Lisa McPherson Files - Interview of Craig Burton

This is an interview with Craig Burton, a co-worker of Lisa McPherson's at AMC Publishing.

                      INTERVIEW OF CRAIG BURTON

                            Case Number CL 01-0002

Date: March 10, 1997


      SA Sharon Feola         (SF) Florida Department of Law Enforcement
      Det Jorge Carrasquillo  (JO) Clearwater Police Department
      Craig Burton            (CB) AMO Publishing
      Attorney Ron Cacciatore (RO) Representing AMO Publishing employees

Time: 1410 hours

SF    Today's date is March 10, 1997, it is approximately 1410 hours and we are
      conducting an interview of CRAIG BURTON, who is a present employee of AMC
      Publishing. Present in the room is Craig Burton, his attorney, Ronald Cacciatore,
      Detective Carrasquillo of the Clearwater Police Department and I am Sharon
      Feola, Special Agent, Florida Department of Law Enforcement.
SF    I would appreciate everyone would state their name so the transcriber can
      recognize your voice.

OB    Craig Burton

SF:   Date of Birth, Craig.

OB:   04/29/54

RC:   Ron Cacciatore, Mr. Burton's attorney.

JO:   Detective Jorge Carrasquillo, Clearwater P. D.

SF:   Craig, for the record, would you please give your full birth name, and your current
OB:   Gene G-e-n-e Craig Burton, current address is 2030 McKinley Street,
      Clearwater, 34625. I've been there since December 1993.
SF:   Okay, and you are presently employed by AMC Publishing.

OB:   Correct.

