I was a paid staff member, not a volunteer worker, at
Bridge Publications, Inc in 1981. I was held in solitary
confinement by people associated with scientology for
quite some time that year. This was not fun.

I've read rumors about me on the internet, with false
allegations of filth and violence and more.... It is my
understanding that all but one of these stories about me
come from one person, who also falsely claimed to have
been friends with me.

Keeping people in captivity/seclusion/isolation/solitary
confinement is punative at best, lethal at worst, and,
in my opinion, there is no excuse for harming people in
such a manner. Ever.

I have nothing more to say on the subject - I am quite
simply, quite thoroughly, tired of rumors.

Please, people, 'if you can't help, at least, do no harm'
(paraphrase- Hippocrates).

I am not a public figure, I remain a private person.

Best love and blessings to friends and family everywhere,


September 2001