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MH:When I hear people saying that, you know, "we're going to get a bunch of people together, we're gonna do this" I almost kind of think, like 'OK, you know, it seems plausible if you had enough people and it was an open and shut case, then maybe that would work.' But I mean, at the same time, they killed a woman and got away with it.

DO: Do you think the- you're talking about Lisa McPherson?


DO: Do you... Did they-

MH:Just so you know, that's a whole 'nother interview. But... And I'll probably have somebody call you. But I know people that were there in Clearwater that cleaned out different offices or rooms where she was in after that incident happened, so there would be zero evidence left behind on what happened. When that case was going on, David Miscavige was up day and night reading through medical books trying to come up with some way that the condition she had was totally disrelated to what they were subjecting her through. I mean, he was up day and night. He had medical books. He was on the internet. He wasn't sleeping for weeks, trying to figure this out. He HIMSELF was doing that, because it was looking really really bleak that this thing was not gonna go their way. So... But somehow, they managed to do whatever they did... And, you know, settle or whatever happened, and it went away. But...

DO: You know, I heard a rumor Marc, and I don't know... and I would love to have you back. Believe me. I mean, we got... People are clamoring for the information and they really want to know it and you seem to have it. But I heard a rumor about Lisa, Lisa's case, that people were speculating that she wasn't even actually held at Fort Harrison and maybe she was held at... there's a... I don't know if it's a Best Western or at some other building that is kinda off-site there in Clearwater. And there's rumors about a "lock" [?] or whatever that means. Because you know, it's obviously a rumor. But they thought it was really odd that she had cockroach bites on her and this was supposed to be like, a Five-Star hotel. There were no cockroaches in any of the other rooms. Why is it that she's in this, you know, 5 star whatever- it's the mecca of Scientology, this high-end whatever, place, for worldwide people to come visit. She's been bitten by bugs and, you know, she's been dehydrated. And this whole embolism thing sounds like she was just... She had probably came from not being moved enough if you're in a vegetative, you know comatose state. Do you think there's more to this story of legal actions than what we heard in the news?

MH:Oh absolutely. Absolutely. There's, there's so many... I mean, not to go off on a total wild thing, but all of the people that were involved in that from RTC to the Flag Land Base Staff, the people that were auditing her, the poeple that were overseeing her auditing, every single one of those poeple that was anywhere involved with that: as soon as that case was settled, they were whisked off and made to disappear. The girl that was in Religious Technology Center in Clearwater was sent to Australia to do the Rehabilitation Project Force there. Australia! Because they wanted her far far far away, never to be seen or heard from again, because she had involvement and knew information regaurding the Lisa McPherson case. Her name is Ricky Yensen, by the way. Or Ricky Galviotti [sp?] or Ricky Drake [sp?] whichever name she uses now. But, but yeah... there's absolutely more that's been told and more that's been heard... that went on, on that thing. And I'll definately... have this other fella that I know contact you who was there in Clearwater and was working with Marty Rathbun when this was going down. And... yeah. There's def- Marty Rathbun was in Religious Technology Center at the time as well, and he was basically like David's henchman. Cleaning up, you know, all these messes. So there's absolutely more more to this story.

DO: Do you think this case could be opened up, re-opened, if somebody would be willing to come forward with new details that there was a cover up involved?

MH:Well, it's the same type of thing. You know, you've got to get enough people that all know the same thing that are all willing to put their neck on the line and perservere through whatever the church is gonna throw at them. So you know, it's that same kind of scinereo. Like, there's a girl by the name of Stacy Mockson or Stacy Meyers, it's a girl that worked at the INT base. They said she committed suicide. She was electrocuted to death in a high voltage fence (transformer vault***)? Well, somebody told me she left a note, so it wasn't actually an accident. The church makes it, saying basically it was an accident. She went in to save a squirrel or something... and yeah. Believe me, nobody at the INT base is worried about any squirrels, OK?

DO: Right.

MH:But that's the way they played it off. As that, she was this you know,nature-loving girl that wanted to make sure the squirrel wasn't hurt and then she slipped on some oil No. She went in there and grabbed the (vault***)

DO: Why did that happen? Was it an accident?