Interview of Craig Burton Page 2 April 2,1997 SF: And what is your job title? CB: Currently, I am the, called the Senior Director of Sales and Administration. SF: Okay, and how long have you been employed with AMC? CB: I started, I came down in December 1993 and really started, I guess, January 2nd, probably was my first day, 1994 with AMC. SF: Did you relocate from Dallas. CB: I did. My wife was working for the company in Dallas and we ended moving as a family and I ended up joining after we moved. SF: Okay. You know what I think I will do, Jorge, I think what I am going to do, I don't know if you are aware of this Craig, but as a state law enforcement I am empowered to take sworn testimony. CB: You are? SF: I am. What I am going to ask you to do is to raise your right hand. CB: Oh, sure. SF: Do you swear or and affirm that the statement you are about to make are truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help your God. CB: I do. SF: Ah, the company relocated from Dallas CB: Dallas, Texas SF: And that was in 1993. CB: Yeah, we moved between Christmas and New Year's, whoever, basically what happened the company made the decision to come down or the owners did and they said, okay, any employees that want to go will essentially covering the moving and out of, I think they had, of course I didn't work for them in Dallas, I think they had 18 or 19 employees who probably 14 of them moved.
Interview of Craig Burton Page 3 April 2, 1997 CB: 12 or 14, something like that. SF: Now your wife worked for the company in Dallas CB: in Dallas SF: Did you know Lisa McPherson in Dallas? CB: I knew and go back give you a little history if you like. I met Lisa early mid-80s in Dallas, ah, my wife tells me it's 82, I don't remember, I don't know if that relevant. She was really more of an acquaintance, ah, through probably until about ah, 90, and at the time we were living in California, we had left Dallas, in, I left Dallas April 87, my wife joined me in September. We moved to Virginia for about a year and half, moved to California to work for someone else. We were in California from August 88 until February 92 and while we were living in California, my wife visited Dallas, her mother & sister were there, and through Hubert, who I know, talked with was one of her best friends, like in the whole world, so when she would go to Dallas, she would stay with Brenda and for a period, I couldn't give you the years, for a period, Brenda and Lisa lived together. They were like roommates. SF: Okay. Let me ask you this, Craig. When you lived in California, there was a period of time that Lisa McPherson was in California? CB: Yeah, and I saw her maybe once during that whole period. SF: You did have an occasion to interact with her or you did run into her. CB: The only time I recall was she was in the process of moving back to Dallas. She had separated and divorced or getting divorced from husband at the time, Gene Stonetski, and Gilda, I don't know if she came to the house, Gilda talked to her, I think she may have come out with us like one night and that was it. SF: Okay. CB: So at that time she was very much an acquaintance to me. Ah, I guess where I was headed was during those visit's, my wife would to Dallas couple of times a year and stay with Brenda and she got to be pretty good friends with Lisa, and that how she got to know her, and of course, indirectly, as a result, I got to know her better.
Interview of Craig Burton Page 4 April 2,1997 SF: You started working for the company CB: Well, yeah, specially when I worked for, the company, you know, she actually helped train me in sales. SF: Okay. CB: I'd had never done sales before. I was a CPA actually by training. I spent 18 years in financial management. SF: Okay. And you said that your job description is CB: Now it's Senior Director of Sales and Administration, so I am actually over all the sales, all of our personnel. SF: But you didn't have that position when Lisa CB: No, no. When I started in January 1994, I just one of ten sales people. Again because I was making a career change, if that, you know I was going from a CPA Financial Management into Sales. I didn't have a clue, I was willing to give it a shot, because I got tired of hitting the glass ceiling so to speak, CPA you know you are usually locked in salary, maybe a little bonus JC: So when you started with AMC Publishing, you worked alongside with Lisa, who trained you? Was she a I've heard she was a good salesperson, high energy CB: Oh, high energy, ah, very, if effervescent the right term, but she was a tremendous person, she liked to be bit of an actress, you know, if you will, be the center of attention, but she was ah, she was good, very good, our best sales person in the whole, other than the president, Bennetta, who is incredible, Lisa was like the next best. JC: Did she like double the performance of other people: SF: I mean was she that far cut above everyone else in sales? CB: I don't know about double, I'd say, there, Brenda is one of our other longest running sales person and DeeDee Cage and I know you are going to talk with her, ah, Brenda is probably the next best. Lisa was still you know
Interview of Craig Burton Page 5 April 2, 1997 SF: A step above. CB: Yeah, what she was, she had tremendous personality, she was very charming, she was very aggressive without being obnoxious, she used manners, good manners, and used her southern charm, she was a southern girl from Texas, and a, but then she wasn't afraid to get in somebody's face without being obnoxious, you know what I mean, of course most of our sales people were telemarketing, JC: So working alongside of her, you had pretty good observation of her personality, did she have mood swings, did she go from being depressed, right through the ceiling, or was she pretty - CB: She was usually an up person, occasionally she'd get down like any. body, I never saw her or recall, ah, depressed, as far as generally knowing her. Ah, but she a real professional salesperson. SF: Okay, Craig, you made a statement about ah kind of the center of attention, would you say that would be like dramatic or CB: At times, SF: Actress like CB: Yeah, I mean she like to kid around, she liked to joke around, she liked ah, you know, give you an example, we would go to trade show, ah, and she would walk out, and of course part of her job anyway, she go up to a total stranger and just maybe ask some questions off the wall that someone else would take - a lot of courage or not, you know, kind out of left field that she do it as an ice breaker, she was -- she get people laughing and cutting up and then she would get in communication with them and of course by doing then she would working her sales or find out if they could be worked for the sales. So, but she loved to dance, she go to clubs, do a lot of western dancing, ah, and she was a very, even though she was somewhat of a clumsy person at times, she was a good western dancer. I know she and Brenda use to go places dancing. SF: Okay. Now Craig if you could think back. Lisa took a leave of absence from AMC in July of 1995. Do you recall that?
Interview of Craig Burton Page 6 April 2,1997 CB: I do, I thinking it was actually a little bit earlier. SF: Do you remember the dates. CB: Seems like to me it was more, I was thinking she came back in July, ah, again I guessing a little bit, I'm thinking she left in May part of June. SF: Okay. And do you know the circumstances surrounding that? - CB: I don't really. All I know she was, she was going through, I guess what one might some emotional trials and tribulations. I just know she went to Ft. Harrison, she checked herself in and wanted to worked with her minister there on some intensive counseling, what we call auditing in Scientology. SF: Right. CB: So... SF: Which is synonymous with counseling. CB: I mean, in the general world, psychological counseling, ministerial counseling, this would be our form of ministerial counseling. SF: Do you know who her counselor was? CB: No. Not specifically. SF: Okay. CB: She might, she could of even had more than one, which is not uncommon, necessarily. Not like every day, maybe she spent a couple of weeks with somebody, couple of weeks with somebody else, I couldn't SF: Do you know where she was at that point in her training, her church studies? CB: Ah, not specifically, I didn't really keep up her stuff. SF: Were you present when she was given her certificate for going to the State of Clear?
