Autopsy Photos of Lisa McPherson

Photo of Lisa alive

NOTE! These are photos of a dead 
bruised body. You have been warned.

I placed these on the net because Scientology, which was caring for Lisa the last 17 days of her life, claims that Lisa was not ill or in any way in bad shape until the last day of her life, when she suddenly became ill. Even a layman can see the ridiculous nature of such a statement here.

   Do cockroaches bite humans?    Yes, says an expert (look about 2/3 down).  The medical examiner says Lisa was bitten.

   I have the entire set of 35 photos now.  Most are too gruesome for me to want to post.  The ones below tell the story well enough.

Photo 1 is of Lisa's body clothed

Photo 6 is of Lisa's right shoulder

Photo 7 is a her right hip

Photo 8 is of her left buttock

Photo 9 is of her back (note the blood pooled in her back as she was lying overnight)

Photo 10 is of her upper back

Photo 11 is of her right shoulder

Photo 12 is of her lower legs

Photo 13 is of her upper legs

Photo 14 is of her legs from the left

Photo 15 is of her right leg

Photo 16 is the backs of her legs

Photo 17 is the backs of her ankles

Photo 18 is the back of her right ankle

Photo 19 is her left hand

Photo 20 is her right hand

Photo 21 is her right wrist

Photo 22 is her right wrist again

Photo 23 is her right hand

Photo 24 is her right wrist

Photo 25 is her right elbow

Photo 32 is her right foot (coroner made some cuts)

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The above photos fairly refute Scientology's claim that Lisa was physically fine until the last couple of days of her stay at the Ft. Harrison Hotel. If you must see some of the others, understand that these are autopsy photoshere.