(this is an note to me from a friend of Lisa McPherson's)

Hi Jeff,

Just a quick hello and the answer to your last question. You asked when was the last time I spoke with Lisa. To the best of my recollection I spoke with her sometime between September '95 and the end of October '95. It could have been towards the end of October -- my birthday is the [X]. The conversation was a little different than our usual talks. Lisa and I talked about things that were going on in our lives. She usually talked about Scientology only in terms of how she might respond to a particular situation or person and rarely pushed regarding the "technology" of Scientology. During our last conversation she made a little speech about how "great the tech was" and how every day she woke up "wonderfully happy and ready to play", "she had never experienced anything like it", and "couldn't say enough good about the tech". This was after she had attested (?) to clear. I remember thinking it sounded like a commercial for Scientology. In retrospect it was very odd -- especially considering that this was during the same time that she called her mom and said how difficult things were at work and how she had let her group down, etc. She may have been trying to convince herself that things were ok... or there may have been someone else in the room that was listening. I have no way of knowing.

Lisa spent several Thanksgivings with my family in Dallas when we were girls and once or twice during the 80s. The two Thanksgivings before she died ('93 & '94) I called her to say there would always be room at our table for her and let her know I was thinking of her. In '95, my family went to Dallas for Thanksgiving. Lisa had recently moved to a new apartment and I didn't have her number with me. I remember feeling sad that I couldn't reach her. I didn't realize at the time how true that fact really was.

Last weekend I went to my 20-year high school reunion. Lisa should have been there.

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