Interview of Craig Burton Page 7 April 2, 1997 CB: I did go to that graduation, I did. That was. I don't know if that was mid-late summer. SF: Okay. that's quite a successful marking in the church isnt it? CB: Yeah. Very much so. It is considered SF: Can I ask you why, I mean, heard from a lot of different people that's a big step in your church vocation. CB: Yeah, it's considered a milestone in one's personal spiritual gain, I guess that's the easiest way to say that and I you know SF: Do a lot of people reach that goal? I guess that's what I am curious to know. CB: Yeah. Yeah, I couldn't give you percentages, but is for anybody who, you know SF: who is serious CB: Anybody who becomes a member of the church and stays in the church and pursues the general ah, program of spiritual advancement as we call it, that would, and that's not even ultimate, a first big milestone. JC: Let me back track a moment. You said you worked side-by-side with Lisa. About how many hours did you work? CB: Well, we, for one we had separate offices. Okay. We had ah, I don't know, well I am the first one you talk to from AMC, we three media we sell, we have card pack medium, you've seen these card pack, likes ads that come to your house, but we have bigger and much more professional that goes to interim agents out across the U.S. SF: How about the Val-Pack thing? CB: Exactly, the same concept. And-a, insurance marketers who are looking to recruit agents to in turn sell their products. would advertise with us. Okay. So that's one of our medium...then we had a national magazine which goes to those marketers themselves and so the people who would advertise in that would be like a home office, acts like insurance, something like that. And then we also have a separate division where we sell agent lists where marketer might
Interview of Craig Burton Page 8 April 2,1997 buy a list, who would do his own mailing to the list. So what we did back then, at least, Lisa, Brenda, sells ah, DeeDee Cage or Shirley Cage, let's see who else was there, there's a lady named Kay Proctor back then, we, five of us sold card pack and magazine and that was our job. JC: How many hours did your guys spend a day in your office at AMC Publishing? CB: Let me read standard work day, and we go from 8:30 to 6; 5:30 to 6, the standard (interrupted can't hear) SF: Largely phone work CB: Telemarketing. OK other than trade shows, one hundred percent telemarketing. JC: The reason I am asking is from speaking to other, some of her family and friends, they said Lisa worked a lot of hours, even her boyfriend told us she would leave early in the morning and work sometime 14 hours a day, 12 hours a day. Does that sound like Lisa? CB: I mean at times, I could see 12 hours, at times, but JC: We spoke to your wife, the first time we went over, she said, "he's at work" CB: He's at work. Of course that was at 6:15 p.m. though. BOTH ARE TALKING AT THE SAME TIME. JC We said when did you come home, she said, he always working. Taking that statement, seems to mean you guys spent a lot time in the office. CB: Yeah JC: So when you when you spend that much time in the office, do you have an occasion to talk about personal things, other than just work, moreso than just work CB: Yeah, occasionally I mean as far as personal, of course there's also the aspect of me being a guy and her being a girl, which sometimes girlfriends share things that a guy-girl wouldn't, but anyway, we talk sometimes about personal stuff, I am not sure where you are headed.
Interview of Craig Burton Page 9 April 2,1997 JC: I am trying to find out, did she have a problem when she broke up with her boyfriend? CB: She didn't seem necessarily real down, ah, I never understood why, I was never for sure she broke off with him or him with her. I think, since then I've been told she broke up with him. She and I never really talked about it. I knew Kurt a little bit, I didn't know him very well. Personally I thought he was kind-a of obnoxious when I first met him. I like him a little better now, but I havent been around him that much. JC: And the reason I make the time frame because it's just normal when humans get together, they discuss a lot of things, not strictly business, CB: Sure. JC: Some of the things when you have things in common, like the steps you going through at church, I would imagine that there was conversation back and forth, and I was just curious if she was having some problems, maybe with her courses, getting through course. CB: Not to my knowledge. The only thing that I would look back to I might consider kind-a traumatic type event, might have been her breaking up with, but again I didn't see any real outward manifestation of that. SF: So you didn't know if that was the cause of her sabbatical in May or June of 1994. CB: No, because I think they broke up JC: I'll help you ...May CB: May? Was it that late? SF: May, yeah, they broke up in May. JC: that's what Kurt told us. CB: Okay, I thinking it was more like February, but Kurt would know, he was there. Because I remember going to a Christmas party and I think it was Angies
Interview of Craig Burton Page 10 April 2, 1997 Christmas Party at Benetta's house, she was there with him and then sometime after that SF: Time flies. CB: Yeah. SF: Ok. JC: Regarding that, that break, or rest and relaxation she had in July of 95, was you saying June some time between June and August CB: I was thinking it was May and June, I was thinking from her calls, she came back to work in July. JC: Was there any reason given why she wasn't at work? CB: The general statement was she was taking a personal leave, handle some personal things. I mean, quite a few of the people are Scientologist at the company, so they knew she was at Ft. Harrison and she was getting counseling, auditing, what have you JC: I also heard, or I have been informed that her sales were lagging, wasn't quite up to snuff. CB: Part of that time, she was not doing the super stellar she normally did. JC: Was she getting a lot of pressure to produce? CB: No more than usual. Standard, you know, we have our quotas, sales quotas, you know when you are selling, range of 20 to 30 thousand a week in sales and all of a sudden you do 5 or 10, then obviously your management takes a concern in it, but wasn't like anybody was beating on her. SF: My understanding Craig, the AMC Publishing utilized Scientology technology. CB: It uses a management technology written by Hubbard, who of course founder of Scientology, and that technology is used today in many companies, Scientological way, say the principle are Scientologist or not.
Interview of Craig Burton Page 11 April 2,1997 SF: Okay. CB: Ah, so we use that yeah as a mode of operation. SF: Okay. CB: A very simple I mean one of the basic is management by statistics. You know, using it makes sense. SF: Did you or did anyone have any reason, the reason why Gloria moved in with Lisa and was living with her during the summer of 1995. CB: My assumption was that strictly as a so they could share the cost rather than living alone, which is usually more expensive, as a single woman, SF: A single woman making $130,000 a year, do you think that she could afford $650 a month rent. CB: Could if she wanted to. I mean Gloria may have been more of help to Gloria then anything else, as Gloria was just kind of getting started. JC: wasn't she living with Bennetta. CB: Gloria, had off and on. I mean she also lived with Lisa, Benetta, she even lived with another girl for a period of time. JC: Correct me if I am wrong. I was told that Gloria was Benetta's step-daughter. CB: She is like a foster step-daughter. Yes. JC: And I was under the impression she was living with Benetta prior to moving in with Lisa. Big House. CB: Ah, could have been. I mean, I don't, I don't remember the exact sequence of Gloria, who she lived with, where, I know some girls she lived with for awhile, named T. C. Applebaum, I don't, I don't keep up with her. JC: Could it have been that Gloria was there to keep an eye on Lisa, she wouldn't hurt herself, because she was maybe going in and out of reality?