MH:Because she wasn't allowed leave the property to go see her husband and her family. She wasn't being allowed to go. She was basically being held captive there like every other person at the INT base. But she was new to the INT base and she'd only been there for a few months. And she was basically like "I can't take this anymore" and she even threatened and told other people that she was depressed and she never... she was separated from her husband who worked in Los Angeles. OK, well, her own father is one of the lead litigation attorneys for the church, Ken Moxon. And he still fights for the church even though that happened to his daughter. And he doesn't even know that there was a note. But, but he still fights for the church. His daughter is dead. Because she wasn't allowed to go down and see them. And anybody that was connected with that, anybody who made the press releases, anybody who was there, all of those people are gone. They are no longer there. Ken Hoden, at the time, was the public relations officer for Golden Era Productions. Shortly thereafter he was shipped off so that if any further inquiries were done, he's gone. "We don't know what happened, Ken knew, and Ken's no longer here." It's that kind of thing, I mean, when something goes down they do their due diligence to mop up and make sure there is no snail-trail left behind. So, you know, that's.. it's... you know, they are well-versed in this arena of litigation and you konw, all the black ops. And I mean, I've had probably on four or five different occasions, I've had private investigators following me around.

DO: Yeah, I was gonna ask you about fair-gaming. Recently or it's been a while?

MH:Two weeks ago.

DO: Two weeks ago. How do you pick these people out? I mean, you know, I mean, I'm very paranoid. I would notice if somebody was doing something, let me tell you.

MH:Well, when you see the same vehicle in your rear-view mirror, you know, four or five different times in a two or three hour period... you know, that's not a coincidence. So... But that's what they do, they try to intimidate you. They've been doing that to Jenna for the past two weeks. They've been doing it to Dallas for the last month. Somebody called Jenna's husband, Dallas, somebody called him where he was working and said "I'm a retired police officer and I have a police scanner in my vehicle and in my home, and there's been chatter on the radio about you for the last month or few months, and people have been following you all over town" He called Dallas, out of the blue, because he heard what company they reffered, they mentioned, where Dallas was at. So this guy literally called the company and asked for Dallas. And told them all the stuff that was going on 'cause this retired police officer is hearing all these people on the radio saying you know "OK he's going here, he's going there." This is a few days ago this happened.

DO: How can they get away with that? You know, I mean, don't they realize that when you are dealing with high profile people like that, what are they gonna try and hurt him? You know, what's some suggestions for people to prevent... I mean, do you think they are at the point now where they are going to hurt people?

MH:No, what I think is, I think that what they do is they try and set people up. And they try and catch them doing something...


MH:...that they can then use against them. And you know, that's how they, I mean, they've done that with a lot of people in the past.

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DO: They cut us off, but everything gets saved in the archives. So it's ok. People can't hear us...


DO: But when they go to listen.. Just so you know we can go on still talking. But we'll wrap it up. I know your voice is starting to go. You know, I want you to be careful, 'cause I know, you know, you have family and you are concerned. And certainly the things you have said today have been... they are explosive! And they are very interesting. It is possible that some of the... what you sent me, can I use that in relation to this archived audiocast?

MH:Sure absolutely.

DO: Do you mind that getting posted up there? Because what happens is it helps with search terms and then people can find the information and I can associate it with you know, "Hey, you want to know more about this? Listen to the radio broadcast of it." So I wanted to ask you first if you thought that was OK.

MH:That's totally fine with me. Totally fine.

DO: I gotta have you back! We gotta plan something. I know you're busy and you got a job and all sorts of things going on.... but lets... I want you to think about some other things you want to talk about, and you and I let's plan another show because I think it was very popular. We had almost, there's almost 70, 80, almost 90 people in the chatroom. I'll look back at the archives. And this is in the middle of the day!


DO: So... and I know the archive I had with, a week ago on a sunday night, we had almost a thousand people listening to just the archive itself. So that's like 2000 people out there listening to the show. So, this will be popular. And I'm gonna promote it because I know you've a lot of good things to say. And I cannot thank you enough. You've been just a tremendous guest and you're very articulate, you know a lot, you're well-informed and you came really prepared. So, you know, I can't thank you enough Marc! And we'll be in touch.

MH:Yeah, and if there's anything you need just let me know. Yeah, if I can think of some more things, like I was tellin' ya earlier I'm trying to put a book together, but... like, I mean... but there's so many things that I could tell you that you would just never believe. Like, things that I'm tleling you right now those are the lightest, the easiest things that you might think actually happened. Most of the things that I could tell you, you just would beleive. You just wouldn't. You would just say "You must be lying, there's no way that could have happened!" It's that bad.

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