazares, former mayor of Clearwater, speaks in 1999

David Cecere, director of Lisa McPherson Trust, speaks in 1999

Ken Dandar, attorney for Lisa McPherson's estate, updates us in 1999.

Mary DeMoss - Scientologist in Clearwater Florida

Dennis Erlich - ex-Scientologist, at press conference 12/96 in Clearwater, Florida (sorry I missed the first part).

Roger Gonnet - ex-Scientologist, at Clearwater conference 12/99.

Leisa Goodman - Scientology's Human Rights spokesperson at 1998 protest in Clearwater. You can tell that's JUST the job for her, eh?

Paul Grosswald - ex-Scientologist tells his experience 12/96 at a Clearwater press conference

Steve Hassan - Clearwater 1999 speaks on cults with influence in a community

Jeff Jacobsen, speaks at 12/96 press conference in Clearwater, Florida. Our first protest in Clearwater.

Jeff Jacobsen, speaks in 1999 on 2 other communties with a cult problem

Jamie Kennedy - grandson of L. Ron Hubbard

Arnie Lerma - ex-Scientologist at press conference in Clearwater, FL 12/96 discussing Scientology's lawsuit against him with Sylvia Stanard, "reporter" from Scientology.

David Miscavige - on ABC's Nightline, 1992

Ronnie Miscavige - Marketing Executive International

Ray Mithoff - coming out of cafeteria in Clearwater, FL, 2001

Kendrick Moxon - Scientology attorney, apparently upsetting a reporter at 12/96 Clearwater protest

David Sweetland - religious shunning by Scientology

Dr. David Touretzky - on MSNBC

Grady Ward - was sued by Scientology over copyright issues, Clearwater 1999 speech


Atlanta pickets

ex-members on shunning

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