Interview of Craig Burton Page 12 April 2,1997 CB: I guess bit of it. I wouldn't say that. I mean I think if there was any real concern there, Lisa then would probably have gone back to church, stay at the church and as far as, you know, continue her counseling. Was that during the summer, is that what you are saying? JC Yeah, because she was having the problem with her boyfriend, wasn't producing, her job, - CB: Right JC: She already went into church one time for some R&R. CB: Right JC: So, I thought that was an extension of church of trying to help her out. CB: Well, I wouldn't have anything to do with the church far as Gloria living with Lisa or not. I mean JC: Well, Gloria was a Scientologist CB: Well, yeah, but there are 4, 5, 6 thousand Scientologist locally, so SF: Okay, Craig. Let me ask you this, How did you learn about Lisa death and circumstances surrounding it? CB: Let see. David Slaughter came into my office and I don't remember what day it was, but he came in and told me, you know, it was pretty shocking. SF: What did you think about that? CB: I was floored, I mean I was very, I was pretty upset. SF: Did he tell you the cause of death? CB: (prolonged silence) I am trying to remember. SF: I mean it would unusual to come in and
Interview of Craig Burton Page 13 April 2, 1997 CB: Oh, yeah, I am just say she died, I think (long silence) pretty sure he told me about the staph infection and she became ill fairly suddenly, you know like within a day or two for before that then she had this embolism in the leg, supposedly -- SF: Okay. CR: --that broke loose and went to the heart. SF: Did they tell you where she was at when all this took place or did you have an idea where she was? CR: I knew she was staying at the Ft. Harrison. SF: Okay. CR: Or had been for that period of time. SF: Did you know about the accident she was in on the 18th of November? CB: I had heard about that later from Brenda. Brenda told me that. SF: Okay. CB: And it was in very little detail. SF: Okay. Did you care for or have any contact with Lisa McPherson from the 18th of November 1995 until December 6, 1995. CB: No direct contact. SF: The day of her death, CR: My last contact with her, none. My last contact with her was on that Friday, was 17, was 18 Saturday. SF: Yes. CR: Friday. Because I was at the trade show with her Wednesday.... SF: NAILBA Conference
Interview of Craig Burton Page 14 April 2,1997 CB: Thursday, and Friday. CB: Exactly, in Orlando. SF: And that ended. CB: Well, Brenda and Lisa left Friday afternoon, it was essentially over that night. Brian and I, Brian Rackstraw, I now you are going to talk to, stayed Saturday morning. SF: You did with Brian. CB: Right. SF: Okay. CB: We drove back together on Saturday. JC: I know you didn't visit her at the Ft. Harrison, but have you any information regarding her isolation on the 17th through the 6th of December? JC: 1995 CB: Details. I mean all I knew she was staying there and I assumed she was getting counseling, continue JC: Do you have any co-workers went to visit her during that time. CB: Not that I am aware of. JC: None of the co-workers went to visit her while she at the Fort Harrison. CB: Not to my knowledge. CHANGING TAPES 1434 HOURS. BACK ON TAPE AT 1435 HOURS JC: The reason why I am asking is Lisa was with the employees in Texas. They move over to Clearwater.
Interview of Craig Burton Page 15 April 2,1997 JC: A lot of the employees came over to Clearwater. JC: she's involved in an accident, she takes off her clothes, she's walking down the street naked. That probably got back to the office, or did it? CB: I think very, very few, maybe Benetta, Brenda, myself, mmmm, I am sure David knew, but anyway, you know, that, I think that was about it. I mean, that is obviously something you don't want to advertise about a good friend. JC: Okay. SF: But you did know about that? CB: I, found out later. I am not sure at what point Brenda told me, that she had a wreck, and found her walking down the street, stripped off her clothes, which I found pretty bizarre. JC: So let's go on from this date, you don't want her good friends to know that. She doesn't show up to work, a week, a week and half and nobody says, Where is Lisa? CB: Oh sure, later, I don't remember at what point, you know. Basically said she was on leave again, she was at Ft. Harrison. JC: And nobody went to see how she was doing? CB: No. Not to my knowledge, unless Brenda or Benetta did. JC: Cause you know, here for example, just for example here, or maybe from Mr. Cacciatore's office, one of the co-workers get ill or sick, people call, how are you doing, stop by and check, CB: Right JC: and that never occurred over there? CB: Again, I didn't go, I don't know if anyone else went. I can't vouch for anybody else. I understand you point. I guess philosophically that we had great concern
Interview of Craig Burton Page 16 April 2,1997 with Lisa, but we felt like the ministers of the church, her ministers could best deal with any emotional trauma she was going through and SF: Okay. She was having a hard time and she had all these people that came with her from Texas. Did any one think to call her Mom? CB: I guess I would assume either Brenda or Benetta had. SF: Do you what I am saying, Craig. CB: Oh, yeah, SF: Call her family. CB: See I thought Brenda or Benetta had, because they first knew her in the family much longer that anybody else. JC: Let me ask a question if I may. Are you saying that no one did called the family? SF: Until the day after she died. CB: No response SF: Let me ask you this Craig. Ah, have you heard of an Introspective run-down? CB: Heard of it. I don't know what it is. don't know anything about it. SF: Have you heard of it through your teachings at the church. CB: Heard of it primarily through the newspaper article that was making a big deal about it. SF: Okay. Ah, CB: it's not, I, I couldn't speak to it as to what it is or how it's used or when it's used, or SF: Okay. CB: Ignorant in the area.
Interview of Craig Burton Page 17 April 2, 1997 SF: Was there any talk or conversations between any of you that Lisa perhaps may have, or was having psychotic break? CB: Ah, I mean after she went in SF: Either during work CB: before SF: Before or after or during the interim from her May sabbatical until November, was their any discussion between you all about her emotional stability, you worked with her every day CB Yeah, well, there was definitely discussion, I am sure I know Benetta, Brenda and I and my wife had some discussions with some concern, during the whatever the May-June period was. I don't know that psychotic break was ever used as a term or that specific term. It was obvious concern about what was going on with Lisa whether she is okay, JC: No discussion in the November incident CB: Well, I am sure there was after when she went in, ah, I know my wife and I discussed it, I am sure my wife and Brenda discussed and I know Brenda and I did at least a couple of times. SF: Do you know or have knowledge of any person that had contact with Lisa during that time frame, 17 November through 6 December? CB: Specifically, No. SF: Okay. JC: Do you have an occasion or know of anyone who had an occasion to take Lisa back to her apartment during that time frame? CB: During the time she was staying at Ft. Harrison? SF: Right JC: From November to December.
Interview of Craig Burton Page 18 April 2, 1997 CB: I do not. SF: Okay. Did anyone or yourself, Craig, have any written correspondence about Lisa at any time? CB: Between us? SF: Between ah, what September, what did you say, September Jorge, September 1995 and her death CB: I had none. I am not aware of any specifically. JC: You mean, like between me and Brenda, and ___________ SF: Between you and anyone, written correspondence RN: Let me, Can we take a break right here so I can consult with him, please? TAPE HAS BEEN TURNED OFF: NO TIME GIVEN SF: We are back on record. Time is approximately 1440 hours. SF: Craig, I am going to ask again, Is there any time CB: Okay, sorry. You said correspondence. I was thinking of letters like between us. But I did write, after I got home from NAILBA, this show, I wrote rather a detailed report for the church about Lisa, about what I considered some odd behaviors, manifestations at the show. SF: Why did you do that? CB: I was actually asked to do that. SF: Who asked you to do that? CB: Brenda asked me to do that. SF: And where did Brenda get her direction?
