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DeoMorto wrote:


> I have in my lifetime known 7 people who have been placed in a mental

> hospital. 5 were scientologists.


The first person I ever met who was placed in a mental hospital got

there as a result of 'Processsing" .. more later ..


> If you as a scientologist (and mayhap a member of CCHR) sincerely

> believe that psychiatric treatement is destructive and nasty for the

> individual AND you truly believe that scinetology can handle the problem > of the mentally ill far better

Hah !!

- why is that the Church has NEVER, EVER

> set up a program to take care of the mentally ill? Not one, even small

> project has ever been done.


And thank Xemu for that !!

Way, way back when I was a boy (about 12) I got to see my first 'psychotic break'. A woman at the local org was having some processing (by Tony Dunleavy - is he still active anyone know?) and she totally

'lost it'.

I got involved because my dear, still dedicated (but inactive - no money left) Mum volunteered to care for her, and I helped. She was locked in

in a room in the org for some weeks in the hope that she would 'come good'. It seems that this was an Interiorisation Rundown before the

name was coined, but whatever name it goes by, it's still just "lock 'em up because they're an embarrassment, and we don't have a clue what do about it except try to ignore it".

We went in every night, washed all the urine and faeces off her and the walls and floor, hand-fed her, changed all the bedclothes and so on.

She was the first 'Napoleon' I ever met (met plenty more later of course

- plus the usual DaVincis, Caesars, Rembrandts etc).

While I was fascinated naturally enough, I started to have my first

doubts about this wonderful new 'scientific philosophy' (this was pre-Church days) which I was told was going to end insanity, criminality and war and, and, and...

When I voiced my doubts, there were the predictable responses.. "Well, we're not *really* interested in curing the insane, although we can do

it *easily*, we're about making the able more able" and "She had a

history of psychosis and shouldn't have been processed anyway - See

HCOPL No xxyyzz". Although I didn't check up (I was far too young) I seriously doubt she had any such history.

Eventually she was committed to an asylum and brought back to fairly normal functioning by those 'evil, degraded, long-track SPs' - the psychiatrists. She visited us subsequently, with her husband, to thank

us for caring for her.

This was my first experience not only with Co$ caused insanity, but with what I eventually came to expect as the normal Co$ furious

back-pedalling in terms of what it actually does compared with what it promises to do. And in the wake of that back-pedalling a long, long

trail of ruined and tragic lives.

The extraordinary thing was how long *I* kept buying the bullshit, and kept turning a blind eye to the bleedin' obvious.

However, I guess it's still nowhere as extraordinary as the fact that people like Ron's Amigo, Whippersnapper, Chip Gallo, who have access to *so* much TRUTH here on the net, still stubbornly, ignorantly, perversely, defend this shameful and criminal institution.

I consider them to be nothing better than moral cowards. They really

have no excuse any longer.

Born Again Wog

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