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Subject: Suspicious deaths connected to scientology From: (Michael 'Mike' Gormez) Date: 30 Dec 1997 05:49:27 +0100


Noah Lottick

and here.

Susan Meister

and here, and here.

Wilhelm Mack

Quentin Hubbard and here, and here.

Richard Collins.

Rudolf Willems

Patrice Vic and here , and here.

Susan Meister - Rudolf Willems - Noah Lottick Richard Collins - Patrice Vic

Scientology & Suicide


Scientology the killer cult and here

"Since 1980, at least eight members of the Church of Scientology have died in Clearwater under circumstances that leave their friends, families and in some cases law enforcement authorities looking for their own answers."

Josephus Havenith.

Heribert Pfaff, and here.