Interview of Craig Burton Page 19 April 2, 1997 CB: Right from Benetta, because SF: Where did Benetta get her direction from. CB: No, but I just know that this was, was Saturday the 18th? SF: Yes. CB: I wrote it on the 19th and at that point, that's when Brenda called me and said, Lisa had the wreck, she's in Ft. Harrison. We need some reports about what happened in NAILBA, and some of the odd behaviors that were going on and so I wrote that report. JC: When you say Melba, would you might spelling that out? CB: Melba - NAILBA, it stands for National Association Independent Life Brokerage Agencies. JC: The reason being .. the direction of the memo, earlier I asked you a question, you know, if Gloria was involved with Lisa keeping her on welfare and you said, Why? Is there separation of work and church and yet in this incident there is no separation between the church and what seems to me there is a line there that could be crossed......... CB: We are all members of the same church too, right. JC: Yeah,but I....I....I... CB: We all work together, so how do you separate? SF: You utilize Scientology technology. CB: Well, but that's different than auditing and counseling. JC: Because if I got into an accident, I know my Bishop would not direct my co- workers to write a memo to put in my church file. CB: Okay. But if you were receiving or had been receiving some counseling from your Bishop and then you had reports of some rather odd behavior at a show, verbal reports, you think he might want a little more detail.
Interview of Craig Burton Page 20 April 2, 1997 JC: Well CB That was, that was the gist of it, this was done as help flow, wasn't done as, you have to understand part. SF: Kind of an information thing. CB: Part of, ah, I mean there are some things in Scientology, some reports, different reports are considered very standard ______________ JC: Let me ask you this. Is everything documented in Scientology? CB: Well, there's kinda of a basic datum (7) when we go by, if it's not written, it's not true. I mean we could sit and talk about stuff all day long, I mean I could tell you stuff, you could tell me stuff here today, but if for the court record is going to be written down, right. SF: Okay, let me ask that Craig. Basic premise in Scientology is something that you just said, if it's not written, it's not true. CB: Right. SF: Okay. Can I ask you one other question? CB: Sure. SF: Is it true that Ron L. Hubbard advocate the fact that it's okay to lie to the police? CB: No. Not to my knowledge. I have never read that. I personally don't believe that. SF: Okay. JC: So every practitioner has a folder for information contained on that practitioner. CB: We have different kinds of folders. We have ethics folders, and you have your auditing or counseling folders, the are totally separate. SF: Okay. Then you have knowledge.
Interview of Craig Burton Page 21 April 2, 1997 CB: Well, knowledge reports, those are considered like, those reports one would typically write when they observe or saw someone doing something considered unethical or against the mores of the people of the church. Now that wasn't why I wrote this report, I wrote this report because she had been getting counseling at the church, for a year, ah, quite bit, prior to this, I don't know the time place form or event, but prior to this trip to NAILBA and then there were what I considered some nons, not normal behavior by Lisa at the show, but I felt was a little odd, and so I thought that was important, especially looking back and having knowledge that when she had this wreck she had obviously some emotional traumatic, whether it was the wreck or whatever was bothering her, that I thought the church should know to address in further counseling. JC: So you wrote the report the day immediately after the accident. CB: I wrote it on Sunday. I know you guys got the report. So if you look on the nine JC: To nineteenth. CB: it's dated the 19th. SF: You did that as a help, you did that CB: Yeah SF: perhaps shed some light into CB: Yeah, shed some light to the ministers that were going to be working with her. SF: Okay and what kind of behavior did you observe, Craig? CB: What do you want to ....just go through the report, I mean SF: Do you want to do that? JC: Before you do that, from your memory where do you recall that. CB: Well, when, part of the report stuff I observed myself, ah, the first thing I saw probably Wednesday. We went over Wednesday afternoon, Lisa and Brenda
Interview of Craig Burton Page 22 April 2, 1997 drove, Brian and I drove, got there ah, something about Lisa hadn't slept much the night before. So she went and took a nap. The rest of went and when we do this specific show, we help register and I mean one of the main motivation there is we get to see a lot of attendees, we greet and then we can set up appointments later. So, we were doing this registration Wednesday afternoon and she came down later and started helping us. CB: Okay. CB: And at one point, I saw her get right in this guys face. I mean, like, this wasn't characteristics of Lisa, you know. She was right at his face, I couldn't hear what she was saying, but it was SF: Like you mean, right in his face. CB: Well, you know, least this close, I mean unsociably acceptable close range, and- a I don't recall hearing what all they said, but Brenda ended up kind-a intervening, pulling Lisa off the guy. I mean she wasn't physically on him, but it was a little, for Lisa who is very mannerly, very socially responsible, it was, you know, it was an odd thing. It wasn't, by it'self, it probably would have been nothing. That was the first thing I noticed. SF: Okay. What else happened? CB: Ah, the next morning, Thursday, morning at breakfast, she was acting a little strange, Brian and I, and Brenda and Lisa all met downstairs for breakfast in this hotel where we were staying, and I mean she seemed okay until we were about through when she started, and again, have to kind-a put this perspective, Lisa sometimes being a little dramatic, sometimes putting into actress, sometimes she will put on the blonde air-head routine, so she started acting like, where am I, where is the elevator, where is the front door, you know, again, struck me as weird, but almost on the other hand it was kinda by it'self, well she is putting on her dumb blonde routine. So, that was another thing. So, I put that in the report also. SF: Did you review your report before you came over here today? CB: I did not today, but have since then. Ah,
Interview of Craig Burton Page 23 April 2, 1997 JC: Let me ask, just to make sure I get this clear in my mind. Brenda ask you to write the report at the direction of Benetta. CB: I think the sequence was Benetta called Brenda, her is what is happening, in a nutshell. She had this wreck. she's walking down the street naked. She is now is at Ft. Harrison. You all should write up any reports of behavior for the last week of so. I know you guys were at NAILBA, couple of things, at least a couple of things have been mentioned to Benetta, you see Benetta came -over there - SF: wasn't she there first and then left. CB: She came late. We were there Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. She came, I think, late Thursday, because we had, we had a dessert party, like a, a lot of the companies have bars, open bars JC: Hospitality CB: Yeah, Hospitality suite. So she came I think sometime that afternoon. So she was there Thursday night, and she was there Friday until, sometime in the afternoon and she left. JC: Let me interrupt. I was under the impression, wrongfully, that she went one day and came back the same day after the dessert party. CB: Lisa or Benetta. JC: Benetta. CB: Yeah she came over late Thursday, left Friday. JC: Oh, she did spend the night there then. CB: Yea--yeah, I'm pretty sure. SF: Did she have a room of her own, Craig, do you know. CB: Yeah, I think she stayed, there was like a little room adjoining hospitality suite. JC: Mr. Burton, let me ask this, you said Benetta said, You guys should write a report, meaning you.
