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Subject: HCOB that killed LISA McPherson?

From: rayr@delete.these.fields.ezlink.com (Ray Randolph) Date: Fri, 26 Dec 1997 04:44:33 GMT

The HCOB is one I found in the "Hubbard Advanced Auditors Course Academy Level IV" It is "HCO Bulletin of 24 November 1965" Entitled "Level IV Search And Discovery - Prerequisite: A knowledge of ethics definitions and purposes"

Here's a quote from the relevant sections which would've covered Lisa.

- --beginquote--

"Handling Type Three


The task with a Type Three is *NOT* treatment as such. It is to provide a relatively safe environment and quiet and rest and no treatment of a mental nature at all. Giving him a quiet court with a motionless object in it might do the trick if he is permitted to sit there unmolested. Medical care of a very unbrutal nature is necessary, as intravenous feeding and soporifics (sleeping and quietening drugs) may be necessary. Such persons are sometimes also physically ill from an illness with a known medical cure.

*TREATMENT* with drugs, shock, operation, is just more suppression. The person will not really get well, will relapse, etc."

- --endquote--

The words emphasised like *THIS* were italicized in the original.

My Analysis:

Here's where they justify the Chloral Hydrate. Chloral Hydrate is a

sopoforic, which LRH says is OK. However, in the next paragraph he says straight out that any other treatment of Lisa would have been supression.

Now...for the real kickers, the HCOB continues:

- --beginquote--

"But removed from apparent SPs, kept in a quiet surroundings, not pestered or threatened or put in fear, the person comes up to Type Two and Search And Discovery should end the matter. But there will always be some failures as the insane sometimes withdraw into rigid unawareness as a final defense, sometimes can't be kept alive and sometimes are too hectic and distraught to ever become quiet."

- --endquote--

My Analysis:

Notice the "sometimes can't be kept alive." If Lisa died, that's STILL not a failure in the tech (according to them). And they are trained to expect the death during this phase.

The HCOB continues...

- --beginquote--

"The modern mental hospital with its brutality and suppressive treatments is not the way to give a psychotic quiet and rest. Before anything effective can be done in this field, a proper institution would have to be provided, offering only rest, quiet and medical assistance for intravenous feedings and sleeping drafts where necessary but not as "treatment" and where *NO* treatment is attempted until the person looks recovered and only then a Search And Discovery as above under Type Two..."

- --endquote--

Again: words like *THIS* are italicized in original.

There you have it. Sleeping medications are allowed, but the tech forbids any other treatment, no matter how bad the individual gets -even death.

In Lisa's case... it reached the point of DEATH before they acted. They followed policy 100%.

I am writing a letter to the FDA, sending a copy of this HCOB and related Lisa Materials and demanding that something be done to stop this medical malpractice and neglicence on behalf of the CoS.



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