Interview of Craig Burton Page 24 April 2, 1997 CB: Me and Brenda. JC: Who else was there from AMC? SF: Brian CB: Brian. JC: Did he write a report? CB: I don't know for sure. JC: Did Benetta write a report. CB: I don't know. CB: I.... JC: It would only be logical that they wanted to give the ministers all the information CB: Sure. JC: Possible ....So everybody would probably write a report. CB: Sure. JC: Did you get a chance to look at anybodys else report? CB: I wrote mine. I mean, again, that is considered private. We just write it on our own, whatever you saw and observe yourself, send it and that was it. JC: Okay. RC: Let me just say if I may. to save some time, have anybody else written a report, I am sure you would all of had a copy of it. JC: Well, Mr. Cacciatore, sometimes we do get copies, on subpoena requests, and sometimes we don't.
Interview of Craig Burton Page 25 April 2, 1997 RC: Well, then I can assure that in this case, to the best of my knowledge, so far, that is the only report there is. SF: From your interviews. Okay. JC: Thank you and that will expedite things. SF: I do have a question, you do indicate in her Craig, and we will go over this, that you do refer to Brenda's report in this writing. You say, see Brenda Hubert's report. CB: Did I? Okay. SF: Yeah. I don't know exactly where it is, and we might as well, is this in fact your handwriting? CB: Yeah, yeah it is. SF: Is this the report that you wrote on the 19th of November______ CB: It, it, Exactly SF: Dated 1995. CB: Yep, yep. SF: Who is DOP ELS Unit? CB: DOP stand Director of Processing. Processing meaning auditing or counseling. Okay. SF: Do you know who that is? CB: No. I mean they have, at the time, I wouldn't have know who it was. SF: Thank you. Ah, would the name Alaine Kurtizineki ring a bell to you. Perhaps the Director of Processing.
Interview of Craig Burton Page 26 April 2, 1997 CB: No. Actually don't. I mean there are so ______ are so many staff over there, I don't know. SF: And this is you. (pointing) CB: Correct. - SF: Okay. CB: Regarding Lisa McPherson. SF: Okay. The question I had, (interruption by CB) CB: Yeah, I knew Lisa, Brenda was writing a report. I never saw her report, but I knew she was going to write one, so let's..... SF: Is that perhaps why you refer..... CB: I think, yeah, because I said, here is a couple of things that I mention that were hearsay that I heard from Brenda, so I made the assumption of course when Brenda wrote her report, she would put the details in. SF: Okay. I want you go ahead and look this report over and if you like, read it over and I want you to let us know if this is a true and accurate representation of everything that you wrote. CB: Sure. JC: I wouldn't be offended if it you read it out loud, because I had some difficulty making out your handwriting. (laughing) SF: Do you want to go ahead, Craig? CB: Sure. SF: In that way we can jot down some questions. JC: (interrupting each other)
Interview of Craig Burton Page 27 April 2,1997 CB: Because my and there are some Scientological terms that I figure you have questions on. SF: I am - like the HC, I was going to ask you about that, things like that. CB: So, anyway, I routed this to the Director of Processing, which processing being auditing/counseling. Okay. Ls Unit, is just a specific area where I knew Lisa was getting auditing because there are, I mean the church is so big, there are quite a number SF: different unit's CB: Correct. SF: Who did you give this to? CB: (Long silence) Trying to remember how I got it down there. (More silence) I am thinking I took it, put in an envelope, had it sealed, and left it at the window, some people, like clerical staff that would be at the window of this unit. SF: So it wasn't routed through work. CB: Oh, no. No. SF: You didn't give it to Brenda, or didn't handed to Benetta or CB: No. I think I drove it down there to the Ft. Harrison. This unit, this unit is in at the Ft. Harrison. You know because SF: As opposed to Flag or the church. CB: Flag is a term the whole downtown area. SF: Okay. CB: You have the Ft. Harrison, you have the Sand Castle, Coachman building, you know there's at least two or three other buildings.
Interview of Craig Burton Page 28 April 2, 1997 SF: Okay. CB: So, this is the report I made on Lisa McPherson, I dated November 19, 1995, which was the Sunday after NAILBA show. So on Wednesday, November 15, through Saturday November 18, Lisa McPherson, Brenda Hubert, Brian Rackstraw, and myself, Craig Burton went over to Orlando working a trade show which was NAILBA, the National Association Independent Life Brokerage Agencies. We arrived separately on Wednesday afternoon about 2 p.m. Brenda and Lisa drove one car, Brian and I in another. Brenda told me upon arrival that Lisa that Lisa had very sleep Tuesday night, so she sent her up for a nap. While Brenda, Brian and I started helping with registration. Lisa came down about 4 p.m. Later as I was helping with registration, I observed Lisa start a comcycle, which is a SF: Communication cycle. CB: Communication cycle, just a conversation with an attendee. Okay. She got right in his face, he originated, he cannot remember someone's name and she proceeded to aggressively or what I perceive aggressively question him when he last remembered. He was ARC breaking which means, getting upset. He was having a break in either affinity, reality or communication. Ah, Brenda intervened pull Lisa off of him. He went on his way, his name was Jim something, I didn't get the last name. Thursday, morning, so that was like the first little situation I observed. SF: Wednesday night. CB Ah, late Wednesday afternoon. Thursday morning Brian and I had breakfast with Lisa and Brenda. Lisa was acting weird in an inconsistent manner, or what I perceived to be. Brenda originated Lisa and kept her up most of the night. SF: They were sharing a room, I understand. CB: Brian and I had one room, they had another. CB: As we were rapping up breakfast, Lisa acted as though she didn't know where she was, where was the front door to the restaurant, how do you get to the room.
Interview of Craig Burton Page 29 April 2,1997 CB: That when I was talking about one one hand I perceive it as the dumb blonde routine, on the other it seemed a little strange. CB: Throughout Thursday, Friday, I observed Lisa to be often frantic about little things, loosing her clipboard, and her name badge, loosing someone in a crowd. Ah, Thursday afternoon, when Lisa client, Morrie came to her booth with a floosy, buxom blonde. SF: Is it Morrie? CB: Morrie SF: Rubin CB: He was a big insurance marketer out of Miami. CB: Lisa got in her face, and a girl very close to talk to her, and I put here in parenthesis (hearsay) because I didn't hear what they said, per Brenda, Lisa ask her or told the blonde you know where you hat is several times. Now, in Scientology terms, more like the military, hat is a position in a company, in life, business, what have you. Of course, the blonde had no clue what Lisa was talking about. that's kind of, well, again it was a little obviously odd to be asking something like that. SF: That you normally wouldn't ask, say to a civilian. Because they wouldn't know what you were talking about. CB: Well sure, I mean it's totally ______________ SF: Jorge and I know what you are talking about because weve been working on this case, but otherwise, I wouldn't know what hat meant. CB: Or in the military, I think it's used in the military, sometimes, maybe not so much as - Scientologist, but SF: Hatting or what your hat is. CB: Yeah, it's just kind of an odd thing to ask somebody. So, again, I put hearsay, per Brenda, Lisa made an appointment to salvage Mome Rubin and when
Interview of Craig Burton Page 30 April 2, 1997 Brenda found out about it, she told Lisa to keep to business only and knock off any extraneous comments. Morrie put this a little bit in context, Morrie was known as a womanizer, drinker, he's a good looking guy, ah, again I guess Lisa had the viewpoint that the was not the most ethical upstanding citizen. Anyway, ah, next paragraph: I observed Lisa tell Morrie on Friday, about 12:30 p.m., on the floor of the trade show that I'll only wanted to do this guy's business and he left. So that was after Brenda had corrected her. Ah, Wednesday night at dinner, Brenda was talking about a client in New Jersey, George Shave, and how he was having a bad year in New Jersey due to the legislative environment affecting the insurance market industry in general. Ah, Lisa seem to become a little obsessed with cause of who was behind the law changes in New Jersey. She asked Brenda several times and again, and I have it in quotes, what would George do if he knew who really behind law changes in New Jersey. As if she knew the exact source of some suppressive elements were causing, causing the insurance guys to have a horrible time. Again, it was just a little ....Brenda changed the subject to get Lisa off the subject. Friday morning, Brenda told me Lisa woke her up at 3 a.m., sobbing, and telling her the end is near. Here again I say Brenda is doing a separate report, Brenda told me she was going to. Okay, again, obviously that is hearsay. Um Thursday night, Lisa, Brian and I were walking to a large banquet reception hall to work the crowd. that's what we are there for. Lisa stopped to get a drink, or soda, I waited for her, Brian walked on, and we lost Brian in the crowd. It was big pretty big hall. So Lisa became rather frantic about Brian not being there with us. SF: Your sure that's not been whited out there, Craig, it might have been Benetta, perhaps. CB: No, I know it was Brian, because I recall we were together. SF: Okay. CB: We lost Brian, Lisa became rather frantic about Brian not being there. that's just the next sentence. Ah, it's not sequential here: I gently held her arm, kissed her on the check and told, no problem. She calmed down and wanted me to stay with her. RC: Hold a moment, you can review my copy. Says Brian.
Interview of Craig Burton Page 31 April 2, 1997 SF: We lost Brian. Thank you Ron for, appreciate that. JC: Hang on to that. I have a couple of questions about that. CB: So she calmed down. I stayed with her, we continued walking around the crowd. Ah, a short time later, I found Brian had went up to the room to check on status of our hospitality suite, which was to start at 9 p.m. this was, I don't know, 8:30 8:45, something like that. I think, ah, I put I think, Franz Reiter, and Brenda, and I marked out Brenda, were still in the near vicinity of Lisa and the crowd. SF: How did Franz get there? CB: Franz, he either drove separately or came with Benetta. Because it being in Orlando, they just drove, ah, yeah, I think, they either drove together or separately. SF: Okay, we can ask them that. CB: Sure. Ah, He, Franz, came up later and left her in the reception hall when she was dancing by herself to the band quartet, which was not unusual. She really liked to dance. Ah, except I think there were more of a quartet, so it was a little odd music to be dancing to. (Laughing) SF: As opposed to Country Western. CB: She was a big two-stepper and mostly west, she did all kinds of dances, but the music, at least it was when I left it was a little odd to be dancing to. CB: Ah, at 9:05 p.m., all of us were in the hospitality suite, except Lisa. We had been told, my copy is a little bad, to be there by 9 p.m. I went down to retrieve her. I found Lisa talking with some guy, so I beckoned to her and she followed me and we walked together up to the room and on the way she told me how incredible the band was and how much fun she had. She again, she may have been a little dramatic, but to me I thought the bank kind of sucked, personal things. Ah, she told how she had danced and brought everyone in the room way up tone. Up tone in Scientology is like emotional, cheerful, enthusiastic. Ah, it seemed quite pleased with the effect she thought she created. Of course that was my editorial comment there. This was a very large room, about 1500 to 2000 people. SF: Was she out there by herself dancing?
Interview of Craig Burton Page 32 April 2, 1997 CB: When I came out, she wasn't dancing. SF: Okay. CB: Franz, I never saw her dancing, but he, when Franz came up later, he said she was down there dancing. I came she was talking to a guy. But then she told she had been dancing. I didn't see her dancing. CB: Ah, Okay. So that was it. Then I said, now I am aware that Lisa has been working with Katie Chamberlain at work, on an OW write up for several weeks. Okay. OW is Overets Withhold. Overets could be any form of transgression, could be I went to work late today ten minutes or I robbed a bank or SF: Things that you didn't admit. CB: And the withhold is that you didn't tell anybody. So, or course part of our belief is that if you write them down, time, place, form and event, could SF: (interrupt) CB: Kin of like a catholic confession, but that's verbal, we do it in writing SF: or diary CB: Yeah, I never thought of a diary as therapeutic, you know, I guess so. Ah, anyway that's the basic philosophy. Now I am not sure, I don't know why Katie was doing it, necessarily - I don't know the nature of it, I was just aware that they were done. SF: That Katie was helping her out. CB: Right. SF: Okay. CB: Um, __________ required a tremendous amount of 8C. 8C being direction, in a very black and white definition. SF: BACK ON TAPE
Interview of Craig Burton Page 33 April 2,1997 CB: I'll repeat the one. Throughout the show, Lisa required a tremendous amount of 8C. Now 8C, what I meant was basically is a lot of direction. Here she was a very professional salesperson. She was probably the best, she was use to working a crowd, going in, walking up to anybody and everybody while someone else might be a little reticent, if you didn't know them, and, but instead she would, she would stand around at times, sometimes she, she seemed okay, other times there, you know was this odd behavior, but instead of being the norm, self-starter, as she was, and we'd have to remind her, okay go work the floor, you know, try sell some advertising. That was the content. And here I say, Lisa ordinarily is a very overt person, a self-starter, she's an incredible sales person. She a close personnel friends, as well as co-worker, I was trying to give the ministers because they didn't know me and they didn't know me, some perspective on why I was even writing this. SF: Okay. JC: I got a question for you. Is that the full report you wrote, do you recall? CB: Full report and the only report that I wrote. JC: There is two missing pages. If you look at your number sequence, you go from I, and that after between, from my understanding, page 2 is missing and page 8 is missing. CB: Looks like, well, 2 was probably on the back. I JC: Well, their all numbered. CB: 2, I understand, that there was a 2, should have been, 4, 5, 6, 7, so 8 and 2 JC: Do you have any 8 and 2 Ron? CB/RC: Let me see what the 2 looks like there? There is no 2, it jumps to 3. It looks like a 2, but I guess that's a 3, cause it's the same as your 3, as I have a 2. So it's the same CB: here's one, all right. RO: later, this is 2, their just alike
Interview of Craig Burton Page 34 April 2, 1997 CB: well there just a line, I can't read the page number, so 2, and 3, you have the 3, wrapping up breakfast, 3, after 3 can't read the page numbers, 2, 3, what do you have for 3, (MORE CONVERSATION REGARDING PAGES) SF: You got yours cut off, some of ours are probably cut off. - (REVIEWING PAGE NUMBERS) JC: There's no 8, it goes to 9. JC: And you can see that the thought pattern stops here. And you start off with a brand new thought pattern here CB: You do your editorializing this last page. I can see where I at the beginning 1 & 2 could be a mistake, I think that one is really is two, because you don't have 1 on the first page. So this probably your one and this is your two and the thought pattern flows very nicely. CB: Right JC: But your missing a total page, page 8 goes with 7 and 9. CB: I didn't notice that. JC: Do your recall what was on page 8? RC: Could you with your CPA background, number the pages wrong? CB: I remember numbers, I don't remember people's names too well. (Reading Report) SF: Then you talked about how Katie Chamberlain was working right on her os and ws. CB: And I said throughout the show.
Interview of Craig Burton Page 35 April 2,1997 JC: She found the stage. CB: Sure, sure, makes total sense. JC: But your missing page 8 and it's all possible I'd like to get a copy of it. I think you would like a copy too, Ron. RC: Maybe there isn't a page 8, could be that he misnumbered. CB: Possible, I don't know. I couldn't say. I didn't keep a copy of the report. SF: I have (talking over) a (???) Craig for you. OB: Sure. SF: Had, had you participated in, or are you aware of the OT hatting section, the OT and hatting. There, Lisa refers to her hat, to this individual. CB: Yeah, but a hat, but, there is one of the basic courses, I mean it could be applied to one of the very basic courses, anyone ever does in Scientology called Student Hat. SF: No, this one is called, OT Hatting. CB: Well, there are bunch of those hatting courses. SF: Okay. This probably a more advance one. CB: But anybody can do them. Anybody, relativity. SF: I was thinking maybe if she was in that session of her training, that maybe that was influencing her thoughts. CB: Could be. I think, one thing, I think, you not being in Scientology you have to understand there, there's kind like ah, two and I'll give her the term the Bridge, okay, SF: She was half way there.
Interview of Craig Burton Page 36 April 2,1997 CB: So there is two sides, more the spiritual, personal, personal enlightenment, what have you side, then there's training side, right. So OT hatting course kind of fit on the training side and (interruption) SF: And that's where Lisa was heading (interruption) CB: Then clear, OT levels, some of that stuff, the grades all on the other sides. SF: Right, okay. JC: I want to get back to the report just for one last question to clear it up in my mind. Just to make sure, you, could there have been a possibility and it can go both ways CB: Right JC: I understand that, but you are very articulate person, very educated person, I think you got your number sequence right, you have submitted nine pages and when we asked for the report, they gave us eight pages. CB: Okay, that's possible. I mean, I think it's also possible, that I misnumbered. I don't remember, year and half ago. I mean JC: You wrote it, that's what I am asking. If anybody would know, or recall, you would be the person that would know. CB: And should. JC: And do you? CB: I don't, honestly don't. SF: I got a couple more quick questions. You said that Lisa was the highest producer, above and beyond CB: sales wise SF: sales wise? Did you ever discuss her salary or her commission with her?
Interview of Craig Burton Page 37 April 2, 1997 CB: Ah, no, I remember one time, I know she mentioned to me she made over a hundred thousand one year, that's probably the specifics. SF: Did you make that much, do you make that much in sales? Or is that pretty outstanding? CB: I made over that last year. But, part of it was, no, I was going to say because of my promotion, but most of the year I was on as salesman. So it was not unheard of. No. SF: Now you said you have been keeping up with the newspaper. Articles, things of that nature. Did it surprise you that Lisa donated almost three-quarters of income back to the church? Or is that routine protocol? CB: I personally don't believe that, I don't have any basis to say yea or nay.. I don't believe ninety percent of what is in the paper. JC: Well, let me ask you this, if that were true, lets look on the assumption it's correct, RC: Let me interject here. He's here, he's told the truth, he gonna tell the truth, but I think it's unfair to him SF: Well, let's say, Craig. RC: Thank you SF: Well, let's say Craig, Does that surprise you, that if she did donate that much of her.. CB: Three-quarters of her income, that would very much surprise me. JC: I was going to rephrase the question, is it a practice of Scientology to donate seventy-five percent back. CB: There is no set practice. I mean there are times, I've been in Scientology for twenty years, SF: That was the next question I was going to ask?
Interview of Craig Burton Page 38 April 2, 1997 CB: There are times when I donated zero, there are times when I've donated closer to, maybe, twenty percent; seventy-five percent I don't how one would live JC: it's a valid question. CB: There are no prescribed, people, unlike most churches, I grew up in the Presbyterian Church, the guideline was ten percent, that's pretty standard for most Christian Churches. Scientology rather than just say I'll donate percent, this is a request tithing, but obviously no one has to do that. In Scientology, you know we tie the tithing to your course or intensive counseling that you are doing, I know you have researched that for sure, and that was researched by the IRS actually ended up finally agreeing with that, but because the philosophy being that while you are tying up someone's professional time, to help you. JC: Enhance yourself. CB: I either, with one-on-one in counseling or training, training scenario we are in a course room with a supervisor and you got 26 students who are studying. SF: Can I ask you, where are you on the Bridge. Can I ask you that question? CB: I can say I am about to clear. SF: I hope the batteries didn't go. (Having problems with something here) (conversation not related to this case) SF: I don't have any questions. Do you have any questions for us, Craig. JC: I have one. CB: Have you all ever, I know, are you guys the main two on the investigation? SF/JC: No. JC: Like we told you that night at your house, you are not a suspect in any way shape or form, we just trying to gather information. The investigation is not pointing nothing, no way, towards you in any direction, shape, way, or for...
Interview of Craig Burton Page 39 April 2,1997 CB: No, I probably wouldn't. Have no hesitation whatsoever, talking to you all, had none, except I know there is a little history between the church and Clearwater Police Department. JC: We are not investigating the church of Scientology. We are not investigating Mr. Burton. We are investigating if there was a contributing factor to Lisa's death. There was an accident. Accident happen, you know. But someone was responsible, don't you think or, I feel they should be accountable. CB: Sure. that's why I am here. JC: And that's what were trying to make a determination. CB: I guess what I was going to ask you, if you all have gone to Ft. Harrison? Have you all done a tour? Is that something you are going to do? I can't offer that, but, I guess, I think, maybe it's more in the papers, I think there is a little bit viewpoint that SF: Are you allowed to bring a guest? CB: Yeah, as long as you don't bring ten SWAT troopers in. JC: If you might want to take me on a tour, I would like to go. SF: I'd love to go. JC: But I guess I don't think they are gonna let me in. CB: I guess I made two points. I've been in Scientologist for twenty years. SF: here locally and in Denver; I mean in Dallas and California. CB: No, it was California, Virginia, wherever I lived. I started in 1977. Ah, I come and go when I want, where I want, any church I want. No one has ever tried to sequester me, to hold me. JC: If you can get me into it, I'll go with you. CB: Okay. I can't promise.
Interview of Craig Burton Page 40 April 2,1997 SF: If you can, we will be more than willing. CB: All right, shut up Craig. SF: The time is currently 1520 hours. This will conclude interview of CB: I have one more question. Do you all believe there is a dungeon in there like the papers say? JC: I lived in Florida for twenty-four years, and I know we have no basements. So, but there are some areas where you have sub-levels that could like a basement. Does that answer your question. CB: Yeah. I guess so. Partly. Turned off.